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  1. Are Dykes Known For Bladder Control Problems?
  2. Scam phrases
  3. What It Means to Be Trans Species
  4. It's too late to save the seas
  5. Scientists Just Discovered a Black Hole 3.8 Billion Times the Mass of Our Sun
  6. Don't lose your head: Doctor ready to perform first human head transplant
  7. Hints of a New Particle Could Completely Change Physics as We Know It
  8. Poor AL GORE. After 10 years. His Oscar winning BJ film is proven WRONG....
  9. 'Sleeping giant' glacier may lift seas two metres: study--(hogwash)
  10. headlines - matter.....must have been done on purpose
  11. Finding Happiness.
  12. 'Forbidden Symmetry' Found in 4.5-Billion-Year-Old Meteorite
  13. “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts”
  14. Weight Loss stories
  15. Medical Care and Obesity
  16. Get your Shingles Vaccination
  17. Ripe old age: humans may already have reached maximum lifespan
  18. New research names environmental factors that can increase the risk of dementia
  19. Getting a good night's sleep might go a long way to improving sex life
  20. NOAA Scientists Falsify Data to Dupe World Leaders on Climate Change
  21. NASA confirms huge exoplanet find.
  22. Another of life's unexplained mysteries
  23. Changed my belief - this sorta proves Evolution to me. Sorry Intelligent Design folk
  24. Great news for anyone afraid of getting surgery, or the Infection....PLEASE READ.
  25. Is this what guys really go through?
  26. What to do about people who are impossible to please ...
  27. Why Do Women Use Shaming Tactics on Men?
  28. Scientific Study: Journalists Are a Bunch of Drunks With Sub-Average Brain Function
  29. Rehab PT, Learning From Babies
  30. This Seems Hopeful: Slowing Metastasis In Cancer Patients
  31. The gender QUESTION
  32. Family off-gridders...couple and kids build a lifestyle
  33. At 18yrs old, Never menstruated - she found it she's missing something...
  34. Will Sharing a Bed With Your Dogs Come Back to Bite You?
  35. Terminator moves step closer to reality as scientists create synthetic muscle
  36. Why you should have NO self-esteem
  37. What Is This New Phenomenon, Have to *PROCESS* Something?
  38. Check this video out...
  39. U.S. Report Says Humans Cause Climate Change
  40. Sex Robots...
  41. Stephen Hawking issues dire warning: We have less than 600 years until Earth becomes
  42. Octreotide Scan next month
  43. Joe Rogan is pretty smart - on Bill Nye and Climate Change
  44. b-b-b-but life EVOLVED (magically) - there IS no creator
  45. to what extent are feelings truly “native” to ourselves?
  46. Docs Drumming Up Business
  47. I Want One...
  48. Record-breaking cold sweeps US in first days of 2018
  49. As a former Heart Attack victim...still kicking. This is for EVERYONE. Compliments.
  50. Heal
  51. British Surgeon Fined for Burning Initials onto Livers of Patients
  52. Watch Meteors Crash Into Earth
  53. California science fair project tying race, IQ sparks outcry
  54. ...that and OTHER science. How media + bias = "science"
  55. New Ocean Cleanup Device Set To Launch As Great Pacific Garbage Patch Grows
  56. Terrence Popp: Never Be Friends With Chicks
  57. How Big Govt-backed Bad Science made americans fat
  58. New Shingles Shot?
  60. Must be the Back to Nature (Bowel) Movement in the Progressive Northwest
  61. Happy Father's Day
  62. This Study Might Be Enough To Make Liberals Give Up On Science
  63. Changing kids' gender is malpractice. Good video
  64. An Historic Miss Universe?
  65. Milk comes from cows. Milk is Dairy, cows are not. And other questions
  66. We aren't ready for what's coming
  67. Is "Feckless Front Hole" PC?
  68. Well, I Went And Done It, Gunny...
  69. I Had Kind Of a Strange Night Last Night...
  70. What Happened To Me Today At The VA Clinic...
  71. This Is A Wonderful Story