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  1. New Law Ensures No Military Working Dog Will Be Left Behind. Ever
  2. Former Congressman Howard Coble
  3. Civilian Speak vs Military Speak
  4. VA declares vets dead, ends their benefits
  5. Charles Bronson in WWII
  6. US Military Carrying Out Highly Secretive Exercises Over Pacific-Strange Lights In CA
  7. Happy birtday marines!
  8. Free hair cuts for veterans
  9. Junior Officer Funnies.
  10. Thank you, Veterans
  11. Stupid Walmart Comercial
  12. Medal of Honor Presented.
  13. Green Beret: Striking corrupt Afghan got me kicked out
  14. Our Military Men
  15. FINALLY....Found!!! Obama's War Record exposed on a video....
  16. Congressional Medal of Honor
  17. Latest Buzzwords: "Soft" Targets
  18. Coasties Enforcing
  19. Women in Combat
  20. Why the Marines?
  21. Hard Corps
  22. Viet Nam
  23. Semper Fi Christmas lights
  24. Hell Yeah - Tribute to US Navy
  25. Why I am not worried about our NAVY/MARINE services....
  26. Article: Women in Combat
  27. Finally! Court Martial for Berghdal
  28. Unwritten Codes
  29. SY HERSH: Top Generals Had To Pass Intelligence Onto Third Parties To Give To Assad
  30. During World War I enemies stopped fighting and celebrated Christmas together
  31. We need to gather ALL VETERANS to get rid of ISIS.....NOW!
  32. ATTENTION ALL VETERANS.....Justice Department of Obama does it again!
  33. USS Oklahoma survivor Edward E. Vezey Jr. reported to have died today
  34. The Hater's Guide to the Coast Guard
  35. Do not watch if you get air-sick, or hate roller-coasters.
  36. Dedication to military warriors and their heavy sacrifices.
  37. Twelve Marines declared dead after helicopter crash off Hawaii
  38. Happy Birthday to all you Coasties
  39. Women in Combat
  40. Japanese Soldiers Break Contact, Engage US Marines
  41. This US Army artillery unit savaged 41 Iraqi battalions in 72 hours
  42. American bombs are still buried under German towns. And they're blowing up.
  43. Army Combat MOSs open to Female - BUT - new pre-enlistement phyiscal tests coming
  44. Marine Hero: I Was Attacked at DC McDonald's 'Because of My Skin Color'
  45. Navy SEAL and an Army Ranger explain the difference between these elite tiers
  46. Greatest WWII General
  47. Any of You Vets ...
  48. Today is "old soldiers, sailors, marines, and guardsmen day.."
  49. Why I still have great confidence in our Navy.
  50. Major Sullivan Ballou's last letter home!
  51. Opinion: The U.S. Navy’s new $13 billion aircraft carrier will dominate the seas
  52. Bozo using Nam era aircraft against ISIS
  53. Bozo pulls 'em out , now puts 'em back in. Idiot
  54. For those who still think Russia and China have superior weapons....
  55. Army Selects New Compact Sniper Rifle
  56. Found this while surfing for oldies. Anyone remember?
  57. China's New Battle Cruiser Can Shoot Down Satellites
  58. China and Russia Combined....Do Not Have anything CLOSE to this...for years to come.
  59. Damage Extensive for Crippled U.S. Littoral Ship in Singapore
  60. It never ends. Hillary and Bubba set the standards, just as John Walker & Son did
  61. The Story of Those Who Dress Fallen Warriors for Eternity
  62. AAFES Logic
  63. This Day in History
  64. Viet Nam Vets
  65. Marshall Lee King
  66. For Gunny
  67. Football Fans are US!
  68. Remember this maggot???
  69. The Marines Are Running Out of Airplanes
  70. The Last to Let You Down
  71. Anyone remember "WHEN HELL WAS IN SESSION?"
  72. Oldest Vet Passes
  73. Another Traitor in Uniform from Taiwan. OPEN BORDERS ANYONE?
  74. Hoorah!
  75. The catastrophic success of the u.s. Air force
  76. Might be a tad late, but ........
  77. Question for our military folk
  78. Every kid should watch - Seal talks life-lessons - MAKE YOUR DAMN BED!
  79. One Thing I Have To Say..
  80. Navy Officer Fired
  81. USAF down to sticks and stones
  82. What keeps me busy
  83. The long halftime walk
  84. The COWARD in uniform has to wait till February....and TRUMP????
  85. Rep. Forbes: True Story of Sailors Held in Iran Would Shock the American People
  86. Cover-up of gay soldier assualting subordinates
  87. armed forces day
  88. These World War 2 Facts Will Leave You Speechless
  89. Being A Gunny
  90. mansions of the lord
  91. Memorial Day
  92. In Honor Of Memorial Day: The Battle Of "Ia Drang" (Documentary)
  93. Feeding the USS Intrepid
  94. Support wounded vets with a GREAT music show!
  95. June 6 1944
  96. 775 confirmed kills in one picture, 1945
  97. 19 Years Ago - CG 6549
  98. 200 Strangers Attend Funeral of World War II Veteran With No Living Relatives: 'Thank
  99. Retired Marine Master Sgt. Rodney Buentello.
  100. Happy Birthday
  101. If you could bug-out with ONE piece of Army/Mililtary equipment...
  102. For all NAM vets....Remember this one?
  103. Michigan veteran: Medal of Honor belongs to helicopter crew
  104. U.S. Navy mulls punishment for sailors seized by Iran
  105. US Officials Say Russian Warship Intentionally Interfered With Navy Operations
  106. Fourth of July/Veterans
  107. McCain is Right on This One.
  108. A Squadron of A-10's, Means the quick end of ISIS. Trump will, Obama won't.
  109. Here's a friendly reminder of how big the A-10 Warthog's gun is
  110. The Long Blue Line...USCG Style
  111. Doing the Wrong thing for the Right Reason
  112. 226 Years!
  113. Lmao!
  114. One for the Vets
  115. Are they trying .....
  116. Does anyone know what "B.U.F.F." stands for???
  117. Older Veterans REALLY SHOULD SIT DOWN...before you visit this link.
  118. Happy Brrrrt Day Air Force!
  119. US Navy Bombs Vietnam
  120. Navy has deep-sixed all of its 91 enlisted ratings titles
  121. W
  122. Happy birthday us navy
  123. My Son..
  124. This is Nuts!
  125. Former USCG Commandant Crosses the Bar
  126. Cyber Security Month
  127. Nostalgia...
  128. Happy Birthday Marines
  129. Thank You
  130. Reach for the Horizon in...SEVEN seconds. GO NAVY!
  131. Wow! I know this guy!
  132. One of the last
  133. USCG Station Humboldt Bay - Surf Training
  134. U.S. Navy Chaplain's Corps
  135. Bowe Bergdahl, Facing Desertion Trial, Asks Obama for Pardon
  136. Forging The Future in Joint Operations
  137. See how much respect our Military has in our Liar-in-Chief
  138. There are no words....
  139. USA Forces Rescue Russian Mini-Sub!
  140. Seal Describes Avoiding Drowning.
  141. Protocol for being buried at Arlington ?
  142. Very Good Interview of Gary Sinise and What He's Doing For Vets
  143. The BIG "E" Now retired. Greatest ship I ever saw, or served on.
  144. Manning gets a pardon
  145. Unlike Obama the jerk. Trump is not announcing WHAT IS BEING DONE....
  146. 17 Years ago, Today..
  147. Brilliant Way SEALs Avoid Drowning
  148. Toby Keith
  149. Female Marine vets detail abuse by male Corps members
  150. The Marines are getting a live one
  151. WWII made George Patton a hero, but the ‘Great War’ made him a commander
  152. A Week In The Life of the U.S. Coast Guard
  153. ........Watch your back Hassan. We are coming.
  154. More USCG!
  155. USCG Law Enforcement Missions
  156. USCG Has Apparently Avoided Budget Cuts
  157. Professor wanted to ‘vomit’ after passenger gave seat to soldier
  158. USS Eisenhower
  159. Jack Crowley, USCG Aux.
  160. The ICONIC USCG 'Racing Stripe'
  161. Hypersonic Weapons and Planes
  162. New USS Gerald R Ford returns to Norfolk after successful Sea Trials.
  163. USCGC Morgenthau WHEC 722
  164. U.S. Military Shows North Korea What a Real Nuclear-Capable ICBM Looks Like
  165. Bouy's are Friends, Not Targets
  166. Former US Navy Seal Robert O'Neill describes the moment he 'shot dead Osama bin Laden
  167. Trump can say whatever he wants about the LITTLE FAT BOY in N.K.
  168. USCG Rescues Maine Kayaker
  169. Quote I think is true
  170. Pentagon plans to 'annihilate' IS fighters
  171. Mattis Gives Quote Of The Year
  172. Memorial Day
  173. Our Military Will Be Able To Run Faster and Jump Higher!
  174. What makes the ideal Marine recruit?
  175. Marines quote
  176. Obama Gutted Our Military Readiness
  177. Happy Birthday
  178. 10 countries that are nearly impossible to successfully invade
  179. Some people
  180. What if: Air war between Russia and USA?
  181. US Army Tests Laser Mounted to Apache
  182. Just one reason WHY I miss being back in the Navy after more than 20 years.
  183. New NAVY SEALS Monument opened today in Virginia Beach
  184. Tomorrow....it gets Commissioned at Naval Station Norfolk, Va. July 22, 2017
  185. Observation point Alpha - tip of the spear; fulda gap
  186. This is why we fight: Buchenwald
  187. Military compared to Game of Thrones
  188. Graham: ‘Good Military Option’ Is To Destroy ‘North Korea Itself’
  189. Happy Birthday
  190. The Only Woman That was Training to be a NAVY SEAL Just Dropped Out
  191. Veterans Pics From Their Service...
  192. USS Fitzgerald Findings.
  193. The Green Hell
  194. USCG Small Boats
  195. The Wreckage of USS Indianapolis Found
  196. What the hell is going on ?
  197. Updates on USCG Efforts in Texas
  198. Stupid Starbucks PTSD Commercial
  199. Mad Dog Matis speech 911. Listen closely
  200. Navy Dealt Another Blow
  201. US Air Force
  202. Csm
  203. Titles
  204. Anyone remember the PENTAGON Purge by Obama?
  205. Air Force Academy chief condemns racists, tells them to "get out"
  206. This soldier speaks truth...
  207. Korean War veteran Albert Medeiros, 83, served in both the Korean War and the Vietnam
  208. Happy Birthday Navy
  209. Coast Guard Patrol Boat Catches Fire in Gulfport, Mississippi
  210. Getting To The Point of Being ASHAMED for Serving in the AF...
  211. Private SNAFU...
  212. Arkansas Military Veterans' Hall of Fame selected for 2017
  213. The Forgotten Story of How One U.S. Battleship Fought Back During Pearl Harbor
  214. It's Coming
  215. Petty Officer killed by Drunk Driver
  216. I Hope All The Vets Enjoyed Their Day
  217. Navy show of strength in the Pacific
  218. New US Navy PT Requirement
  219. How to School the SIL Without a Word
  220. The Army Is Getting a New Gun: Everything We Know About the M17 Pistol
  221. December 7TH, 1941-- " Day Of Infamy "
  222. U.S. Navy Chief: Military Option on North Korea ‘Not Empty Words’
  223. Stolen Valor: Man Fraudulently Poses as Green Beret...
  224. USCGC Polar Star u/w to the frozen continent
  225. Court Knocks Down Pres Trump's Appeal To Keep Trannies Out Of The Military
  226. Memorial for CG 1363
  227. You Can Now Buy the Glock Pistol That the U.S. Army Didn't Want
  228. The "Claw of Knowledge"
  229. For our military, Until Gabriel Blows That Sounding Horn
  230. Navy files homicide charges against commanders of 2 ships in deadly crashes
  231. Tribute to the 52 ft Motor Lifeboats
  232. CG Aircrews Rescue Mudslide Victims.
  233. Thought some of you would save this for Desktop background...
  234. Brand-new US Navy warship
  235. Operation Deep-Freeze
  236. From the dysfunctional veterans site
  237. Russian jet flies within 5 feet of US Navy plane, Pentagon says
  238. Trump Signs Bill Approving Medal of Honor for Battle of Hue Marine
  239. Liz Wheeler: History teacher calls U.S. military dumbsh$ts.
  240. U.S. Test of Missile Interceptor Fails Off Hawaiian Coast.
  241. Viet Nam
  242. The U.S. Military Has a New 'Bullet' That Attacks At Mach Six (with 100 Mile Range)
  243. Democrats COMPLAINING about President Trump asking for a Military Parade....
  244. Thought Some Of You might like to see HOW PROUD I AM to be TIN CAN SAILOR
  245. Flag Raising On Iwo Jima,73 YEARS AGO THIS MORN....
  246. Historic Lighthouse Restored.
  247. Good Show!
  248. Some thoughts at the table yesterday...
  249. Here's Where I Took My AF Tech School... So Sad...
  250. Soldiers Hate the M4 and M16. The Pentagon Is Finally Doing Something about