General Guidelines.

This forum is for debate or discussion of subjects of a religious or ethical nature. To make this forum as-enjoyable-as-possible, please restrict your participation using the following guidelines:

  • Refrain from Off-topic Slander/Complaining/Shouting/etc posts. During a thread, say, about a group who worships a Pasta Creature, injecting a "You guys are idiots!" or a "I think ALL religion sucks!" comment does NOTHING to further the debate or discussion. We all get it. You hate religion. Start your own thread.
  • Keep in mind there will be people of your general faith who differ in their interpretation of Scripture or doctrine. That's okay. It goes beyond the scope of this forum to convert. Relax!
  • Atheists. How to be a good atheist? This is a tool to help those who feel it's their duty to inject EVERY religious thread with insults and comments and statements of non-faith. Here's a portion - for the rest, go here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zhukov, on USMB
    I am atheist because I do not believe there is a god. It is a matter of faith and nothing more. A matter of faith; nothing more.

    An Atheist will not accept this. This atheist has.

    As sad as this non-acceptance is, Atheism is ultimately much sadder still.

    Atheists don’t think human beings are particularly special.

    ...In the society which is, in my belief, the historical pinnacle of human civilization, civility, tolerance, progress, happiness, freedom, liberty, and real lawful equality, the Atheists would like to tear it all down because, among other things but most importantly, it is founded upon biblical law and Christian ideology.

    That is terrible conceit and suicidal stupidity. They heed not the warnings against such an act, and care note for the consequences.
  • Learn to start your own Thread. As mentioned above, if you want to challenge something indirectly related to the topic, try not to hijack - start a new thread with that subject as it's focus.

If you develop a problem following these very loose and general guidelines, you'll be removed from the threads where you failed to act reasonably. Further off-topic rants will result in removing your access to this forum.

More to come, as I think of it.