Honestly, some of them are. Not all, not nearly, but those getting violent and going to personal homes and assaulting police officers and burning down city halls and police buildings and with people inside, they couldn't care less. Firebombing cars and tossing whatever it is they can find at the police.

Not to mention it's an opinion. An opinion of someone that's never been in trouble? But politicians and folks on the left and the BLM groups and basically anyone else involved anywhere can say whatever they want.

But at the same time, she is expected to be held to higher standards, and I 100% and fully get that. But at what point and what level of crimes are needed before such folks are allowed to have opinions?


New Jersey Police Officer Fired For Calling BLM Protesters ‘Terrorists’

A well-respected New Jersey Police officer was fired after a social media post calling Black Lives Matter protesters “terrorists” resurfaced.

Officer Sara Erwin, a Hopewell Township police officer with more than 20 years of service, was fired Friday following an investigation by the Mercer County Prosecutor’s office and the police office, NJ.com reported.

A second officer, Sergeant Mandy Grey, was also suspended for six months and would be demoted for an unknown cause that is thought to be related, according to NJ.com.

The Facebook post, made in June of 2020, read that her kids had begged and cried for her to not to go to work during last Summer’s Black Lives Matter protests, adding that she didn’t “think [she] ever felt the way [she] did last night.”

“I’ve seen so many black lives matter [sic] hashtags in these posts. Just to let you know — they are terrorists. They hate me. They hate my uniform. They don’t care if I die.” Erwin reportedly wrote.

Erwin appeared on “Fox & Friends First” on Wednesday, stating that she made the post during an “emotional time” and that she was still “devastated” that she had been fired, Fox News reported.

“I have never been in trouble in my entire career,” Erwin told “Fox & Friends First” regarding her firing.

The post initially spawned a loosely related racial discrimination lawsuit from another officer and led to city-wide petitions for racial justice in the department, NJ.com reported.

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