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  1. English as second language in Alaska
  2. Media loves to hate Sarah Palin
  3. Zogby: Mccain-palin Up 4%...
  4. video-Obama Gaffes on Faith
  5. "The Nug" on Palin
  6. Palin frenzy
  7. Catholics Outraged by Palin Insults
  8. McCain poll bounce
  9. Obama got cocaine cheap!
  10. Joe Biden Interview on Meet the Press
  11. After Sarah's great speech at the RNC...
  12. The Unexamined Life
  13. God, Guns and...
  14. Matthews & Olberman Removed As Political Anchors
  15. just for shits and grins.
  16. obama's daughter fails to take nap and fights with sister
  17. Hemmer nails down Beckel over saying Palin will self-destruct
  18. Dear Mr. Obama
  19. Obama raising taxes may hurt weak economy
  20. Change? What Change??
  21. Two Faces of Fear: The Palin Dichotomy
  22. One of the Reasons Democrats Keep Losing
  23. Factcheck.org: Sliming Palin
  24. Sarah Palin has crabs
  25. $$ for votes: California union to seek Schwarzenegger recall
  26. Maybe She, Palin, Was On State Church Business
  27. This video only cements my suspicions...
  28. Student GOP Leader Resigns Over Obama Remark
  29. Runnin' REALLY scared
  30. OBAMA SUPPORTERS Are Behind Palin Sambo Smear!
  31. Sarah Palin fumbles On Fannie, Freddie
  32. Excellent piece on Palin
  33. Obama Pays Price For Bungled Attacks On Palin
  34. FOX/Rasmussen Swing State Polling
  35. CNN Duped By Palin Photoshop
  36. Sliming Palin False Internet claims and rumors fly about McCain's running mate
  37. video-what Obama left behind in Chicago
  38. McCain-Palin Ticket Chills Arabs, Muslims
  39. Evidence of Miss Wasilla's Deceit
  40. "MY MUSLIM FAITH" - Obama
  41. Obama wants to legalize cocaine
  42. Ultimate politician or Used Car salesman
  43. Obama: "Lipstick on a pig, still a pig"
  44. What is more important?
  45. Veterans: can we do more, are we doing enough?, what do you think should be done?
  46. YIKES..video-Baby Trig Listed On Ebay - Sarah Palin
  47. Troopergate: Meet The Investigators
  48. Who is this?
  49. Lipstick
  50. Former Alaskan Senator OWNS Liberal Radio (interview)
  51. Yes, Palin did stop that bridge
  52. Could Hillary have Palin Proofed the Obama ticket?
  53. Biden's comments on special needs kids called 'new low'
  54. Palin primary qualification is...
  55. In related news…Damon’s films lose money over the next 4 years…
  56. Biden says Hillary would have been a better choice
  57. Is it just me.........
  58. Rangel admits mistakes, $5,000 bill to Uncle Sam
  59. Victor Davis Hanson: Palin uproar reveals ugly side of today's feminism
  60. Ethics Adviser Warned Palin
  61. Palin's Ethics Scrapes May Undercut Pledge To End Old Politics
  62. Canadian doctor warns Sarah Palin's decision to have Down baby could reduce abortions
  63. Obama Starting To Regret Choice Of Biden As Running Mate?
  64. Sarah Palin's Myth of America
  65. Polls
  66. Protracted Distraction: Of Pig-Painting and Race-Baiting
  67. 102 Minutes that changed America
  68. Obama - I don't want my daughters "punished with a baby"
  69. Captain Earmark twice sought millions in pork for nonprofit chaired by top fundraiser
  70. "Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor"
  71. EXCERPTS: Charlie Gibson Interviews Sarah Palin
  72. A Mighty Wind blows through Republican convention
  73. Dear Mr. Obama
  74. Palin Popularity Trickles Down For GOP
  75. Obama and South Chicago Slum Developers
  76. How do you think this guy really feels?
  77. Biden is the new Dan Quayle.....
  78. Obama gets tough questions on experience: chokes
  79. Biden on VP....Hillary better choice
  80. Palin and Alaska's Muslim Population
  81. Biden, "Palin's good looking...."
  82. New Ohio Poll Shows McCain Leading Obama
  83. Sarah Palin would never be on her own in the White House
  84. New Ad takes "Aim" at Sarah's "Savagery"
  85. Whoopi is an idiot.
  86. What Did the New York Times Say About Geraldine Ferraro in 1984
  87. Who Hates Sarah Palin?
  88. How many Libs would freak out over President Washington's Inauguration?
  89. Federal Drug War Rethought
  90. Do You Really Want Small Government?
  91. Whoops! Obama On McCain Lack of Emails
  92. Delawarians arrested for pushing bags of "Obama"
  93. Obama`s two faces, maybe three, and the fairness doctrine!
  94. McCain Fumbles Palin’s Record On Earmark Requests
  95. Hey ABC, your extreme bias is showing for all to see
  96. Alaska Lawmakers Vote To Subpoena Todd Palin
  97. Two Very Different Interviews (Charlie Gibson w/Obama vs. Charlie Gibson w/Palin)
  98. McCain Barbs Stirring Outcry As Distortions
  99. Gloves Come Off
  100. Evidence of Miss Wasilla's Ignorance: Foreign Policy
  101. ABC Edits Palin Interview - Viewers don't get full context
  102. Pam Anderson tells Palin to suck it
  103. Final Palin / Gibson Interview
  104. Did Gibson have a double standard for Palin?
  105. Charlie Gibson Wrong on the Bush Doctrine
  106. She’s Not Ready
  107. Gibson Didn’t Pound Edwards in 2004; Asked Him If GOP Attacks Made Him Mad
  108. video-Democratic Party War Room
  109. Obama Waffles!
  110. Biden Gave Less than 1%, McCain Gave 26%
  111. Change? It's No Longer Resonating
  112. The NYT Just Can't Seem To Stop Themselves
  113. Evidence of Miss Wasilla's Toxicity: Character Flaws
  114. I Think His Knuckles Are Bleeding
  115. 5 reasons why McCain has pulled ahead
  116. A MSM Article Tells Truth On Obama-Alas, It's From the UK
  117. Someone Bringing Up Chicago, Though NOT MSM
  118. The MSM, Celebreties, and Foreign Leaders Helping McCain
  119. Seeing through Obamanomics
  120. Charlie Gibson Goes From Most Respected Anchor to Foolish Disgrace
  121. October Surprise..Obama/Biden
  122. Pro-Hillary group endorses McCain/Palin
  123. Barack's Bumper Sticker Slogan
  124. Clinton Fulfilling New Role With Gusto
  125. Obama Aide: McCain Campaign 'Sleaziest' In Modern History
  126. Palin/Hilary SNL Skit
  127. Interesting info on Hillary...
  128. Look For Links To Obama's Team and Fannie/Freddie Problems
  129. Garrison Keillor : The 'Bums' Try For An End Run
  130. NYT Calls On Rangel To Step Down From Ways & Means
  131. Obama: Here Comes Another "One" Just Like Another One...
  132. Obama Tried to Stall GI's Iraq Withdrawal
  133. Mean, But Worth Talking About
  134. Majority of Voters Say Only McCain, Biden Prepared To Be President
  135. Records show McCain more bipartisan
  136. A letter to America: You Cannot be Serious
  137. Obama down to 5pt lead in NEW YORK!!
  138. Obama spokesman won’t deny he knew McCain’s injuries limited his computer use
  139. McCain, Palin on economy: It’s time for some real reform
  140. SNL does Sarah/Hillary
  141. Inside the Obama War Room
  142. IF NY Is In 'Play", McCain Will Win In A Landslide
  143. From An Obamanite
  144. Again The Left and The First Amendment
  145. video ad-BornAliveTruth.org Gianna ad
  146. Plea: McCain, Please Don't Be Stupid!
  147. Sunday Funnies: 'The Lying King' Exposes Media's Palin Attacks
  148. Democrats’ latest idea: gas stamps
  149. Obama's teleprompter hits the trail
  150. Ayers & Dohrn Receive Rings Of Solidarity From North Vietnamese
  151. Obama takes his pacifier (teleprompter) on the trail
  152. 2008 Presidential Candidate Comparison Talking Points
  153. Palin Hits Back: Trooper Gate Likely Suffers Fatal Blow
  154. Minnesota Man Asks Donors to "Help Obama's Brother" (because Barack won't)
  155. Democrats helping the disadvantaged ?????????????
  156. On Sex-Ed Ad, McCain Is Right
  157. What if taxes went up to over 90%?
  158. Candidates follow a visionary leader....
  159. Fatimah Ali: 'Race war' in America If Obama Loses
  160. The Palin Effect Hits NJ
  161. Stop The Presses! Palin Bought A Tanning Bed
  162. Palin Tanking
  163. The trillion dollar bank shakedown that bodes ill for cities
  164. Biden elitism - Obama too smart & well educated for you to relate to
  165. Exclusive: DOJ will not conduct witch hunts for Obama
  166. Why Experience Matters
  167. A Question For Obama Supporters
  168. Member of DNC Platform Committee Endorses McCain
  169. video ad-Disgrace! Obama discourages troop negotiations for personal political gain
  170. Democrats’ Lead Falls to Six on Generic Congressional Ballot
  171. Prominent Clinton backer and DNC member to endorse McCain
  172. Stephanie Curcio: Palin puts career before children
  173. CNN: If Obama loses, it’s because of racism
  174. More Liberal Media Bias Against Gov Palin
  175. Breaking news: Obama is half-black
  176. Hacker’s target Palin’s Email Account
  177. Op-Ed Writer: Trig Palin a Financial Burden Who Should Have Been Aborted
  178. Republican ticket builds up in key swing state
  179. Obama Can’t Be Trusted on National Defense
  180. McCain will be more like Reagan than Bush ever was
  181. Obama: Lucifer Is My Homeboy
  182. Excerpts from Palin’s Hannity Interview — Part I
  183. Universal Housing?
  184. How private is computer data?
  185. Sarah Palin Interview with Sean Hannity Pt.1
  186. So Which Do YOU Trust With Today's Economy?
  187. The High Cost Of Racial Hype
  188. Obama lies big time
  189. Biden calls paying higher taxes a patriotic act
  190. Where Is Chucky?
  191. many new state polls released....
  192. Everything you need to know about Democrats in one video
  193. Do Nothing Congress Does Nothing Again
  194. New York Times 2003: Dems Oppose Bush Plan To Rein in Fannie and Freddie
  195. Another Lie From Obama
  196. Obama Got Major Campaign Donations From Fannie Mae/Mac?
  197. A Remake of Psalm 23
  198. Fox’s Megyn Kendall rips into Canadian Journalist over Palin Criticism
  199. Two Democrats on an escalator
  200. Rangel's Parking Violation
  201. *SHOCK* Palin Email Hack - traced back to the Dems.
  202. guess who's coming to dinner??
  203. Libertarian Law suit to keep Obama & McCain off the Ballot in Texas
  204. 143 days
  205. Sarah Palin Interview w/ Sean Hannity Pt.2
  206. How The Sarah Palin Pick Trumps Obama-biden
  207. What IF The American People Care About Iran?
  208. Marx Leads the Way
  209. Paying Taxes is Not Patriotism
  210. Sandra Bernhard: Palin Would Be Gang-Raped By Blacks in Manhattan
  211. Blacks Against Obama’ Interrupt Campaign Rally
  212. videos-Obama attacks abortion survivor Gianna Jessen in ad
  213. Mortgage Crisis: Blame Bush
  214. CBC Now Attacks Gov Palin
  215. Why are the Democrats so afraid of Palin and her popularity?
  216. Obama is a wussy
  217. White Privilege
  218. ASTONISHING: Rep. Rangel Calls Palin 'Disabled'
  219. Rangel pays IRS, says he is target of GOP 'guerrilla war'Story Highlights
  220. Anyone ready to listen yet?
  221. Who said it?
  222. Is McCain Stupid?
  223. More Obama Ties to US Financial Issues
  224. Would John McCain's Election Really Represent a Third Bush Term?
  225. Clinton praise for McCain..Obama..not so much
  226. Obama's "Universal" Service Plan - Part 1
  227. McCain & Limbaugh Brings Us Obama & Wright
  228. Obama May Lose Due To Racists-Democrats
  229. Patriotism, Charity, Altruism, Paying Taxes
  230. Obama Is Not Anti-War
  231. video-White Folk's Greed Runs a World In Need
  232. All You Need To Know About John And Sarah's Habitual Lying
  233. When Karl Rove Says Your Sleazy Its Time To Take A Step Back And Ponder
  234. Austin music "support" for Palin
  235. 7 1/2 Years Of Bush
  236. AOL Straw poll
  237. IRS Threat Led To Palin UN Snub
  238. Obama's "church"
  239. Obama proves all too human
  240. Obama in the mud: So much for honesty
  241. Seven Deadly Sins of Deregulation -- and Three Necessary Reforms
  242. Rangel: hoof and mouth disease
  243. WaPo Cartoon Features A Cursing God, Ridicules Palin's Religion
  244. LOL! SNL Does McCain
  245. Why is McCain's campaign now running Alaska?
  246. Hillary's Dilemma
  247. If there were three equal parties!
  248. video-Obama yells at an elderly woman questioning him about national security.
  249. A Black preachers opinion on Obamas' momma and Palins daughter.
  250. What`s your take on Obama`s $845 BILLION Global Poverty Act?