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    Default Interview with "Pale Rider"

    Wow, where do I begin with this character? Pale's another regular who's been on my boards for many years now. He's a unique guy, one who's quite intelligent on the issues, and has the temper of a rattlesnake! Those of us that know him also know that underneath his rough exterior is a man with a heart of gold. Pale is a veteran of the military who earned a purple heart before leaving. He's a tough sumbitch who I wouldn't mind having my back, whether it be in a bar brawl or on the front lines of war. Actually, I'd consider it an honor.

    Can you share with the board a little about yourself and your background?

    I was born in the mid west, Dubuque, Iowa to be specific, but spent the majority of my childhood in Wisconsin. My parents were pretty strict, and I had to go to Sunday School. We weren't rich, but we weren't poor either. Middle America. I graduated High School from McFarland HS in, where else, McFarland, Wisconsin. I hated high school, and I hated Wisconsin. I couldn't wait for a way to get the hell out of there. Aside from a couple crazy, cross country road trips, that opportunity came in 1979 when I joined the Air Force. I left Wisconsin and never looked back. I spent eight years in the Air Force and loved every minute of it. It lead me into what I've done most of my life as a career, and that's work in the electro/mechanical field. I finally retired from that type of work as an Expert Harley Davidson Technician.

    What brought you to Debate Policy?

    Oddly enough... ahem... I was banned from another board called I along with several others. At that time we were lead to this new board called the The rest is history. My time spent back on was where I cut my teeth on the blogosphere. I liked it, but I was pretty much out of control. My posting has evolved since then into a more controlled style.

    You seem to have a bit of a "mean streak" about you, just like myself, any thoughts as to how it got there?

    Yeah... you might say I have a mean streak... and I don't think I could put my finger on any one reason why. Maybe I've lived alone for too long. And the older I get, the less patience I have. It just seems to me that incompetence abounds. It gets old. And I think I just came to the decision at one point that I wasn't going to be the kind of person that gets pushed around. I'm not a bully, but I'm not going to let a bully push me around either. There's a lot of times in your life when you're going to have to fight, one way or the other. Whether it's a legal fight, or a fist fight, I'm up for either.

    What do you think would happen if you, OCA and I went out on the town one night for drinks?

    I think we'd all wind up pukin' drunk, back slappin', joined at the hip, brothers. The three of us are so much alike it's scarey. We're all peas in a pod.

    What first got you into bikes? How old were you when you got your first Harley Davidson?

    I've always been a hotrod. Must have been born that way. My mother likes to remind me from time to time that I was pushing little cars around the floor making engine noises before I could talk. I was especially drawn to anything that made more noise, i.e., Harleys. My father wasn't into hotrods or bikes at all, nor was any of my family, so I about drove them insane. We'd all be in the car out for a drive to say the grandparents, and I'd see something of high interest to me like a Corvette, and I'd blurt out in a shrill, excited voice... CORVETTE! I'd scare the shit out of everyone. I always thought they'd be as excited as I was, but they weren't.

    I got my first motorcycle, a Honda Sport 90 when I was 12. That replaced the minibikes I'd been riding since I was 9. I got my first Harley, which was a 1972 HD XLCH Sportster. I had four over, screw in, fork extensions on it with a King, Queen seat, Pull Back Apes, and Drag Pipes. It's gotta be loud. I loved that bike.

    Who do you think will win the Democratic and Republican nominations respectively, and why?

    I highly doubt I can say for SURE, but I think Hillary is going to suffer greatly in the next few months. I believe people have been playing softball with her so far, but the gloves are about to come off, and unfortunately for her, the Clintons probably have more dirt and scandal surrounding them than any other single political figure or couple. It's going to bury her, and her chances for a White House bid, forever.
    The Republicans, hard to say there too. The situation is very dynamic. Depending on who you ask it's going to be someone different. Just my two cents, but I "don't" think it's going to be Giuliani. So, as much as I'd like to see, and will vote for one way or the other, to have either Tancredo or Hunter, or even Huckabee, I think it's going to be Romeny. If either Giuliani or Romney is the Republican Presidential nominee, the Republican party will not be enjoying my vote this year.

    Hillary Clinton, your thoughts?

    Probably the single most dangerous person in politics today. People should PRAY this women never gets any real power. Look at recent events, now that the gloves have come off between her and her democratic opponents, she wants to cry no fair. They're piling on because I'm a woman. People haven't bought that, because if she can't handle the opposition in a political race here at home, then she surely won't be able to handle the myriad of tyrannical, third world dictators around the globe. So what is her latest campaign strategy, BRING IN THE HUBBY TO RUN INTERFERENCE for her. I'll tell ya, these two Clintons should be shunned by the political institution. One is a proven sex addict and liar, and the other has stuck with him only to further her own narcissistic dreams of communist power.

    Do you think illegal aliens should be granted drivers licenses?

    Ooooh boy... I could go on and on and on about this. But no. HELL no. I think the person suggesting such a thing should be charged with treason and jailed for aiding and abetting illegal foreign nationals, who could very well be the next people that KILL us. The idea is INSANE!!! It's rewarding criminals for breaking our laws, plain and simple. The message it sends is very dangerous... "you came here legally, well I'm sorry but you'll have to jump through all these hoops for the next eight years before you can have a Drivers License. Now you came illegally? Ok you can have a Drivers License," INSANITY!!!

    How do you think GW Bush will be remembered 50 years from now?

    A picture is worth a thousand words...

    What would YOU do to improve the board as a whole?

    Well, I don't believe the board is in dire need of anything right at the moment. But, a lot of us here have been posting together for a long time now. Years! What I'd like to see at some point is a get together. There's quite a few people here I'd really enjoy meeting.
    “A person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life.”Bob Barker
    “Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.”Dean Koontz
    "If I could be half the person my dog is, I'd be twice the human I am" - Charles Yu

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    where's your corvette, Pale? You NEED one.
    “… the greatest detractor from high performance is fear: fear that you are not prepared, fear that you are in over your head, fear that you are not worthy, and ultimately, fear of failure. If you can eliminate that fear—not through arrogance or just wishing difficulties away, but through hard work and preparation—you will put yourself in an incredibly powerful position to take on the challenges you face" - Pete Carroll.

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