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  1. Two Views of History
  2. Witness to War
  3. New Preamble To The Constitution
  4. The Confederate Flag
  5. The United States
  6. Who killed Kennedy
  7. Apollo 13
  8. clinton's rawanda legacy
  9. Independence Day
  10. Jews 'partly responsible' for their troubles: Churchill
  11. Does the US Fight to Win?
  12. The Ethic of the Peddler Class
  13. Reagan - A Rendezvous With Destiny
  14. Hatred for the poor
  15. Study: JFK lone-gunman evidence 'not a slam dunk'
  16. History Quiz: Presidential Secrets
  17. Newt Rips "Dysfunctional Administration"
  18. D-Day
  19. Happy Birthday!
  20. Revisionist History Abounds!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. One Nation Under God
  22. Buck v. Bell
  23. Prescott 'n' Hitler sittin' in a tree...
  24. Best US President?
  25. On JFK
  26. Some forefather quotes
  27. stalin vs hitler
  28. James Madison Federalist Paper 10 - Republics and Democracy
  29. " Back from Iraq "
  30. Are We Too Big and Dumb for Democracy?
  31. Civics test
  32. Nevada ACLU Releases Statement on Mexican Flag Flying Over American Flag
  33. US Federal Government V. State Government Management of Programs
  34. What Thomas Jefferson Learned From The Muslim Book of Jihad
  35. The more things change, the more they stay the same
  36. US Constitution based on Secular or Judeo-Christian values
  37. Not Yours To Give
  38. Culbert Olson
  39. Martin Luther King's struggle was against Democrats
  40. Sick 9/11 Responders Attend Final gwb SOTU
  41. Was FDR a fascist?
  42. Blame James Polk for illegal immigration!
  43. Katrina revisited -- It's not what I thought
  44. Five yeara after tragic R.I club fire
  45. The 4th Amendmend; Our Bill of Rights
  46. Genealogy
  47. Remember the Alamo!
  48. Gray Eagles Foundation
  49. America Betrays Its Friends Again
  50. American Billionaires Profit In Global Food Crisis
  51. Secret Strobelight Weapons of World War II
  52. Worst president
  53. Confederate Group Plan Gian Flag In Hillsborough County
  54. As A Parent What Would You Endure?
  55. Losing History
  56. Webb Admonishes McCain. Military History Not Executive Qualification
  57. George Washington's Boyhood Farm Found
  58. US Teacher Suspended For Suggesting History
  59. Green Party Finally Achieves Historical Significance
  60. Oreo? WTF?
  61. Iraq Vet Questions Youth Football Gun Raffle
  62. This Day in History
  63. Who is laughing now
  64. Black Republicans Conflicted Over Obama Vote
  65. September 11, 2008
  66. For Teachers/Homeschoolers
  67. Where is this statue
  68. Historical Circumstance: End Of War As Army Recruiting Tool
  69. Who said it?
  70. Socialism's Broken Promises
  71. Wow beautiful-Bald Eagle Music Video "This Is America" (AEF)
  72. Founders define the rights of man, a declaration
  73. From Meccania to Atlantis - Part 9: Goodbye To All That
  74. Nikoli Tesla
  75. A bit of car history
  76. For Emmett: Tesla Recognition
  77. Can anyone find a pointer to the date ...
  78. The Revenge of Geography
  79. Why History Remains Fascinating
  80. Excavation work uncovers settlement that may have been major market center
  81. 40 yrs ago today
  82. Amelia Earhart Mystery Solved?
  83. An AWESOME Video about the history of our National Anthem!
  84. V J day
  85. Fitzgerald remembered
  86. Pearl Harbor remembered
  87. *Who Really Discovered America?*
  88. Watch this documentary and reflect on it every time you call me a racist.
  89. *What If White Man Never Came To America?*
  90. *White Men Own America*
  91. What goes around comes around ???
  92. Artifical Stupidity
  93. David Duke on racism and discrimination and the myths involving slavery.
  94. Today is VE day
  95. JFK's - 'Secret Society' Speech.....[ie, NWO]
  96. D Day Remembered
  97. Mississippi State Flag change
  98. Some things you probably didn't know about Horace Mann
  99. Who was behind JFK's assassination?
  100. 65 years ago we enter the nuclear age
  101. Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943
  102. Vietnam, 35 years later
  103. American Indians and Genocide
  104. The Most Narcissistic President of All Time
  105. agent reveals LBJ almost shot
  106. Slow path to Socialism... and N. American Union
  107. American Academia and 'reason-o-cide'
  108. More info showing CIA recuiting and harboring Nazi after WWII
  109. The Real Story Of Thanksgiving
  110. Missouri Town Turns Out To Keep Phelps Clan Away From Soldier’s Funeral
  111. The story behind the "Star Spangled Banner"
  112. Pretty cool site on history
  113. the East Germany Stasi, doc
  114. A refresher on Che Guevara
  115. Lewis and Clark Girandoni air rifle
  116. Secret Service tape from Reagan attack is released
  117. On This Date A Toilet...
  118. Cool Video: Who's Conquered The Middle East
  119. Fact-Based Fiction: Polish Jews in Siberia
  120. Civilization twice as old as thought... at least
  121. 10 Things You Might Not Know About America's Independance
  122. Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge
  123. The Zionist Story | Occupation 101
  124. Jewish Guilt and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
  125. Archaeologists comb newly-found Civil War POW camp
  126. 1001 Inventions
  127. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
  128. The Myth of Ancient Isra-El
  129. To call someone a czar is to call them an anti-communist
  130. Trying to understand Stalin
  131. WW II in pics
  132. Blackbeard: Pirate's 300-year-old cannon resurfaces
  133. WWI Grave Find Tells Story Germans Want To Forget
  134. Depleted Texas lakes expose ghost towns, graves
  135. This day in history
  136. Buried treasure in Burma: Squadron of lost WWII Spitfires to be exhumed
  137. History: Black Women and Rape
  138. Roman shipwrecks found nearly a mile deep
  139. Researchers find report from first doctor to treat Lincoln after gunshot wound Read
  140. Archaeologist finds oldest rock art in Australia
  141. The untold story of The Star-Spangled Banner
  142. How Easter Island's statues walked
  143. Mysterious 10,000-year-old ruins found in Syrian desert
  144. Caveman Bones, 7,000 Years Old, Said To Yield Oldest DNA Of Modern Humans
  145. Gold coins from time of Crusades found in Israeli ruins
  146. Now Touchable: Eliot Ness Items At Auction
  147. Have archaeologists uncovered Mona Lisa model's remains?
  148. Sweet pictures from a hundred + years ago!
  149. Iraq war
  150. Ibn Sina - Avicenna
  151. Benjamin Franklin, an American son..
  152. Jaffa - The Orange's Clockwork
  153. "Ghosts of History"
  154. My Kingdom For some DNA
  155. The 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad..
  156. Did Jefferson see an Obama coming to power in the future?
  157. Lords of Finance book
  158. This smart group ought to watch this CSPAN presentation
  159. History- Taught with errors and rewritten for today's political views.
  160. Do oil companies and car corpartions want alternatives
  161. 1945 France executed 4 time prime minister
  162. Check this out. Terrorist executed 2 days past sentence
  163. Pieces of Britain's early naval history rise again
  164. Enchanting Story of Past and Art
  165. Conservation for Big Guns That Opened Civil War
  166. Death in the Baltic
  167. The duel!!!!!!! Don't miss!!!!!!!
  168. Lombard Street Riot.
  169. Facts, people's mentality and historical justice
  170. The New Deal CAUSED, not cured the Great Depression
  171. School a hundred years ago!!
  172. Slavery, disease, death: the dark side of the Christopher Columbus story
  173. AGENDA: Grinding America Down
  174. The fatal error of Stalin, who saved the world
  175. The Globalization 5 -- How Globalization Changed America in 2013, and What It Might M
  176. Why Harold moved South so quickly
  177. The Niihau Incident
  178. Iwo Jima remembered
  179. 2nd go - trouble is I've forgot what I posted the last time!
  180. the de Havilland KA114 Mosquito
  181. the Doolittle raid remembered
  182. the bent prop project
  183. 'Hamburgers were invented by Kim Jong Il in 2009!'
  184. Flight of Honor
  185. VE day
  186. D-Day minus 1
  187. Real Life Indiana Jones
  188. The Unluckiest / Luckiest Man in the World
  189. War horses
  190. The inside history of WWII
  191. The Battle of Gettysurg
  192. the war ends
  193. The Battle of Athens
  194. 3,000-Year-Old Golden Bowl Hides a Grisly Archaeological Tale
  195. Lauren Bacall and Harry Truman's Piano Moment
  196. The U.S. previous Regime Changes Syria-Iran-Afghanistan-Turkey-Lybia-etc
  197. Contras CIA Cocaine and the media
  198. Large mosaic in ancient tomb uncovered in Greece
  199. The History of the Fart Joke
  200. Meanwhile, to our north
  201. Bronze Warrior Chariot Discovery Is 'Find of a Lifetime'
  202. Viking Treasure Found in Scottland
  203. An A to Z of Noah Webster's Finest Forgotten Words
  204. Rare ancient Chinese bronzes go on display in US
  205. Nazis who left US still paid social security
  206. The Most Evil Men in History
  207. Nov 22, 1963
  208. this day in history
  209. 100 years ago, a war paused for Christmas
  210. World War II ski soldier, veterans group founder Earl Ervin Clark dies at 95
  211. Father and Daughter 1839-2011
  212. WW2 Poster
  213. The Great Antwerp Diamond Heist
  214. Thinking About Netanyahu Speech
  215. Ancient Civilizations
  216. Holocaust Remembrance Day
  217. Oklahoma City 20 years on
  218. Thousands gather at dawn ceremony to mark Gallipoli centenary
  219. Some peace at last
  220. VE day
  221. Slavery Fact of the Day
  222. Last Days in Vietnam
  223. Gimme a Shelter
  224. Balu: тунея́дство
  225. Battle of Midway
  226. June 6 1944
  227. Soldierstone.........................
  228. Landmarks being built
  229. Ballard's secret mission
  230. Iwo Jima
  231. June 18, 1865
  232. Civil War began because of Slavery
  233. What do you think of the Indian head bobble?
  234. Seven Million Died In the Russian Holocaust In Ukraine
  235. Former Soviet Boss Gorbachev Says Putin Is More Communist Than He Was
  236. women in war
  237. 100 Million Killed By Communism
  238. Vladimir Lenin: 'Destroy the Family, You Destroy the Country'
  239. A day in the life of a worker - 1937 "From Dawn To Sunset"
  240. Failed Mongol Armada Wreck Discovered off Japanese Coast
  241. Where are we Alex (or Alexis)?
  242. Our Battle of Dunkirk
  243. Anita Bryant: Protect Our Children From Homosexuals
  244. Why The Soviet Union Collapsed: No Reason To Work
  245. What Happened to us Scots
  246. the Pitch
  247. July 30 1945
  248. The Unknown (for you) War - 1979.
  249. Why we dropped the atomic bombs
  250. It takes two