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  1. Obama lies about stance on gun control
  2. Justice Antonin Scalia: Al Gore to blame for 2000 US election mess
  3. only in ASS-achusetts
  4. Bolton thinks Israel is waiting for outcome of US election to invade Iran
  5. Lets tear this FUCKER a new asshole!
  6. fundamental choices....
  7. Help Hillary Keep Hope Alive
  8. Obama's wife says he'll fight for gay equality
  9. an e-mail I just received...... an eye opener.
  10. How Can a 'Fellow Black American' Oppose Obama?
  11. Tony Perkins Asks Barack Obama: When Does Life Begin?
  12. David Addington: 'al Qaeda May Watch C-SPAN'
  13. NRA sues to overturn S.F. gun ban in city housing
  14. McCain meets with Iraq president
  15. Obama, McCain spar over immigration
  16. Obama Supporters Take His Middle Name as Their Own
  17. Possible VP for the Obamessiah?
  18. al gore is the 21st century version of barnum and bailey
  19. how does this democrat idea work?
  20. McCain endorsed anti-Viet Nam war book
  21. So, you want to spend $40K a year to send your kid to college
  22. McCain Says Obama's Word `Cannot Be Trusted'
  23. why is the media so intent on showing acceptance of homosexuality down my throat
  24. do you suffer from conserv-aphobia?
  25. Romney tops McCain's list for VP
  26. Obama: Do not devalue mccain's service for politics
  27. why i might not vote for mccain
  28. Joe Leiberman to Choose McCain as Running Mate
  29. The War on Drugs: Statistically shown to be failing
  30. It Should Be Fun To Hear From The Libs On This
  31. This Is Just Too Funny
  32. Obama Unleashes First Political Suicide Bomber On McCain
  33. I think the democratic party is racist
  34. McCain Game Plan Worries Insiders
  35. I can't bring myself to vote for McCain...
  36. July 1 Poll: Obama 46%, McCain 43%
  37. Obama Got Discount on Home Loan
  38. Philly Inquirer: No 4th For You, America is Evil,
  39. Why The GOP Is Doomed
  40. Repeal the 2nd Amendment
  41. Is it partisanship or racism?
  42. Pew Poll - Oil Drilling Favored Over Conservation
  43. Liberals Livid At Obama's Right Turn
  44. Hate America
  45. "Obama will immediately begin to remove our troops from Iraq.
  46. Obama is an idiot, but the lib MSM loves him
  47. Love America
  48. what determines your politics and why
  49. Iraq is not the lesson
  50. America will not be here in 50 years: NOT because of global warming
  51. Obama: the strawman
  52. I hate the federal government
  53. What is your POLITICAL Theme Song and why
  54. Just In Case Any Of You Aren't Sure About Obama The Spender
  55. How did you figure out what political philosphy to believe in
  56. Says It All About Obama
  57. Bush Reduced To Child's Play. How's This Gonna Play In 2008?
  58. Clinton Voters May Offset The Libertarian Voters
  59. Libertarian candidate a good alternative
  60. 2008 Election result predictions
  61. Libertarianism in a Nutshell II
  62. Prediction
  63. 'Public' online spaces don't carry speech, rights
  64. do you think msnbc is a far left media network or is bill oreilly wrong about msnbc
  65. Despite rocketing prices, outlook is bleak for oil majors
  66. do you think cnn is overall a fair network or not, and why?
  67. My Hero on the O'reilly Factor
  68. Deconstructing Barack Obama
  69. McCain: "I've never requested an earmark in my career"
  70. Obama's "change"
  71. July 7 Zogby: Obama 44%, McCain 38%, Barr 6%
  72. How Not to Win Votes and Influence Conservatives
  73. Obama begins his natl campaign - and tells a real whopper
  74. Is the human race in serious trouble?
  75. Congress is at 9% approval rating
  76. President Obama's Great Expectations
  77. does anyone notice barrack is flubbing some of his words
  78. Panel calls for new war powers legislation
  79. 143
  80. mccain goes to lulac convention
  81. Obama statement
  82. McCain's VP Pick Revealed
  83. Remember the Story About Food and DNC? Gets Better
  84. McCain jokes about killing Iranians with cigarettes
  85. We'll See More of the Obama Pivot On Iraq
  86. Obama Embarrassed Americans Cannot Speak French
  87. Top 1% of Taxpayers Pay Almost 40% of All Taxes
  88. Iran: Time for a smackdown?
  89. McCain to vets: eat shit and die
  90. Obama flips flops on FISA (shocked)
  91. liberal bias
  92. Jesse Jackson Insults Obama
  93. Senate Approves Terror Surveillance Bill With Immunity
  94. Obama's Liberal Shiver
  95. offensive KKK fliers not a crime
  96. Report: Judiciary may hold hearings on impeachment
  97. Proof Obama is the messiah
  98. Bob Barr = Ron Paul
  99. Barr polling at 5% or better in 26 states
  100. Charlie Rangel Rents 4 Apartments at Bargain Rates
  101. Political Poem
  102. Another poem
  103. Jesse is nuts for Obama
  104. 2 million angry Democrats reject Obama
  105. Newsweek Puzzled Over Obama's Drop In Poll
  106. Libertarianism
  107. Better Banking By Chucky Schumer
  108. Dems May Kick Sen Lieberman Out Of The Party
  109. Osama: no public military meeting
  110. Green Party Believes They Are A Viable Party
  111. The Left Get Funnier Every Day!
  112. Brokow Takes Meet The Press To The Left
  113. Clinton Diehards Want Convention Vote
  114. Osama slams mag for cover image
  115. Bush message to global environment: "Screw you!"
  116. Jefferson on the People
  117. Huckabee seeking the spotlight
  118. democratic food fight????
  119. 50% of Sequoia Voting Machines Flawed
  120. I still believe...
  121. Obama tells NAACP blacks must take responsibility
  122. Obama Capital Gains Tax Hike Would Hit N.Y. Hard
  123. Obama alters website to reflect progress in Iraq
  124. GWB News Conference 7-15-08
  125. Libertarianism. Anyone! Let's go!
  126. Obama admits not experienced enough to be president
  127. Surge's Success Puts Obama on Defensive
  128. A Video Portrait Of Barack Hussein Obama
  129. Time to vote Libertarian
  130. Turbans, AK-47s and Cigarettes, Oh My!!
  131. Video- Republican Song
  132. Good Interview w/ Mitt Romney
  133. Obama Still Losing White Vote
  134. Obama Backers Beg For Clarity
  135. Dems Will Literally Do Anything For A Vote
  136. Obama Promises To Nationalize Education In America
  137. How dumb can we get?
  138. House Passes CIA Contractor Ban Over Veto Vow
  139. It's time for some campaigning
  140. Media Stars Will Accompany Obama Overseas
  141. Judges Are No Reason to Vote for McCain
  142. Nat Hentoff: Disillusioned about Barack Obama
  143. Pelosi Fight Against Offshore Drilling
  144. Michelle To Stay At Home
  145. Old Friends...
  146. Obama On Iraq, 2003 and Since
  147. Pelosi: Bush a 'total failure'
  148. who needs facts when talking about the poor?
  149. The Audacity of Vanity
  150. Well It's Over For The Libs
  151. No free ride for Europe, says top Barack Obama aide
  152. Ford v. Carter? Some Advice for McCain
  153. What has Obama done?
  154. Puffin For Obama
  155. What Obama Meant About 'Civilian National Security Force'
  156. Obama Must Hope His Supporters Support Him Where More Than Their Mouths Are
  157. McCain Backs Timeline to Get Obama Out of Iraq
  158. Knives should be banned
  159. Obama flip flops on iraq
  160. McCain and Obama Agree to Attend Megachurch Forum
  161. McCain to speak at Sept. 11 forum on volunteerism
  162. Crazy Train McCain and Rightwing Talking Points
  163. Drudge On NYT and Obama/McCain
  164. Poll - 36% feel Obama Will Not Be Effective As CIC
  165. The Sad Road To Soclialism
  166. The Obama World Tour t-shirt finalists
  167. Obama Web site removes `surge' from Iraq problem
  168. Bob Barr - Al Gore makes sense
  169. Conservative Energy Policy
  170. Priceless
  171. Obama ban: What not to wear where?
  172. McCain ad- video-Obama Love V2
  173. November 8th, 2008. 4:13am
  174. obama is going to be president longer than the 8 years allowed
  175. America has gone completely insane!
  176. Signs Of The Times
  177. The Media Gets a Tingling Up Its Leg
  178. Dems Want To Riase Gas Tax
  179. DNC Staff Gets Gas Tax Free In Denver
  180. The Greatest Threat America Has Ever Faced: the GOP?
  181. Bad press on MSNBC Hardball
  182. A Little Feller In East Texas
  183. Another illegal immigrant offender flees
  184. Dems "Scrambling to Run Down the Clock" on GOP Solutions to Help Lower Gas Prices
  185. Who is the real Sen. Obama?
  186. Senator O'Dreamy's Magical Media Tour
  187. No Bias, Move Along
  188. Harsh Warning To Obama Supporters On Iraq
  189. Next stop, Germany: Ich bin ein beginner!
  190. Why you want this tax hike
  191. Do We Really Need to Vote?
  192. Should someone be anti-gun because of personal experiences?
  193. Obama Get's Support From Murderer Before He Gets The Big SeeYa
  194. Gingrich to House GOP: Stay on Message
  195. Pittsburgh cancer center warns of cell phone risks
  196. Poll - 55% Think Obama Riskier Choice Than McCain
  197. Obama plasters campaign signs on Judiasms holiest site
  198. Remake the world
  199. Obama Snubs Injured Soldiers for a Workout
  200. Already Hitting The Wall In Europe
  201. Most Americans See Obama Win
  202. ABC News' Jake Tapper Pulls Back the Curtain on Obama's Enormous Ego - Video 7/24/08
  203. Obama's world tour gives McCain edge
  204. Glenn Beck on Obama's Speech
  205. Germans Discover Secret To Obama's Success
  206. One Night in Baghdad (Shanklin Parody via Rush)
  207. Osama down plays rock & roll tour
  208. Democrats oust delegate for supporting McCain
  209. One world? Obama's on a different planet
  210. Obama's Newest Comment On Blackwater
  211. Denver expects 20,000 to 50,000 protesters
  212. the democratic platform
  213. A New Outrage from McCain
  214. john bolton's view of obama's speech
  215. The Bill of Rights Blackout
  216. Hold Off On That Crown For Just A Moment, Please.
  217. School Choice: On This One, McCain Has It Right
  218. Under Obama, Problems With UK/USA Alliance?
  219. On Berlin and Obama
  220. Driver told FBI agents U.S. could have killed bin Laden
  221. New Democrat Thoroughbred, Or Just Another Jackass?
  222. Obama's Global Tax Bill Coming Soon
  223. Another right winger acts out Chairman Rush's message
  224. Obama to Run for President of Europe
  225. Deficit to Reach $490B in 2009
  226. Barr on "Conservative Values"
  227. Why should I vote for Obama?
  228. Two former Bush Advisers Now Advising Obama
  229. Democrats Fail to Overcome Senatorís Grip on Bill
  230. I just dont get it
  231. McCain Backs Off His No-New-Tax Pledge
  232. Your DNC at Work
  233. All Politicos Must Die
  234. 8 Reasons I Won't Vote For John McCain
  235. McCain A Social Liberal
  236. Democratic Party maybe presumes too much - about women
  237. City Democrats To Attend McCain Fund-Raiser
  238. Obama tied to Iraqi government fraud?
  239. Indictment Opens Up GOP Race for Senate, pollsters say
  240. Wexler speaks up on residency
  241. Ludacris video
  242. mccain is in pander mode or is he a mole
  243. McCain Campaign California Earthquake and Media Warning Press Release
  244. Obama the rock star, but not a leader
  245. Obama and Gov. Arnold Whats a n*gger
  246. 3 West Coast governors oppose new offshore oil drilling
  247. Barr more qualified!
  248. Conservatives and the Crucible - Republican Expectations of an Obama Admini
  249. Rush vs Al Gore 1992
  250. The Democrats 'Presumptious Nominee'