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  1. Iranian agents arrested in Baghdad: BBC
  2. Israel has plans for nuclear strike on Iran: paper
  3. US attacks al quaeda in Somalia
  4. Bush Goes Against Military Advisors in Tonights Speech
  5. Maricopa County Attorney Asks why National Guard on Border Retreated from Armed Gunme
  6. US embassy in athens attacked
  7. Bush: Iraq Mission Critics 'Irresponsible'
  8. The start of something big?
  9. Bush: Decisions Have Made Iraq More Unstable
  10. Dennis Miller on Iraq and WMDs
  11. Saddam aides hanged, film shows one head severed
  12. Big explosion in iran Jan 12
  13. Dennis Miller on WMD's
  14. Smoke Screen
  15. Listen To Fred
  16. Bush's Best State of the Union Yet
  17. Ahmadinejad: U.S., Israel will soon die
  18. United 93 The flight that fought back.
  19. New Atrocities Uncovered in Iraq - WARNING Very Graphic
  20. iran has rockets
  21. Gates: Iraq resolution 'emboldens' enemy
  22. old school press vs flower power press
  23. Many Democrats Won't Stand For Victory In Iraq
  24. Jimmy Carter Accuses Israel of Being Democracy (Satire)
  25. Iranians may be resposible for karbala attack
  26. London Prison Changes Direction of Toilets in Respect to Islamic Law
  27. The cowardly scums latest plot foiled.
  28. NY Times Hits New Low
  29. Sgt home from afganhistan gives opinion
  30. What Will Happen If We Lose The War in Iraq.
  31. USA Overreacted to 9-11
  32. Terrorists Are No Threat To The US
  33. Don't fuck with The Mossad
  34. UC Irvine: MSU Calls for Israel to Be Wiped Out
  35. Democrats are pussies..........
  36. Muslims sue to stone women
  37. Infidel Pork Bullet
  38. Holy Moly.....Hannity interview with Iman
  39. It's February 11
  40. Bring the troops home!
  41. Peace Democrats - Now and Then
  42. When Iran nukes israel...
  43. Who Said It... Adolf Hitler or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?
  44. Salt Lake shooting terrorist attack?
  45. What The Troops Think of Dems and the Surge
  46. Weapons cache found
  47. Sadr runs & hides like the ***** he is!
  48. Explosion in Iran
  49. Sniper rifles from iran
  50. Iran: US Has Many Options
  51. great lines from bob woodward
  52. Bush compares Revolutionary, terror wars
  53. Mardi Gras in N.O.??? Exactly how insane is it to go?
  54. Blair to announce Iraq withdrawal plan
  55. Imam Musa from Washington DC
  56. More death's during peacetime???
  57. looky looky....wmd's
  58. Top 10 Reasons for the US to Get Out of Iraq
  59. Colin Powell Rebuts Reports He Supports Escalation
  60. Democrats Seek To Repeal 2002 War Authorization
  61. US Iran Intelligence is "Incorrect"
  62. National Guard Going To Iraq Doesn't Have Rifles Or Equipment
  63. Whoa!....Very eye opening video on Jihad.........
  64. Any U.S. strike may not destroy Iran nuclear sites
  65. Iraqi kids play make-believe war games
  66. Muslims Can't Rule In School
  67. Admirals and Generals Threaten to Quit if Shrub attacks Iran
  68. The Demolition of Bush's Willing,,,,,,,,
  69. Oh Shit
  70. Iraqi blogger reports on surge
  71. Rice: Bush will not abide by legislation to limit Iraq war
  72. Iranian General captured in Iraq
  73. Assassination Attempt on VP Cheney Fails; 23 Dead
  74. Dear Mr. Muslim....
  75. Liberal Vitriol Over Cheney Attack
  76. Tax Funded Jihadist
  77. Afghan Media: U.S. Troops Deleted Images
  78. $100 says OBL captured or killed...
  79. Kent State Cover Up
  80. Real American Heroes/30 pints of blood
  81. CIA Rushing Resources to Bin Laden Hunt
  82. House GOP Leaders Threaten To Vote Against Money For Troops
  83. Pentagon raises estimate of troops for Iraq
  84. Iraq's civil war leaves women marginalised and at risk
  85. U.S. has interrogation camp in Poland
  86. Why Iraq is dangerous
  87. Dems want deployment by Fall 2008
  88. After 4 years son calls home -- from guantanamo
  89. Beyond Quagmire
  90. Jihadist Meltdown
  91. U.S. military plans Iraq fallback strategy: report
  92. Did Bush order tortures?
  93. U.S. helping Libya develop nukes
  94. Because Persia Sucks
  95. islam 101
  96. more troops = fewer being killed
  97. 9/11 Mastermind Confesses in Guantanamo
  98. Pali Children: "Mama Killed Five Jews, She’s In Paradise"
  99. Iran to hit back at US ‘kidnaps’
  100. Islamist Website Instructs Mujahideen in Using Popular U.S. Web Forums to Foster Anti
  101. Withdraw and this will be the norm
  102. Take a look at this video made in Iran!!!!
  103. Liberalism a luxury during war.
  104. This is for Gabby
  105. Britain Arrests 3 Suspects in 2005 Bombings
  106. Islam: Setting the United States up for the fall
  107. British leave, battle erupts over Basra
  108. Viet Nam and Iraqi War Parellels
  109. Al-Sadr Turning from Terrorism to Welfare
  110. Build up for iran
  111. Iran ratchets up tension over hostage stand-off
  112. Those aren't gifts
  113. Torture at gitmo
  114. The Truth
  115. Wwjd?
  116. Bush-Nazi Germany parallels
  117. No more GWOT, House committee decrees
  118. bush invade for the oil
  119. Reid to Warmongering Idiots and gwb.
  120. Sandy's Secrets: The Twa 800 Cover-up And 9/11
  121. TYPO's solution to the problems in Iraq
  122. Comparison
  123. Remember?
  124. Al-Sadr tells followers to quit Iraq government
  125. Afghan rebels targeting civilians: rights group
  126. WAR Without End. A Republican Wet Dream.
  127. Frontline: Gangs of Iraq
  128. Iraq war is 'lost': US Democrat leader
  129. Al-Qaida Among Us
  130. Jihadist Video Shows Boy Beheading Man
  131. Jihadists need to cut down on the donuts
  132. Well, I'll be damned.....some GOOD news.
  133. Milestone in Iraq
  134. New Taliban Video Shows Young Boy Beheading 'American Spy'
  135. GREAT Photo - America is NOT at war...
  136. Our friends and allies, the Saudis
  137. Iraqis protest as Baghdad neighborhood walled off
  138. Harry Reid's plan
  139. Our friends and allies, the Iraqi military
  140. Yet another reason why we should leave Iraq
  141. Excellent Interview with Brigade Commander
  142. House OKs Iraq Troop Withdrawal Bill
  143. Execute Osama
  144. Bushies don't count bombs as "violence"
  145. So when we pull out of Iraq.....
  146. The Aussie's have it right
  147. Saudis bust huge terror plot..
  148. WMDs and lies
  149. warmongering idiots
  150. Maliki's Office Is Seen Behind Purge in Forces
  151. Breaking News: Al Qaida leader in Iraq killed
  152. How Big is the Muslim Threat?
  153. EVERYONE Needs to watch this - George Tenet on WMD's
  154. George Tenet on Osama Bin Laden
  155. Close Your Eyes, There Is No WOT. So Say So Many
  156. The Democrats best ally - Ayman al-Zawahri
  157. Video...Mickey Mouse teaches Islamic Supremacism
  158. muslims hate everyone
  159. 12 US Soldiers Killed In Iraq Attack
  160. This is EXACTLY why their women and children need to die as well...
  161. YOUR Iraq Policy
  162. Operation Iraqi Liberation
  163. Railroading Of Haditha Soldiers Begins Today
  164. U.S., Germans Fear Imminent Terror Attack
  165. Take that Jack Bauer!
  166. War & domestic violence stats...
  167. Al Qaeda Groups Says It Has Captured U.S. Soldiers After Deadly Attack
  168. The 'WOT' Via Children, Palestinian Style
  169. Anti-War T-Shirts Forbidden In Arizona
  170. Oh Right, We're Still At War
  171. Empire or Republic
  172. Afghan leads the world in Opium Production..... AGAIN.
  173. Osama's Family on 9/11
  174. fatalities....
  175. Newsweek: INS knew and did nothing about Fort Dix Six aliens — for 16 years
  176. Iraqi terror connections
  177. Iran encouraged by our congress having no balls.
  178. Bob Kerrey on Iraq
  179. Democrats Drop Troop Pullout Dates From Iraq Bill
  180. If you think Iraq has nothing to do with Islamic Terrorists, you're a fool.
  181. Islam - Know Your Enemy
  182. US Troops Want To Stay
  183. Poll: 1 in 4 U.S. Muslim youths support suicide bombings "The Religion of Peace"...
  184. GOOD NEWS: Al-Qaeda in Iraq Is in Retreat in Anbar Province...
  185. Report: 70% of Iraqi insurgents from Gulf states
  186. Dem's Cave-in and will Fund Troops
  187. Bush: Summer critical for Iraq strategy
  188. Torture, Al-Qaeda Style -Merged
  189. CIA warned of risks of war in the Mideast
  190. Mosques awarded Homeland Security grants
  191. House, Senate pass war funding bill
  192. U.S. general: Iraqi militants trained in Iran
  193. Bush closes chapter in fight with Dems, signs funding bill
  194. Thank You Kosovo ! NOT
  195. The Democrats aren't the only ones...
  196. Michael Yon: Memorial Day In Iraq
  197. A Soldier Blasts The Media and Homefront
  198. Understanding Jihadis: First the EU, Now the Thais
  199. U.S. forces save 41 Iraqis from al-Qaida
  200. The Dems have nothing and are disjointed
  201. American extradited on terror charges
  202. Jeff, Your Academy Brain Needed
  203. U.S. frees 42 al Qaeda kidnap victims in Iraq
  204. Terrorists arrested in Spain
  205. Well, That Was Easy
  206. Missing Terrorist
  207. Chopper attack, bombs kill 10 U.S. troops in Iraq
  208. 7 killed as U.S. copter crashes in Afghanistan
  209. So Much Not Reported by MSM
  210. Turkey troops head to Iraq border
  211. Coalition: Taliban have Iran arms
  212. Sources: U.S. fires at al Qaeda target in Somalia
  213. BBC man 'proof of life' tape shown
  214. Four arrested in plot on JFK airport
  215. US May Be In Iraq For 'Another 50 Years'
  216. Surprise Gitmo Rulings - Good news, but there is a long way to go yet
  217. Hagel Calls For Special Envoy To Middle East
  218. Turkey Enters Iraq
  219. U.S. commander points to progress in parts of Iraq
  220. 30 Taliban suspects dead, wounded
  221. Italy set for CIA rendition trial
  222. Report: CIA had prisons in Poland
  223. June 06, 2007
  224. Six die in attack on U.S.-run Camp Bucca prison
  225. Lets let the country decide...
  226. Blast collapses bridge in Iraq, killing 3 U.S. soldiers
  227. Dammit. This War, This Government
  228. This a long video, from a Vet on war, but worth watching
  229. Democrats to revive Iraq war timetables
  230. Democrats Pander for Americans to accept Defeat - Declare Surge 'Failure'
  231. The Gravity Well
  232. Airstrike on al Qaeda kills 7 children in Afghan madrassa
  233. Coalition raids target flow of Iranian aid to insurgents
  234. Videotape supposedly shows suicide bomber 'graduation'
  235. Iraq becomes prime training ground for export of Jihadists
  236. insult islam and you die....
  237. Pakistan Protests Knighthood for Salman Rushdie
  238. Abused boys rescued from Baghdad orphanage
  239. Iraq refugees chased from home, struggle to cope
  240. And Britain's MSM
  241. Double Standards?
  242. 12 U.S. troops killed in Iraq in 48 hours
  243. U.S. reports 68 al Qaeda militants killed in Iraq
  244. Fostering Good relations w/ Iraqis...."Want some Candy?"
  245. NATO strike 'kills 25 civilians'
  246. US May Reduce Forces in Iraq by Spring
  247. Seven Americans killed by road side bombs
  248. 'Chemical Ali' sentenced to hang
  249. Report blasts U.S. for failures in fighting terrorism
  250. Lugar urges Bush to change course soon in Iraq