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  1. New Romney ad
  2. Breaking News: Tancredo might be out
  3. They are out to get Huckabee
  4. Ann Coulter: Huckabee Like GOP Jimmy Carter
  5. Mitt's reaction to Time's person of the year
  6. I may not agree with his policies, but Ron Paul has balls.
  7. job creation....
  8. Video-Happy Holidays from Hillary..
  9. Senate to stay in session to thwart Bush
  10. Voter PME
  11. Cynthia McKinney announces presidential bid
  12. Guiliani hospitalized with flu like symptoms
  13. Liberal Media Upset With Dems
  14. Does a politician want to work for you, or rule you?
  15. Hillary's Wrapping Presents
  16. new Republican candidate poll
  17. Guiliani's Christmas ad
  18. Pat Buchanan's take on the election
  19. baptists not on board with Huckabee
  20. Bush hits Congress' continued pork
  21. A Problem Like Bill
  22. It Is Starting Early With the Liberal Media
  23. McCain 'Surging'; Guiliani 'Falling
  24. President Hillary Clinton
  25. Hot Air Video: A very Hillary Christmas
  26. The Mitt Romney Deception
  27. now this is an interesting Huckabee response
  28. Can Huckabee Survive Rush?
  29. Vote Real Conservatism
  30. Pres Bush Has Had A Good 2007
  31. Video: Special Christmas Holiday Message..Fred Thompson
  32. Huckabee's favorite author
  33. Pimpin' For Paul
  34. AP Whining Over Dem Failures - Attacks Republicans
  35. 11,900 earmarks in 2007, 65% for democrats, 35% for republicans...
  36. I Never Thought I'd Be Entertained By Maureen Dowd
  37. Sioux City Journal endorses Romney
  38. Arguments for longer campaign cycles
  39. Bill Clinton - Savior or Saboteur
  40. More voters trust Republicans than Democrats. McCain backed off support for amnesty.
  41. The End of America As We Know It
  42. Elect me and oil prices instantly drop, says Hillary Clinton in Iowa
  43. Huckabee Angers some Catholics
  44. Clinton urges people to vote for her
  45. More Problems For Hillary
  46. The Rule of Law
  47. Who Said THAT?
  48. Dying Iowa voter confronts candidates
  49. Cindy Sheehan Calls on Reyes to Subpoena Pelosi for Role in CIA Torture Tape Destruct
  50. Clinton Stretches Lead To Double Digits In Iowa With Week Left
  51. A Reason for Hope
  52. A Visit from St. Nick (and the Candidates)
  53. Its time for tough measures to stop illegal immigration
  54. What tough measures do you recommend to stop illegal aliens
  55. ok white liberals explain this away, hate crimes against white committed by blacks
  56. is any of this true?
  57. Obama says he'll make toys safer
  58. Paul: Country is moving toward fascism
  59. Voter ID
  60. A Hunter endorsement
  61. Huckabee: Playing both sides of the pulpit
  62. Thompson not endearing himself with people
  63. The 2008 primaries -- who really cares?
  64. Huckabee's Amazing Coincidences
  65. Massachusetts governor to campaign for Obama
  66. Hillary Busted Again
  67. Bhutto Assassinated This Morning, President Bush Furious.
  68. Analysis: Edwards, McCain positioned to shake up race
  69. Why do right-wingers dislike Huckabee
  70. AOL Straw poll
  71. Robert Novak: John McCain Is The GOP's Last Man Standing
  72. Quad-City Times: Time For A Real Hero
  73. Concord Monitor: Romney Should Not Be The Next President
  74. Speaking of fraudulent voting...
  75. Iowa Republicans reject Huckabee's immigration plan 6 to 1
  76. you got to love this
  77. Huckabee's foreign policy
  78. Oh, Oh, tempest in a teapot..(shrillary)
  79. Huckabee ethics problems?
  80. *Can Edwards Pull Off Iowa?*
  81. *Will Hillary Crash And Burn After Iowa: Huge Melt Down?*
  82. Huckabee slipping in Iowa
  83. Obama Thinks This Is A Good Riff?
  84. Huckabee, good at fathering?
  85. *Hillary: So You Did This To Yourself Pakistan?
  86. The Ron Paul Attraction
  87. Is the United States Going in the Opposite Direction to the Rest of the World?
  88. *Looks Official: Thompson Is Out Of The Race*
  89. After flirting with Huckabee, it's clear Thompson is best choice for GOP
  90. George Will - the 70s Hit parade
  91. Mike Huckabee congratulates Canadians
  92. Looks Like Bloomberg Is Going To Run
  93. Fred's message to Iowa
  94. Mitt Romney - year in review
  95. Huckabee and McCain attack Romney
  96. Romney supports homosexuality as a civil right
  97. Chuck Yeager's support of Hunter
  98. Thompson's Message to Iowa Voters
  99. Huckabee's imaginary friends
  100. absolutely hilarious!
  101. *Huckabee Uses Media To Broadcast Hit Piece On Romny: Brilliant!; Save's Money*
  102. Did Huckabee go too far?
  103. Huckabee threatens to shoot Romney??
  104. Mitt's flips: Why they matter
  105. Clock running down on Bush presidency
  106. *No Thanks Romney: Its Not Fine; Shove You Fines*
  107. Well I'll Be DAMNED.... UNBELIEVABLE!!!
  108. How is the 1st Amendment different from 40 years ago?
  109. This Republican opperative spills the fraud beans
  110. Bloomberg Prepares to Run
  111. Number of Republicans in U.S. Increases in December to Two-Year High
  112. this is outrageous!!!
  113. Which dem is going to win Iowa?
  114. money raised by both parties in the first 7 months
  115. are the Iowa caucus' relevant?....
  116. Santa Claus Politics
  117. *Buying Votes With Free Shovels And Baby Sitters*
  118. Huckabee Insists No Trick With Ad
  119. Hillary highlights what's wrong with Democrats
  120. Despite apology, Huckabee's site still host anti mormon rhetoric
  121. Mike Huckabee - Chuck Norris
  122. 9 scientific errors with an inconvient truth movie
  123. Huckabee supports writers union, then crosses picket lines
  124. *Huckabee Does Fireside Talk: Leno To, BROADCAST IT*
  125. *McCain Is He Still Here?*
  126. Who will win tomorrow?
  127. Rush On Huckabee and GOP
  128. U.S. Senate Turns Back On Border Fence
  129. Moving Towards Fred
  130. *Satire Alert* Scott Ott On "Fire In The Belly"
  131. Joining Stormfront For Ron Paul A Former National Board Member of CAIR!
  132. Clinton Camp Pre-Spinning Possible Bad News in Iowa
  133. Conservative courts likely to be Bush legacy
  134. Bush won't use emergency oil to ease prices
  135. Hillary set-up as a foreign policy expert at expense of Mr. Bill
  136. Thompson drops out of Presidential Race endorses McCain
  137. Kung Fu election
  138. Huckabe runs the ad anyway
  139. I hate waiting
  140. Looks Like Its Over For Tonight
  141. Giuliani Done
  142. Religion the big issue with Huckabee
  143. Huckabee's chairmen an odd fellow
  144. Michael Reagan Supports Senator McCain
  145. Republican Delegate count
  146. Clinton and McCain Lead in New Hampshire
  147. Clinton still leading the Democrat race
  148. Obama draws white and female vote
  149. Election thoughts
  150. Drugged up, Glenn comments on Iowa
  151. McCain blunder?
  152. Question for Democrats
  153. Kucinich files FCC complaint on ABC debate
  154. Court Mulls Death Penalty for Child Rape
  155. Clinton, Obama, Huckabee, and Guiliani in Top 10 corrupt politicians of 2007
  156. The Qualifications of Hillary W. Clitnon..
  157. A Member of Your Own Tribe
  158. Huckabee may have problems with pro-lifers
  159. Post-Iowa Rasmussen poll in NH: Obama 37%, Hillary 27%
  160. Very weird quote from Hillary: "I have produced change" ???
  161. Hillary Clinton Leans On 'Relic' Bill
  162. Ron Paul, Fred Thompson Lead Newsmax Poll
  163. Romney Wins!
  164. The Tyranny of Super-Delegates
  165. What Republican candidate could you vote for?
  166. Romney and Thompson killing McCain/Giuliani on Immigration
  167. Why Dems Want Republicans To Nominate Huckabee
  168. 35 years of change?
  169. On the unitary executive
  170. Excluded from a debate. Paul holds a televised town hall meeting.
  171. McCain praises Romney's honesty and integrity
  172. "Why you should vote for my dad"
  173. Huckabee's problems with his son
  174. The Fox debate
  175. A closer look at Romney
  176. If Obama gets the Dem nomination, how will the November election go?
  177. Obama up 13 points in NH
  178. why arabs wanna kill us
  179. McGovern - Impeach Bush Now
  180. Hey OCA... I Got Something For Ya To Read Bro...
  181. Does anyone remember?
  182. Best Romney ad yet
  183. so what should we do about the mortgage crunch?
  184. Clinton and Obama, Johnson and King(oh no she didn't)
  185. Ron Paul: McCain’s Reckless ‘100 years in Iraq’ Comment Endangers Americans
  186. if you hate hillary, watch this video
  187. Hunter and the knuckleheads
  188. Hunter Speaks
  189. 'sexist' Protesters Disrupt Hillary
  190. Obama, McCain play 'uniter' card in New Hampshire
  191. Washington is Broken
  192. Change begins with us
  193. 11,900 and Counting
  194. Pres Bush Is No Lame Duck
  195. Maybe There's Hope For The Huckster After All...
  196. If you could be President of the U.S., would you want the job?
  197. In Kenya, Obama's relatives 'pray' for victory
  198. The bigoted past of Ron Paul?
  199. The real reason Hillary cried
  200. Who will/would you vote for
  201. Well im shocked
  202. What happens to the other candidates
  203. anyone listening to obama now
  204. anyone listening to hillary now....
  205. NH meant nothing to me
  206. Did Hillary Steal NH?
  207. Are you listening to Rush right now?
  208. Obama's church
  209. Who's Your Candidate?
  210. Parallels with 1928
  211. Primary Stupidity
  212. Richardson Out
  213. pen in hand ballot in front of me.....
  214. No way, castration or death
  215. Hillary Did Well But Obama Did Even Better!!!!!!
  216. Super Tuesday States 2/5/08
  217. if you had to vote across party lines
  218. why is my ballot
  219. Rollingstone really loves Huckabee
  220. Voter who made Clinton teary picked Obama
  221. Congress Gets Another Pay Raise
  222. Would you vote for Bush today?
  223. Election Humor
  224. Caption this 08 event
  225. The latest version of Hillary Clinton
  226. mccain...........
  227. Judges: Anti-Hillary movie is a political ad banned by McCain-Finegold
  228. Huckabee Not Taking His Campaign Seriously.
  229. Vote Match Quiz
  230. What every other candidate can learn from McCain
  231. Open primaries?
  232. Ron Paul on CNN
  233. Kucinich wants New Hampshire recount
  234. Thompson is killing huckabee
  235. SC Republican debate
  236. Giuliani's tax proposal
  237. What do the American people want?
  238. MoveOn.org: A Joke?
  239. In theory
  240. Being Obese
  241. No woman is illegal
  242. Hillary on immigration: "No woman is illegal"
  243. America is uniting--against Fox News
  244. Rosanne Barr rips Oprah & Obama
  245. Racial tensions roil Democratic race
  246. Defeatist, Realist or Politician?
  247. if there is any doubt that the media supports Clinton
  248. Democrat cross over in Michigan
  249. which candidates wife is smokin hot....
  250. Fred Thompson Receives Endorsement of Rhode Island Right to Life