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  1. US Mayors Say Get Out Of Iraq!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Officer (finally) Convicted Of War Crimes
  3. Britain Deals With Haymarket Bomb
  4. War Videos
  5. UK Under Attack-Again on Saturday
  6. U.K. terror alert level 'critical'
  7. Two U.S. soldiers charged with murdering Iraqis
  8. Officials: Captured Hezbollah agent helped plan deadly Karbala raid
  9. Iraqi Civilian Deaths Down For Month of June
  10. Patreaus On Where We Are Now
  11. Scotland's Hero
  12. Profiling? You Bet Your Ass Profiling.
  13. Six out of eight are doctors
  14. Freed BBC reporter: 'It felt like I was buried alive'
  15. Where Do We Get These Guys?
  16. You Gotta Laugh or You'll Cry
  17. Al Qaeda's No. 2 says end of West imminent, video shows
  18. Impeachment Center Opens In Los Angeles
  19. Forces pushing into mosque
  20. A Suicide Pact Through PC'ness?
  21. al-Zawahiri Rants And Raves
  22. What is really going on in iraq
  23. 6 more U.S. troops reported killed in Iraq
  24. UK Still Not Getting It?
  25. The Hero of Glasgow
  26. No-Confidence Vote Looms Over Iraq's PM
  27. Two more Republican senators join critics of Iraq policy
  28. At least 117 killed in Iraqi village market blast
  29. '05 mission to get al Qaeda in Pakistan aborted, Times says
  30. 27 killed in Baghdad area attacks
  31. They Are Walking Through Our Open Borders
  32. Reid to GOP: Join push to change course in Iraq
  33. Official: Iraq gov't missed all targets
  34. New al-Qaeda tape threatens UK
  35. 20 dead, 20 arrested in raids on al Qaeda hub
  36. Al-Qaida has regained strength, US warns
  37. Bush: Iraq benchmarks report 'cause for optimism'
  38. Report: Al Qaeda renewing efforts to sneak terror plotters into U.S.
  39. House passes bill to bring troops home in '08
  40. Doctors charged over UK bomb plot
  41. OBL From the Grave?
  42. Iraqi prime minister says U.S. troops can go 'anytime they want'
  43. Al Qaeda In Pakistan
  44. Some Good News About Troop Levels
  45. Iran Should Be In The Crosshairs
  46. Most foreign insurgents in Iraq are Saudis: report
  47. Pardon for child 'suicide bomber'
  48. Poll: Iranians want democracy, nuclear inspections
  49. I don't get it.............
  50. Daniel Pearl's widow sues AQ Terrorists, Bank
  51. Ambassador sums up Iraq for lawmakers: 'Fear'
  52. Generation Chickenhawk!
  53. If A Suitcase Nuke Went Off In NY
  54. Daily Kos - How They Support The Troops
  55. TIME - Terrorists Deserve A Good Night's Sleep
  56. The Surge succeeds
  57. Bush links al Qaeda to Iraq militias
  58. Dems Talk surrender in Debate
  59. What would happen if we pull out of Iraq?
  60. The Surge is Working - Dems Ignore It
  61. George S Patton's New Speech-Iraq & modern world
  62. NY Times Leads Surge For Defeat
  63. Dems Offer Another Surrender Bill
  64. A Liberal Who Gets It
  65. General Patton Speaks On The Mid East
  66. A must see: "NO END IN SIGHT"
  67. Mopre Proof Iran Must Taken Care Of - NOW!
  68. Giving weapons to the Saudis
  69. Cuban Terrorist Says "US predicted chaos never materialized"
  70. The United States Finds Few Non-Iraqis Among Insurgents
  71. How Would Libs Fight Terrorism and Terrorists?
  72. Oh MY! It's JIHAD! (Best commercial ever)
  73. British PM Backs Bush on Iraq
  74. Dems Admit Good News From Iraq Would Not Be Good For Them
  75. Why Dems Are 'Dangerous' To America's Defense
  76. GITMO Inamte Begs Not To be Released
  77. A question for Pale
  78. Obama - Attack Pakistan
  79. NY Times Does Not Like Their Own Poll Results - They Take Another
  80. Dems Get Surprised on Iraq
  81. Dms Demand 'Monumental' Progress in Iraq
  82. Zogby - Dems have 3% Approval On Iraq War
  83. Hanoi Kerry Speaks Again
  84. Clinton Shifts on War, Quieting Foes
  85. U.S. Troops Kill Iraq Shrine Bomber
  86. I have seen the horror
  87. Antiwar profiteering
  88. Lower the White Flags - The Surge Is Working
  89. Shifting perceptions of the war
  90. Taliban attacks U.S. post.....
  91. Terrorists teaming with drug cartels
  92. Attacks on Bush Boost America's Enemies
  93. AP Analysis Now Says Surge Is Working
  94. Bagdahd Diarist Admits He Lied
  95. Explosives from Iran weakening security in Iraq, commander says
  96. Even NY Times Reporter Says Surge Is Working
  97. The Left Is Going To Hate September
  98. UN To Expand Role In Iraq
  99. LMAO - U.S Citizens on the Iraq War
  100. Dems Say It Will Take Years To Leave Iraq
  101. Inside Iraq
  102. What Did You Do In The War On Terror, Daddy ?
  103. Who is the "terrorist organization" here?
  104. The Media Is So Gun Ignorant! (WOT-related)
  105. Padilla is convicted
  106. Arab Woman gives Muslims a Thrashing
  107. george was appointed by who?
  108. Muslim "leaders" angry over FBI-Released Photos of Suspicious Ferry Riders.
  109. If only we could get ours hands on THESE guys (sad)
  110. Iraqi Father about his son's death: "No remorse - He died for Americans Soldiers
  111. Teditorial: War is the answer
  112. What would it take?
  113. No Progress huh?
  114. Tribal Leaders unite against Al Qaeda
  115. Al Qaeda resorts to using children
  116. *Europe Ready To Kick Muslims OUT!*
  117. *Irans Little Hitler Sounding Shaken: Wonders Now If USA Will Attack?*
  118. *Bush Flies Into The Hornets Nest: True American Hero!*
  119. Why does nobody talk about...
  120. Muslims get pissed when man pisses in their mosque
  121. What happens to Muslim apostates?
  122. Terrorism pays after all.
  123. 'New Al Qaeda plot to blow up planes on September 11' smashed
  124. I'm confused, Jafar
  125. The big surprise
  126. *America Already Has Plans In Place: If Islam Does Something Crazy*
  127. Osama's latest top forty entry...
  128. Your elected president, what would you do about iraq
  129. Do you think something big will happen this week?
  130. Our followers ‘must live in peace until strong enough to wage jihad’
  131. islam treats their women so well....
  132. *More reasons We Must Work Together To Fight Islam: Philippines Wars Is Ours*
  133. Bin Laden's Cave found
  134. Iran's nuclear progress exaggerated...
  135. *Algeria Isn't Muslim Enough For OBL*
  136. *Swiss Learning To Boot Islam: Its Not To Late*
  137. Petraeus is a LIAR!!
  138. Ex Senator: 9/11 Arabs Cooperated With Zionists
  139. *9~11 What I Bring Away From That Day*
  140. *Israel About To Drop A Hurting On Arabs In Gaza Strip*
  141. Young Muslims begin dangerous fight for the right to abandon faith
  142. Fact: Anti-War Protesters are JACKED UP! Here's one who murdered...
  143. Caught in the act: New drone kills two insurgents planting IED
  144. President Bush begins pulling troops - Bush Orders Troop Cuts
  145. Islam - A religion of "peace"
  146. Israel spots nuclear installations in Syria
  147. Terrorists: We'll cut off head of 'prostitute' Britney Spears
  148. German kid knew of 9/11, warned teacher
  149. Another Certified Military EXPERT for the Liberals to attack speaks.
  150. Most amazing pics EVER of 9/11
  151. The Perfect day
  152. Syria seeks nuclear tech from N. Korea
  153. Failed suicide bomber turns on al Qaeda
  154. Rod Dreher: What the Muslim Brotherhood means for the U.S.
  155. *Sharing The Islamic Love:Death Religion*
  156. *War Is Brewing On Irans Little Hitlers Forehead*
  157. *Islam In Any Place, Is Always Death*
  158. *Syria Has Chemical Weapons: They Are Caught Red Handed*
  159. From the files of ... uh... ya think?
  160. Terrorists love Liberals
  161. Bin Laden declares war on Pakistan
  162. *More Reasons To Be Concerned About Islams*
  163. Iranian guard officer arested in Iraq
  164. *What If Ahmadinejad Has A Nuclear Bomb On His Plane?*
  165. *America Won't Forget Little Hitlers Crapping On Our Flag*
  166. US snipers 'bait' Iraqis: report
  167. President Ahmadinejad - Coming of the Madhi
  168. Arnold leads charge against Iran
  169. Congress rebukes Ahmadinejad
  170. WHAT?! Dems commit troops to 2013?!!!
  171. Positive happenings from Iraq
  172. Will the 12th Imam cause war with Iran?
  173. Al Qaeda on the ropes?
  174. House Resolution Supporting Limbaugh
  175. Returning Troops Banned From Airport Terminal
  176. U.S.-led forces are making headway
  177. Islamic extremism has been a threat since the beginning of islam, and must be
  178. When Islamists Get Caught: MAS Edition
  179. Dems Will End The War By Raising Taxes
  180. Troops Want Respect - Not Pity
  181. 1 in 5 Democrats Say World Will Be Better Off if U.S. Loses War
  182. The Erosion of a Murder Case Against Marines in the Killing of 24 Iraqi Civilians
  183. *Bastard Saudi King Lets Free Terrorists: Hope They Blow Up His Palace*
  184. Warning Iran
  185. Team Bush Screws Up AGAIN!
  186. Terrorists Endorse Hillary
  187. How long has this man been wanted?
  188. what happend to all the death and destruction?
  189. Turkey threatens repercussions for U.S.
  190. terrorist mastermind converts to christianity
  191. Bush Endorses a Military Dictatorship
  192. Bush Endorses the surrender of Americnan Sovereigny
  193. another liberal surrender monkey???
  194. Coulter: Arabs are "Camel Jockeys"
  195. Turkey Government asks Parliament to let troops enter Iraq
  196. Kurdish rebels warn Turkey of large-scale offensive
  197. AQ in trouble......
  198. Turkey needs to stop pretending it did NOT commit genocide
  199. Who Thinks This dude should be arrested and tried for treason
  200. No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare
  201. Afghan arms shipment came from Iran: NATO general
  202. *Radical Islam Is*
  203. *Iran Threatens To Attack Iraq If We Bomb Them*
  204. *The Shock!: Turkish Muslims And Iraqi Muslims Killing Each Other!*
  205. Iraq and Roll
  206. Plamegate and Iran's Nukes
  207. Truth about islam from an ex-muslim lady
  208. The real Indonesia
  209. Is the war getting too expensive?
  210. Garage wouldn't serve soldier (uk)
  211. A General says it like it is
  212. Something Old That Influenced My Perspective
  213. Have You Heard Of Lt Michael Murphy?
  214. Iraq shuts down Kurdish rebel offices under threat of attack
  215. Effing Media
  216. U.S. Military: Iranian-Made Rockets Hit Base Near Baghdad
  217. *Japan Needs to Wipe Out The Pirates In Somalia*
  218. Madrid terrorists will walk free...
  219. Example Of Why NON MSM Coverage Is Better
  220. Serious Success in Iraq Is Not Being Recognised
  221. No More Excuses
  222. Masharif declares Marshall Law in Pakistan
  223. Video...Bali Bombing Cleric..Bombing America Cool..
  224. Great news from iraq - NY Times Puts It on Page A-19
  225. LA Times - Torture: the new abortion
  226. Another Indication That Iraq Has Been Won
  227. Dems Pushing For Surrender Once Again
  228. Tokyo Hillary
  229. U.S. Military Reversing Iraq Troop Surge
  230. Video: Removing RPG from a soldier's hip. Ouch
  231. Anti-War folk: ""These are nonviolent people. They are not attackers,"
  232. D.C. imam declares Muslim plan to conquor America by 2050
  233. Is Musharaff Going To Take Out The Taliban?
  234. Are Dems Going To Cut Off War Funds?
  235. They Had Mass In Iraq Yesterday
  236. Executing the Winning Strategy in Iraq
  237. Dems Stymied on War Bills
  238. Dems See No Evil
  239. The Failure Rates at Los Angeles and Chicago Stunned Security Experts.
  240. Prepare to feel very uneasy
  241. Global Incident site
  242. Terror plots thwarted since 9-11
  243. 'Al Qaeda rolodex' found in Iraq
  244. As Democrats See Security Gains in Iraq, Tone Shifts
  245. a real battle between American army and Taliban in Afghanistan live on YouTube
  246. Bride, groom stopped in Iraq actually terror suspects
  247. US, Iraq Deal Sees Long-Term US Presence
  248. hummer fly like a bird new movie lol
  249. *Its Name Is: Mohammad*
  250. *Islam In France: Hard Times For Good People*