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  1. The Warrior Song
  2. US Army suicides on track to hit new high in 2009
  3. We're surging right now!
  4. Obama: Administration Leaks on Afghan War Strategy a Firing Offense
  5. Military Story of Honor*
  6. Obama commits 30,000 troops?
  7. Serving U.S troops could face prison if they fall pregnant while active.
  8. The #1 reason why Gays should not serve
  9. Death of a hero
  10. Western troops accused of executing 10 Afghan civilians, including children
  11. Ring the Liberty Bell!
  12. Homeless veteran who saved 5 in fire laid to rest
  13. Here's to the Heroes
  14. Only real MEN can join the Navy
  15. Pentagon to detail new 'don't ask, don't tell' steps
  16. Guard Responds in Record D.C. Snowfall
  17. Military to Discipline at Least 6 Officers in Ft. Hood Case
  18. Great Footage Of WW2 Carriers
  19. A Chance for Closure for One WWII Widow
  20. One Mile Kill Shot! OOH-RAH !!!!
  21. Carrier Landings
  22. Army softens training for recruits
  23. It comes to this
  24. First Sikh in a generation graduates Army officer school
  25. US troop deaths double in Afghanistan
  26. To those calling for a civil war, this Marine says military will destroy you
  27. Before They Go
  28. Dad of a fallen Marine perseveres against protests at military funerals
  29. Section 60
  30. Ex-Members of U.S. Military Were Members of Hutaree Militia Extremist Group
  31. LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A Louisville native is planning to walk 5,000 miles across America
  32. Army to court martial 'birther' officer
  33. US soldier dismissed for threats in Iraq protest
  34. The Warrior Song
  35. Japanese islanders stage mass rally against US base
  36. Fort Campbell Finds New Ways To Help Soldiers Cope
  37. Soldier arrested in assault on Ohio homeless man
  38. Audie Murphy's widow dead
  39. American kids "too fat to fight", warn U.S. generals
  40. Thank You
  41. U.S Firepower
  42. Live RPG removed from soldier
  43. 21 Years ago today...
  44. Gates: runaway military spending must stop
  45. 1942 US Rangers Combat School
  46. Md. 1st to bar schools releasing tests to military
  47. Medal for 'courageous restraint' ?????
  48. Question for people who knows the military
  49. children's salute
  50. Army veteran fatally shot at MacDill AFB by FBI
  51. U.S. launches criminal probe on soldiers in Afghanistan
  52. AP Investigation: Texas man faked way into Army
  53. dadt vote coming
  54. My Life as a Gay Officer
  55. Army changes enlistment procedure
  56. Taliban seize border town as Afghan forces retreat
  57. Suspected Taylorsville Lake drowning victim identified as Fort Knox soldier
  58. Texas National Guard Crackdown
  59. Strategic Operations, Inc
  60. My unit on deployment list
  61. Happy birtday us army
  62. Rolling Thunder 2010 - A Soldier's Vigil
  63. DADT Is officially revoked
  64. VA hospital may have infected 1,800 veterans with HIV
  65. Congressional Medal Of Honor, This is FANTASTIC
  66. Kee Bird: frozen in time
  67. G.I. Joe & Lillie
  68. David R Gillie, USN speaks at the Oath Keepers
  69. Cool vid
  70. Lesbian cadet quits West Point, cites 'don't ask'
  71. Tribal Holiday Celebrates Navajo Code Talkers
  72. Appeals court: Stolen Valor Act unconstitutional
  73. Antiwar activists rally around suspected leaker
  74. Army probes soldiers punished for skipping Christian concert
  75. Wanna murder somebody? Don't join the Army..
  76. Vetrans sue CIA
  77. first living vet since Nam gets CMH
  78. the real Rambo
  79. Korea: the forgotten war
  80. Any VFW Members Here?
  81. Reasons sFor Veterans Fraternal Organization membership decline
  82. U.S. military now accepting gay applicants
  83. Britain can never again fight alone
  84. Bodies, Mass Graves Found on Iwo Jima
  85. Veteran's Day deals
  86. Happy Birthday...
  87. Somethings I Missed On Blackfive
  88. For Our British Allies In Afghanistan and Iraq
  89. Sgt. Homo Rides Sgt. Homo Again, But Legally
  90. Gates Speeds Up Delivery Of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Report
  91. Gene Simmons military tribute
  92. Restrepo
  93. Military Guys Being Themselves, Even With Toys For Tots
  94. Help Santa Stuff Stockings
  95. US deploys 'game-changer' weapon to Afghanistan
  96. Did you serve? Why or why not?
  97. Just because I think it's cool!!
  98. the Hanoi Taxi
  99. Thunderstruck - US Army Aviation
  100. Colonel Douglas Burpee - 23 Years Of Military Service - A Muslim
  101. Richard 'Dick' Winters dead at 92
  102. Question for our Vietnam vets
  103. Video For Night Train
  104. Military Using Psyops against congress
  105. Gates Agrees, Bush's Wars Were Nuts
  106. Cosby recalls his Navy career
  107. Pretty Cool! Navy Laser Sets Ship on Fire
  108. US's most advanced FIGHTER PLANES Kids can fly
  109. When a Soldier comes home
  110. Don’t Worry: Osama Was Shot in Accordance with Islamic Tradition
  111. disgusting and why I dont trust government
  112. War Powers And Disobeying Illegal Orders
  113. Israel spying on US: A long history
  114. Duo Plans Cross-country Bike Ride-Raising Awareness for Vets
  115. Bodies of WWII airmen brought home more than 60 years after crash
  116. Freaking Unbelievable! If It Had Been Bush?
  117. How long will Israel allow Iran to continue to make a nuclear bomb?
  118. US & Israel Helped 'Breed' Indestructable Botnet
  119. Heinlein would be very proud. Starship troopers is born.
  120. old news but: KBR Bad water, Dirty Clothes, OverCharging, Dirty Tents
  121. Catapult the propaganda: DOD Social media
  122. Why a Navy and a Coast Guard?
  123. Military General Advocates Cuts in Military Spending
  124. Police May Detain Photographers If Their Photographs ‘Have No Aesthetic Value’
  125. Sanctuary County Bans ICE Holds
  126. Dakota Meyer - Marine gets Medal of Honor
  127. A quandry
  128. Happy Birthday!
  129. Don't ask, don't tell
  130. Remains of war dead dumped in landfill
  131. A Really Nice Veteran's Day At A Local High School
  132. Professor Says Sending Troops Care Packages is Shameful
  133. Obama: Harder to end a war than to begin one
  134. Ate up like a Soup Sandwhich. From the files of : Stolen Valor or "disgraceful"
  135. Wow, what a story!
  136. The War in Iraq is "Over"
  137. Can someone explain what C-4 is?
  138. Navy SEAL I Punched Jesse Ventura For Saying We Deserved To Lose Guys In Iraq
  139. Outcry grows over Marine's "urine video"
  140. Have a ? for CSM, PEGwinn and/or Gaffer ....
  141. One of many
  142. REMF's - You Got to Love Them
  143. Verified Military members?
  144. Purple Hearts Back From Iraq
  145. Budget Cuts and Troop Reduction
  146. About those troop cuts....
  147. Marine's Facebook page tests military rules
  148. Marine Seeks to Adopt Military Dog
  149. World's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, 'the Big E' makes final voyage
  150. US military unveils non-lethal heat ray weapon
  151. Vet Groups Sue DoD, CIA + for chem testing
  152. Paper: Marines down on Obama
  153. Staff Sergeant being charged wtih 17 murders
  154. Marine Crosses
  155. Magic Bullet
  156. Punished for wearing Pro-Military T-shirts
  157. Yeah, baby!
  158. Hannah Luce: Woman is Sole Plane Crash Survivor After Rescue by Marine Friend
  159. Did Afghanistan massacre of 17 really happen?
  160. Memorial Day 2012
  161. Murder Charge Dropped for Bales
  162. Army's terry tate CPT Wedley
  163. Real heroes
  164. Navy a global force for good ads
  165. Things no veteran would ever say
  166. Prez sending 3000 + troops to Africa
  167. Military Wives Strip Down to Raise Awareness About PTSD: Battling Bare
  168. Veterans excel on another front -- fighting forest fires
  169. Arms dealers selling tech to China
  170. Arlington Burial for Six Airmen Killed in 1965 Crash
  171. Women in infantry? Marines!?
  172. Letters of SC soldier killed in Vietnam come home
  173. First Military Base Same-Sex Wedding Held
  174. Soldiers returning home
  175. Purple heart soldier fullfills vow to slain buddy to play college football!
  176. Old reliable
  177. Vietnam veteran receives Silver Star 44 years later.
  178. Stars Earn Stripes
  179. U.S. Army battlinmg "supposed" racists..
  180. Paratus Rifle
  181. Marine B. Raub, Arrested sent to crazy house 4 facebook etc comments...
  182. Interesting story of a marine's pistol and its journey.
  183. Woman to lead basic training at scandal plagued base
  184. Perspective - from Agent's wife
  185. Lt. Col treatment by police leads to investigation
  186. Should Purple Hearts be Bought and Sold?
  187. Military Times Poll: Romney bests Obama, 2-1
  188. Death of a Hero
  189. Camo fatigues...accent on the fatigue.
  190. Western defense budget cuts may be unstoppable.
  191. This is how honorable military membes get treated by liberal aazhats!!
  192. Soldier tackles Westboro scum stomping our flag at fallen soldier's funeral.
  193. US Army on duty...
  194. Oath of Office
  195. Happy Veterans Day
  196. .50 Cal - 1 mile kill shot - just a pink mist! LOL
  197. A Step
  198. Thunderstruck
  199. Females Not Flocking To Marine Infantry
  200. VET told he'd never walk without cruthes agian...
  201. December 7th, 1941
  202. Hows this for a shot in the dark?
  203. Should he get the medal of honor?
  204. Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf has passed away
  205. Stolen Valor, should not be ignored!
  206. Military to open combat jobs to women!!
  207. Soldier who lost 4 limbs has double-arm transplant
  208. Lt. Gen. James Mattis
  209. Radio DJ Outed for Impersonating Military Service Personnel
  210. An American hero: The uncommon valor of Clint Romesha
  211. One of my favorite in your face Obama moments
  212. U.S. Military Suicides Outnumbered Combat Deaths in Afghanistan in 2012
  213. Obama awards Medal of Honor to Afghanistan war hero Clinton Romesha
  214. This might interest you about WW 2
  215. psychiatrists prone to lie about PTSD to save Tax $$ ?
  216. Ranger tabs
  217. How Americans feel about war
  218. Sad, and not far from the truth
  219. When you think Freedom is Free...
  220. In remembrance of my uncle
  221. Three Marines die in shooting at..
  222. The new "300" - 300 heroes rush to the aide of One.
  223. Purple hearts for victims at Ft. Hood, TX
  224. No Female Marines Have Made It Through Infantry Officer Training Yet.
  225. Media Honors Vietnam War Protester Joan Baez's Return to Vietnam.
  226. MoD admits campaign in Afghanistan is 'an unwinnable war'
  227. Tribute to Major Dick Winters (Requium for a soldier)
  228. Damien Lewis as Major Wintgers
  229. Major Winters attacks Carantan
  230. Signature strikes discussed
  231. Afghan Leader: Cash Deliveries by C.I.A.
  232. Pentagon upgrades 'bunker buster' bomb
  233. Why I am Proud, and wish I could do it all again.
  234. SEAL Team 6 Afghan Shoot Down blamed on Obama/Military
  235. Information few will learn from Washington about Vietnam
  236. Obama and his umbrella holding Marines
  237. Pentagon Unilaterally Grants Itself Authority Over ‘Civil Disturbances’
  238. Memorial Day Rememberance
  239. Sergeant Raped in Afghanistan Found Nowhere to Go
  240. Military and religion
  241. Memorial Day Tribute
  242. WW2 Marine's diary--70 years later
  243. My friend Al (over 90 yrs old)
  244. D-Day, if reported by the Liberal Media
  245. Ranger's off hand shot with .50 cal @ 1000 yds
  246. June 6, 1944
  247. Pardo's push
  248. Marine wins Mr. Gay USA crown
  249. Stolen Valor, Again????
  250. 101st seeking to save 'Band of Brothers' regiment