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  1. Single men only wash their bed sheets four times a year, study says
  2. Three more sick as Kyrgyzstan battles bubonic plague
  3. Need a kidney, get a perfect match, hospital throws it away!
  4. 2007 BBC says arctic ice free by 2013...
  5. Doomsday Seed Vault
  6. 'Artificial egg' made from PLANTS backed by Bill Gates set to revolutionize cooking
  7. Management Myth #1: The Myth of 100% Utilization
  8. Management Myth 15: I Need People to Work Overtime
  9. Chipolte internet "Ad"
  10. If Kidnappers Chop Off One Of Your Fingers, Here's Which Finger You Should Sacrifice
  11. How to Make School Better for Boys
  12. Your brain on poverty...
  13. Hacking ATM machine without even toching it
  14. New Iphone Fingerprint reader... 4 your safety
  15. States Balk At Terminating Medicaid Contracts Even When There’s Fraud Or Poor Patient
  16. Investors see four million signing up for Obamacare in 2014: survey
  17. I read this article to my sons
  18. A yeast infection could save you money on Liquor bill
  19. Man's body brewed its own Alcohol.
  20. Curiosity Rover Makes Big Water Discovery in Mars Dirt, a 'Wow Moment'
  21. How much would an ACA plan cost you?
  22. Affordable Care Act: No impact on Tricare, but some coverage isn't equal
  23. ACA brings mandate, but little else to Rhode Island
  24. Is Everything We Know About The Universe Wrong?
  25. Repeal medical device excise tax, nearly 1,000 groups say
  26. Science Confirms: Politics Wrecks Your Ability to Do Math.
  27. Weird Science...
  28. This makes me want to go eat 16 packs of sugar
  29. Need health coverage? Just dial 1-800-F1UCK-YOU to reach Obamacare’s hotline
  30. Chicken nuggets contain bone, organ parts, study finds
  31. Why Bad Leaders Don’t Just Quit
  32. Important Obamacare exemption
  33. Don't get short changed by an Applicant Tracking System
  34. Healthcare.gov uses the language of incompetents
  35. Open Source built Healthcare.gov. Why am I not surprised?
  36. Dr wants to transplant human head
  37. teen inventor has way to clean up oceans in under 5 yrs
  38. More on Healthcare.GOV incompetence
  39. Dr. Terminated from hospital for Revealing Human Experimentation...
  40. Neuro-enhancement in the military: for the Miltary
  41. Drugs safer than vitamins? not even close
  42. Documentary: The Men Who Made Us Fat
  43. Diamonds Stud the Atmospheres of Saturn and Jupiter
  44. Backdoor found in D-Link home routers
  45. Media turing on Pitiful Health.gov and Obamacare
  46. Obamacare will push non-profit hospitals into for-profit hospitals...
  47. Sweden Becomes First Western Nation to Reject Low-fat Diet Dogma in Favor of Low-carb
  48. HealthCare.Gov Needs Five Million Code Lines Rewritten
  49. Role Reversal
  50. We are part of a larger world.
  51. Monster bosses: Be very afraid
  52. The next move?
  53. The left has been fighting for this forever...
  54. Money on the mind...
  55. Has anyone here ever driven a Model T?
  56. After Chernobyl, they refused to leave
  57. This is unacceptable
  58. The best way to pee into a urinal, according to science
  59. Scientist argues evidence of 'afterlife' of sorts
  60. which side of your brain do you use?
  61. EPA… costing us more money for no realistic reason…
  62. RomneyCare: Usable - ObamaCare: Useless
  63. Collaboration often isn't worth it
  64. the "typical person" of the 7 billion of us on the planet
  65. People Say They Like Creativity, but They Really Don’t
  66. Terminator and 6mil dollar man beta test
  67. robot leg assist for rehab/injured a reailty
  68. Just looking out for the downtroden isn't he?
  69. Thorium and the dream of clean nuclear power
  70. Prayer's Power To Improve Self-Control May Stem From Social Interaction, Scientists S
  71. Strange New Worlds: The Amazing Alien Planet Discoveries of 2013
  72. only for a sec: cancer patients
  73. Misleading article in Virginian-Pilot relies on PETA propaganda about ferals
  74. Finally men have this to use to justify more bedroom action!
  75. Oil made from algae and water...
  76. Plague of Senility
  77. Fusion breakthrough...
  78. Surprised obama hasnt found a way to stop this technology yet.
  79. Where do Obamacare plans cost the most?
  80. A lot of good info
  81. Google keeps getting creepier
  82. 4 "big bangs" or...
  83. Obamacare Enrollees 'Finding it Impossible to Cancel Their Plans'
  84. Justina Pelletier tells parents, "I feel like I'm in jail"
  85. Go green.. risk being buried alive
  86. This is fascinating
  87. Swedish patient hears doctors discuss removing his organs
  88. Words to live by: Count how many people can make a major decision that can ruin you
  89. I've had another post banned obviously this forum is totally worthless
  90. CT resident, located in CT, still under MA DCF control
  91. Save the planet: Smoke filterless Camels or Lucky Strikes!
  92. Solar Powered Roadways
  93. Israel's "Kitty Corner Shot" technology
  94. They give non-judgemental abortions if you are non-judgemental about being ripped off
  95. X ray signal from Perseus galaxy?
  96. Well, this is scary .....
  97. Butter healthier for you than Margarine
  98. Ebola Pandemic
  99. New generation of fatherless families...
  100. Salmon Cannon
  101. Length of Life
  102. Human Behavior
  103. QuakeFinder- possible earthquake early warning system
  104. Universe is Not Expanding After All, Controversial Study Suggests
  105. Mutiverse a desperate dodge from the Designer
  106. Violinist Performs During Her Brain Surgery
  107. Obamacare Architect Finds Cure for Old Age
  108. This is how weather should be done -
  109. Safest mode of travel is...
  110. You want to understand me? Here's what I face
  111. Multi-tasking makes your brain smaller
  112. The Cult of Neil deGrasse Tyson
  113. Wtshtf
  114. Total Lunar Eclipse On Wednesday Will Be a Rare 'Selenelion'
  115. Regular cannabis use leads to long-term mental health problems and addiction
  116. Hidden STD Epidemic: 110 Million Infections in the US
  117. Viking treasure haul unearthed in Scotland
  118. Static electricity
  119. Obedience - Obeying a Man in a Uniform
  120. You want fries with that?
  121. Ebola threatens chocolate
  122. Broccoli May Hold The Secret to Improving Autism
  123. Ebola Vs...
  124. Do Dogs Fart or Do They Just Take the Blame?
  125. Male brains wired to ignore food in favour of sex, study shows
  126. Again, why even bother getting health insurance?
  127. Study: Elephants may know when it's raining 150 miles away
  128. The Stunning Re-Creation Scientists Say Shows What King Tut May Have Looked Like
  129. 3 Flu Vaccine Myths —Busted!
  130. `Elon Musk: 'We are summoning the demon' with artificial intelligence`
  131. `CDC issues "updated" guidelines for high-risk Ebola cases`
  132. 17 Most Popular Topless Beaches from Around the World
  133. Brain decoder can eavesdrop on your inner voice?
  134. Spanish Intelligence Intercepts Plot to Weaponise Ebola
  135. As people get heavier, crash-test dummies gain weight
  136. Cars Of The Future ‘Will Detect Flatulence’ In Drivers
  137. WHO To Qatar: Would You Mind Telling Your Citizens Not To Drink Camel Piss?…
  138. Scientists figure out how our penises evolved
  139. So THAT'S Gabby's Major Malfunction
  140. Breakthrough Prizes in science, math earn winners $3 million each
  141. Virus that makes humans more stupid discovered!
  142. Transgender = mental/emotional disorders made worse by surgery
  143. Trends for White Collar vs Blue Collar Senior Citizens
  144. Ten Stupid Rules That Drive Great Employees Away
  145. People who give away vacation days get smaller raises
  146. `Bone Broth: 4 Reasons Wellness Experts Are Obsessed (Plus Recipe!)`
  147. The Roots of the Mid-life Crisis
  148. How to spot fake experts
  149. Obama's Health Redistribution Largely Successful
  150. The Ten Layers of Absolute Freedom
  151. Loyalty to the company = stupidity
  152. WHO exposed in Prenatal Mass Murder Operation in Kenya - See more at: http://www.boil
  153. Heart Attack Grill
  154. Single Payer Health Insurance Collapses in Vermont
  155. Ambulance Drone
  156. Chile banned abortion and...
  157. Retired climate professor admits ....
  158. Modern Alternatives to Vaccines and drugs
  159. Doctor: You know hat condition the VA has been treating for you? You didnt have it
  160. New Study Finds American Heads Are Getting Bigger
  161. Neanderthals = Humans?
  162. 2 Billion Years Unchanged, Bacteria Pose an Evolutionary Puzzle
  163. Alien star system buzzed the Sun 70,000 Years Ago
  164. Scientists Map America's Loudest, Quietest Places
  165. Wolves Changed Rivers
  166. Was There? Is There? Will There Be? Life On Mars
  167. How Easter Helped Bring Down a Medical Myth About Ulcers
  168. `.....Text-message mental health counseling`
  169. Iowa Case Sheds Spotlight On Whether People With Alzheimer's Can Consent To Sex
  170. Globull Warming Enviro Wackos will ignore the effects of this.....
  171. This Special Bleeding Glacier Is A Rare Phenomenon In Nature - You Have To See It
  172. Creature out of Nightmare
  173. Cuba's Lung Cancer Vaccine
  174. Breathing
  175. NASA Spacecraft Finds Galaxy as Bright as 300 Trillion Suns
  176. Pediatricians Warn of Abortion-Breast Cancer Link
  177. Coffin remains tell life story of ancient sun-worshiping priestess
  178. The V.A. comes through for feet care.
  179. Withholding information versus Officiousness?
  180. outrageous big pharma stories
  181. Becoming disabled by choice, not chance: ‘Transabled’ people feel like impostors in t
  182. This is REALLY scary!!
  183. Quark ages: How these particles are the key to new physics
  184. Is the SUN electrical and not Nuclear
  185. I DON'T think Gnostic Bishop is a troll
  186. Places you don't go or things you don't do because they are beyond your ability?
  187. EPA water NAZIs
  188. Europe's Spaceport is NOT even near Europe
  189. They made her pay! Nice job jury.
  190. Ubiquitous skills - Your ticket out for limited social skills
  191. What have you reconsidered after giving up?
  192. Our precious little snowflakes
  193. Feeling Blue?
  194. Hearing Aids
  195. Scientists move closer to bringing woolly mammoth back to life
  196. Which place has the best work culture?
  197. Homeostasis Interest
  198. Where is the best place for older employees?
  199. Beaten for being "creepy"
  200. Two Sets of Identical Twins, Raised As Fraternal
  201. Original 1867 Internal Combustion Engine Running
  202. NASA: Earth from one million miles
  203. Pornography on the Balance
  204. Experiment on monkeys in their natural habitat
  205. Interesting course on happiness
  206. What gives me satisfaction
  207. Article on the movement for home funerals
  208. Rice-fish culture
  209. Almost 18, KC teen learns he may remain ward of Illinois
  210. Debunking the Big Bang...
  211. Possible new particle hints that universe may not be left-handed
  212. What is the RIGHT amount of conflict?
  213. Hand of Hope - NSFW picture
  214. We float on the Ocean of humanity
  215. Cognitive illusions - Are we in control of our decisions
  216. Dr. Temple Grandin: We're different, NOT less
  217. How do you compare to average Americans in science?
  218. A second Science and Tech quiz
  219. British man has erection for five days after taking 35 Viagra in an hour as joke:
  220. NASA finds liquid H20 on Mars!
  221. Is prejudice a form of laziness?
  222. Something to be considered
  223. An important business concept raised by Black Diamond
  224. sleep patterns
  225. Anti-vaxxers dun goofed
  226. Nature thrives in Chernobyl, site of worst nuclear disaster
  227. Cruz destroys Sierra Club President over Global Warming
  228. Scientists Theorize the Big Bang may not Have happened
  229. The case for starting sex education in kindergarten
  230. Britain's oldest tree appears to be undergoing a sex change after 3,000 years
  231. Why balance matters and all creatures are valuable
  232. antibiotics
  233. So that's why...
  234. The Deadliest Jobs in America
  235. Sand into Fuel?
  236. See Alice
  237. Breaking! Dino Blood Is confirmed again
  238. Human Common Ancestor Lived 3500 Years Ago
  239. New results from world's most sensitive dark matter detector
  240. Human-animal chimeras are gestating on u.s. Research farms
  241. Cosmic explosion that shines 570 billion times brighter than the sun
  242. Flat Earth theories: misunderstood history
  243. Spectacles
  244. Study: 1 in 3 americans implanted with RFID chip many unaware
  245. A financial epiphany
  246. End of an Era : MythBusters Ends
  247. Which is the angriest looking "car face"?
  248. Neanderthal Concept Has Imploded
  249. Pretty Well Sums It Up
  250. Interesting reading