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  1. i WANT one!!!
  2. Hey! Let's force IT to be right-brained so females feel welcome!
  3. Paying to get computer fixed
  4. Who here wants an invitation to Revolutiontt.me?
  5. Keeper - Password and Data Vault
  6. User ID fail
  7. Why people quit facebook
  8. The public is catching on: Apple Sucks
  9. Anyone here try XMBC?
  10. Why I don't own a smartphone
  11. Error Message about Firefox Plugins
  12. Weak passwords.
  13. Advice Needed: Seems I'm Getting A Smartphone
  14. Favorite ROKU programming?
  15. Anyone use/try Google Voice?
  16. 120 MPG and Room for Two: VW’s XL1 Hitting the Streets in 2013
  17. Help!! Need help with tech issue
  18. Generate your own energy For 90% less
  19. Thinking about using PayPal? Think again!
  20. GM to sell Diesel cars again.
  21. What do you all think of the plastic Canadian currency?
  22. What's Stopping Mass Adoption of Natural Gas Vehicles?
  23. The IT Salary ‘Wave’: Skills, Salaries, and the Coming Reckoning
  24. Blue and White Checkerboard Screen????
  25. Automated Brick Paving?
  26. Exposed code at Healthcare.gov
  27. A nation of tech idiots?
  28. Should I dump Dish?
  29. Will This New Toyota Hydrogen Car Change the World?
  30. Weird video issue
  31. Microsoft, Security flaw or marketing scheme?
  32. LG TV sends your viewing habits, file info you screen to corporate, even if u say no
  33. Latest toy with FULL windows 8.1 - $70 off
  34. Does this site load for anyone else?
  35. So who knows anything about batteries?
  36. Should I dump the Dish?
  37. Somebody goofed at FindAGrave.com
  38. Why is my phone so slow?
  39. Yahoo acting weird for me
  40. The Truth About Computer Viruses
  41. The ULTIMATE ignore feature!
  42. Apple and Google’s wage-fixing involved dozens more companies, 1 Million+ employees
  43. Time for a new phone - need advice
  44. Offshore firms took 50% of H-1B visas in 2013
  45. windows XP going, going, gone
  46. Firefox changed today
  47. My new camera
  48. IT worker forced to train an H-1B replacement
  49. Emoticons
  50. Frackin' Windows Updates!!!!!!
  51. Posting videos
  52. Redundant backups
  53. Loading pages with Youtube videos
  54. ISIS aka Softcard
  55. Job security if you write code
  56. Will these robots decrease desire to make human friends?
  57. Riiiiing im your windows repairman
  58. Lockheed says makes breakthrough on fusion energy project
  59. Android app review - Vaulty
  60. L.E.D. Lighting
  61. Ultra-strong graphene's weak spot could be key to fuel cells
  62. Scientists Discover An Invisible Shield Surrounding Earth, Baffled At How It Formed
  63. A question for adblocker enthusiasts
  64. Cool idea! I'm going to have to try this
  65. Just bought an Ipad Air 2
  66. How This Stronger-Than-Steel Material Could Change the World.
  67. Google bait and switch
  68. Online privacy options
  69. Don't talk in front of your smart TV
  70. Apple
  71. Lenovo laptops pre-installed with malware
  72. Solar-powered plane takes off for flight around the world
  73. Hilarious name for Windows 8
  74. Privacy - you MUST read this!
  75. Sound Fire Extinguisher
  76. Pluralsight and Lynda
  77. Is Slack the new Crackberry ?
  78. World's fastest camera can capture 100 billion frames per sec
  79. Paypal
  80. Windows 10 who's in??
  81. Car wrecks from the 1920s
  82. New laptop
  83. Three Cheers For Ebay and Etsy
  84. Obamanet Shows Its Fangs
  85. 7 Warning Signs that you’re a Bad Programmer
  86. Testing a theory here, only.
  87. 'Free' Windows 10 Now Looks A Terrible Deal
  88. Disney sucks $10 per month from your wallet if you have cable TV
  89. Windows 10 upgrade shenanigans
  90. How to weed out useless reviews?
  91. Dre/Apple Studio Beats headphones
  92. Firefox 40.0
  93. Demand a big severance if thinking of working for Amazon.
  94. Amazon CEO: Zero tolerance for dystopian workplace
  95. Windows 10 - Should I?
  96. Thinkware F750 Vs Blackvue DR650 DashCam Comparison
  97. Damn Ctrl key
  98. I vote for Conservatives, but prefer to work with Liberals
  99. New video card
  100. I just dumped DISH
  101. Browser
  102. LED Lighting
  103. 'Our Ports Flow Better' Than Ferrari's
  104. Latest Facebook Scam
  105. back to basics
  106. Dna
  107. Dangerous escalation in ransomware attacks
  108. Dementia
  109. Since I was included in NT's unsolicited IP announcing : The "other" Texas
  110. what's does your system look like ??
  111. Where am I?
  112. Teenagers React to Win 95
  113. Where am I this time?
  114. The woman is gonna kill me
  115. Got A Warning Page and My Computer Froze
  116. Figured it out!!
  117. Power outage fried my... transformers?
  118. Advice for frustrated posters
  119. Nonstop Microsoft Loading Spinner
  120. Finally moved to Windows 10
  121. Anyone ever convert .png or .jpg to .emb or .dst ?
  122. I HATE you Dell
  123. Marshmallow
  124. Proxy servers
  125. Yay, new cell battery!
  126. Got me a dashcam
  127. Dang browser running slow
  128. Love my new cell phone battery!!
  129. Browser stats using the board
  130. Chrome extensions
  131. Why I'm loving Chrome
  132. Can someone decipher?
  133. Mint vs Quicken?
  134. Favorite password manager?
  135. Admins: Where is this message posted from?
  136. Dang keyboard
  137. Disabling Autoplay Videos
  138. Cool password site
  139. A thought
  140. EternalRocks Worm Uses 7 Leaked NSA Hacking Tools
  141. Testing youtube posting...
  142. This is Rich LOL
  143. Printer talk
  144. New router & new speeds
  145. DVRs
  146. Is There Another AUDIOPHILE Here...?
  147. Anyone Have An Older Computer?