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    Default Hunter Biden in 2016

    So 2020 was just somewhat of a replay but differently. I honestly don't remember all of this, or it wasn't out publicly as much.


    Feds subpoenaed Hunter Biden during 2016 election, raising worry over unpaid taxes on Ukraine work

    Lawyers and accountants prepared "proffer" to federal authorities, scrambled to devise narrative on unpaid taxes in emails that undercut president's longtime claim his son did nothing wrong.

    As the 2016 election kicked into full gear, Hunter Biden’s inner circle feared an impending federal criminal indictment of his long-time business partner might expose the then-vice president’s son to legal jeopardy because he had avoided paying taxes on income from the Ukrainian gas firm Burisma Holdings, according to emails on an abandoned laptop seized by the FBI.

    The emails capture the real-time communications of Hunter Biden with defense lawyers and a corporate accountant after federal authorities subpoenaed some of his business records five years ago. The document demand sent his inner circle scrambling to develop a story to explain the unpaid taxes from 2014 and 2015 and prepare a “proffer” — an offer of testimony — to give to federal prosecutors and the FBI, IRS and Securities and Exchange Commission agents investigating his partner Devon Archer.

    Hunter Biden revealed late last year he is under federal investigation for tax issues, but the emails obtained by Just the News show the president’s youngest son has been worried about federal exposure on taxes since April 2016, long before Donald Trump was elected president or Biden's Ukraine business dealings became the focus of scandal and an impeachment trial.

    Emails written five years ago by Eric Schwerin, an executive inside the Rosemont Seneca business empire where Hunter Biden worked, show there was about $1 million in personal income — about $400,000 in 2014 and $600,000 in 2015 — that the younger Biden had earned as a board member and consultant for Burisma that had not been fully covered by U.S. tax payments.

    “Hunter and I talked briefly this morning and feel good with where we are on the taxes and the narrative regarding that,” Schwerin wrote defense lawyers George Mesires and Michael MacPhail on April 14, 2016 as the team tried to secure a cooperation agreement with federal authorities.

    The conversations were prompted by a subpoena to Hunter Biden from federal authorities a few weeks earlier, the emails show. "I received a SEC subpoena for any information I have related to the situation Devin [sic] is dealing with," Hunter Biden wrote a lawyer and Schwerin on March 23, 2016.

    The inner circle devised a strategy for Hunter Biden to file an extension to file his 2015 taxes and “begin the process of amending the 2014 returns to reflect the Burisma payments from 2014,” the emails stated. The move would buy time so that Hunter Biden’s team could develop a proffer and produce documents to federal prosecutors to avoid becoming ensnared in the criminal case against Archer, the emails revealed.

    At the time, FBI, SEC and IRS agents were bearing down on Archer, a longtime business partner who also served with Hunter Biden on the Burisma board. Agents arrested Archer a month later in May 2016 on charges he helped defraud an Indian tribe, a move that the emails show was closely monitored by Hunter Biden’s team.

    Archer was convicted by a federal court in 2018, but his sentencing has been delayed by appeals. A federal appeals panel affirmed his conviction late last year and remanded the case for sentencing.

    Hunter Biden’s scramble for a narrative in spring 2016 was triggered when federal agents sought documents from a company called Rosemont Seneca Bohai (RHB), where both Archer and Hunter Biden were collecting $83,333 each a month for their work for Burisma. The document request risked exposing Hunter Biden’s tax problems, the emails show.

    “Given that I will be out of the country starting Monday we wanted to make sure any time we spend between now and the 20th focused mostly on the main issues that the SEC and DOJ are concerned with — the emails, proof of payments out of RSB and talking points for your proffer — and not let ourselves get overly bogged down in the minutiae of tax issues that might not even come up in the immediate,” Schwerin wrote the lawyers on April 14, 2016. “We feel like we have a good story to tell there and have a good handle on that now.”

    Mesires, who remains Hunter Biden’s counsel today, quickly wrote back: “Understood. We will get the proposed document production to you for your/hunt's review as well as draft talking points.”

    Mesires and Schwerin did not respond to requests from Just the News for comment or to challenge the authenticity of the emails. MacPhail declined comment.

    The memos also provide new details on how Hunter Biden landed his gig in 2014 with Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company that the Obama-Biden administration believed was corrupt and that was under investigation by Ukrainian authorities during much of the time he worked for it.

    For instance, they show Hunter Biden had been paying a monthly “finder’s fee” to a Ukrainian-born man in New York City who had helped the vice president’s son land the lucrative gig in Ukraine. One email estimated the monthly finder’s fee at $25,000 while another document put it closer to $10,000.

    Rest -
    How do you catch a unique rabbit? Unique up on him! (was my Mom's favorite joke )

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    I know he's dirty. You know he's dirty. Joe knows he's dirty. The whole freakin World knows he's dirty.

    Bet he walks. Privileged dems are untouchable.

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