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    Default The Lazy, Immoral Attacks by COVID 'Heroes' Are All Politics | Opinion

    The Lazy, Immoral Attacks by COVID 'Heroes' Are All Politics | Opinion
    Jason Rantz - Yesterday 5:30 AM

    Bad-faith progressive activists continue their insufferable, holier-than-thou strategy of claiming some kind of hero status for their (often disingenuous) stance on COVID vaccines. Their latest odious and lazy attacks are motivated by politics and cable news ratings, not our health.

    The new narrative from the Left, parroted by Democrats across the media, is that supporters of former President Donald Trump are refusing to get vaccinated and are now responsible for new COVID cases. Worse, it's FOX News that is supposedly killing people with vaccine misinformation—all for ratings.

    The new spin comes as the Biden administration failed to meet its goal of attaining 70 percent nationwide vaccination by Independence Day. So now, the blame is being placed on Trump.

    Fortune magazine declared there are "two Americas" emerging. In Biden-dominated states, the underlying article argued, "most adults got their shots and daily life is rapidly returning to normal." But in "Trump country," conservatives are eschewing medical advice and rejecting the vaccine en masse.

    In Washington State, Democratic governor Jay Inslee criticized Trump supporters in a bizarre and angry rant.

    "[Y]ou are a bioreactor facility-generating virus and spreading it around, including to kids who can't get vaccinated. I want to reiterate that. If you're a 50-year-old man who, you know, voted for Donald Trump and didn't think COVID was a problem and you don't get vaccinated right now, you're a risk to every kid in your city because you could be spreading the virus to a 10-year-old who can't get eligible for the vaccine right now," Inslee said. "Now, some of us think that's not responsible, and if that's judgmental, so be it."

    Inslee positions himself as a hero, as many Democrats do when talking about the vaccine. They are saving lives, and evil, selfish Trump supporters are a threat to our safety.

    But these arguments don't match the data.

    Los Angeles recently reinstituted mask mandates because of the spread of COVID. Seattle and King County, Washington are experiencing a surge in cases, and they hit a 70 percent vaccination rate. In fact, the COVID wave is happening across Washington State and Oregon.

    This is hardly "Trump country." Unless Democrats are embracing the stolen-election conspiracies, something tells me these aren't Trump voters who are fueling anything. These areas aren't exactly flush with conservatives.

    Certainly, the unvaccinated are more susceptible to COVID—Delta variant or otherwise. Are some conservatives vaccine-hesitant? Sure. But statistically, so are many liberal college students and black Americans.

    The goal should be to get everyone vaccinated—not just Trump supporters. But are we to believe Democrats are only concerned with unvaccinated conservatives, and not their own voters' vaccine status? Democrats are just using this smear as an attack on one political party and on Trump, who is still viewed as a threat to the Left.

    But perhaps these aforementioned numbers indicate more already-vaccinated people represent COVID-positive cases than is being reported. And if your goal is to get people vaccinated at any cost, outlets and public health officials might downplay some data. It's why you see a concerted effort to bully FOX News hosts into silence: The hosts are focused on the news around the vaccines, not just public service announcements.

    Some CNN and MSNBC voices—along with public health officials and activists—claim FOX News is quite literally killing its viewers with COVID misinformation.

    Speaking to Stephen Colbert on his late-night program, Joy Reid declared, "It doesn't make sense why folks at that particular network, we all know who we mean, would want to kill their own viewers."

    Colbert aptly responded: "I hadn't thought about that."

    Neither has thought about it. In fact, left-wingers usually offer up a paradox. For example, Walter Shaub, former director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, tweeted, "Fox News is killing people to get ratings." How do you get ratings from dead viewers?

    The FOX News smear is clear and somewhat ironic, given the talking points their personalities use. In reality, FOX News' rival networks also have financial interests; they're not necessarily motivated by a pure desire to better inform the public. If they were, half their analysis wouldn't make it on air to begin with. And FOX News anchors and analysts have, in fact, been pretty clearly pro-vaccine.

    Offering analysis on why some government mandates are wrong hardly puts the public at risk. It's a principled position that everyone should hold, regardless of political ideology. That the party of "my body, my choice" suddenly says the opposite is bizarre.

    Pointing to actual side effects, which can be deadly for some, shouldn't lead to vaccine hesitancy, either. It should lead to Americans being better able to make informed decisions and identify the rare serious side effects in order to know when to seek medical assistance. Ignoring a side effect simply because you think it's expected can sometimes have deadly consequences.

    Are FOX News' rival outlets scared of advocating for more informed medical decisions? No, of course not. They'll just feign genuine humanitarian concern to cut into FOX News' dominant market share.

    Jason Rantz is a frequent guest on Fox News and is the host of the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH Seattle, heard weekday afternoons. You can subscribe to his podcast here and follow him on Twitter: @jasonrantz.

    The views expressed in this article are the writer's own.
    Pointing to actual side effects, which can be deadly for some, shouldn't lead to vaccine hesitancy, either.
    YEP. Something being deadly should not cause any hesitancy at all....
    Just consider that somebody seriously stated that and think they are correct..
    And then maybe you can start to get the scope of the utter stupidity or else the asininely corrupt duplicity at play....

    Here is the score, those hellbent on stabbing every human on earth with this new vaccine-- do not give a damn if it kills you -or even fukkkkkkkkkksss you up for life with some other serious side effect....
    They are operating on a --political agenda and --YOU-- are the target.
    In this case, you are the guinea pig........
    My younger brother just told me yesterday about his friend's wife that took the vaccine a couple weeks ago. And after the first shot, within 3/4 days she got serious nerve damage-- numbness in her feet and hands that has only gotten worse.
    Did that make the news? hell no..
    Much of the serious damage done, that does not kill the victim-- is ignored and never cited by the propagandists that are pushing this vaccine.

    But hey-- they are right-- proceed at your own risk...
    We each have a right to make our own decision.
    Remember these same hypocrites have engineered the death of over 50 million babies (abortion)-- BECAUSE -----

    NOW WAIT FOR IT--- cry out " Their right = their body "...... O; the irony and ignorance and hypocrisy of these ffing vermin...

    Yet that same thing-- does not apply to you having that same gloriously enlightened right!!!....

    As it only counts when it comes to killing babies.....

    What damn hypocrites.....-Tyr
    Last edited by Tyr-Ziu Saxnot; 07-21-2021 at 08:31 AM.
    18 U.S. Code § 2381-Treason Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

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    The Dems/MSM are going about convincing people to get immunized the wrong way. IMO. Blaming and shaming, especially when it's BS and the people you are doing it to aren't on our side of the aisle to begin with is a damned good way to get undecided people to say That's my attitude towards that kind of BS.

    I have no problem with advising immunization in a responsible, non-coercive manner the same as any other public service suggestion. I've got a BIG problem with what the left has turned this into.

    That being said, I'm not real keen on those going overboard to try and prove it's some kind of unnecessary bullshit. One extreme is no better than the other.

    COVID exists. Everyone needs to inform themselves on the topic and do what they need to do according to their individual needs/situation.

    And, nobody is a "hero" for getting a f-ing shot. Fact is, getting immunized is as self serving as it is serving anyone or thing else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyr-Ziu Saxnot View Post
    YEP. Something being deadly should not cause any hesitancy at all....
    Just consider that somebody seriously stated that and think they are correct..--------------------------------

    We get the impression that the US , MSM( among others ) has kept three stunning facts ( among dozens ) from the public :-

    1 Test methods are unscientific , have never worked and cannot even diagnose the Covid virus .

    2. The inoculations contain a poison -- the spike protein -- which is not limited to the injection area . 75% of them flow around the body and brain and

    therefore to every organ . On a killing mission . 40 trillion mRNA molecules from the Moderna shots .

    3. The Spike Protein is wrapped in an 'envelope ' for delivery reasons and part made of the poison Graphene Oxide .

    Just a very simplified top line position which will explain the deaths and millions of later autoimmune and neurological diseases which in the US, VAERS,

    is already showing .

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