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  1. The 50 Richest Members of Congress - John Kerry #1
  2. Obama's Social Security Whopper
  3. Albright & Powell See Possible War With Russia
  4. A Question For Obama Regarding 'Graham's Bill'
  5. Is the Left losing its mind over Sarah Palin?
  6. McCain: NYT's In The Tank For Obama, Drop Pretense
  7. Biden: Plagiarist and Liar
  8. This Bud's For You, Senator Obama!
  9. ...ad that mocked McCain was 'terrible'
  10. Connecting the Dots of Obama & Ayers
  11. Biden "forced" copter landing
  12. All Liberal Hell Will Break lose If Obama Loses
  13. Obama's Tax Cut Is Income Redistribution
  14. Now Student and Car Loans Added to Bailout Plan
  15. Obama says...
  16. Fannie Mae CEO addresses Black Caucus(including OBAMA) in 2005
  17. Is Joe Biden getting ready to fall on the sword??
  18. NRA Drops the bomb on Obama! - Love it!
  19. video-Obama/Joe Biden "No Coal Plants Here in America"
  20. Lauer picks Obama apart.. leaves only bones behind
  21. Dissecting the Palin Rumor Mill
  22. Osama's Anti-Poverty Program
  23. Who Is The Real Barack Obama?
  24. On the Second Amendment, Don’t Believe Obama
  25. What happened to President Hoover?
  26. Bill Clinton says he understands Palin's appeal
  27. Pick your Barry Obama Excuse for November!
  28. FBI Investigating Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
  29. Further example(s) of Democrats going insane?
  30. Obama/Joe Biden "No Coal Plants Here in America"
  31. What political party is this?
  32. Biden's Been Busy, But Will We See These In the NYT?
  33. Palin's Preferred Probe Requires Utmost Secrecy
  34. Polls: the two out of three problem
  35. Palin's Troopergate Moves Getting Bad Reviews in Alaska
  36. Libertarians Lose Election Legal Battle
  37. McCain has a high IQ
  38. The Truth About Sarah Palin
  39. Have You Ever Heard Obama Supporters Say Something Positive About America?
  40. Democrats to let offshore drilling ban expire
  41. Community Organizers Try To Steal Election In Michigan
  42. Obama Up By 9% In WP Poll??????
  43. Biden, Obama helped keep 'Bridge to Nowhere' alive
  44. New McCain ad: “The Coal Miner”
  45. McCain suspending his campaign
  46. Fox’s Megyn Kelly vs. Obama Spokesman on NRA Ads
  47. Sarah Palin parody of "I Kissed a Girl"
  48. Analysis: Fact-Checkers Fall Short in Criticizing NRA's Anti-Obama Ads
  49. Biden lied - Troops died
  50. Barack Obama's "Freedom of Choice Act" Would Mean 125K More Abortions
  51. McCain to Bush: Thanks for screwing me over
  52. Al Gore Weighing In, Anarachy Of Course
  53. Tancredo Tells United Nations to Get Out
  54. Subject: Cynthia McKinney Ready to take McCain’s Podium at Friday’s Debate
  55. Race Card Played On Gov Palin
  56. McCain Doesn't Grasp Cause of Finance Crisis
  57. They gave your mortgage to a less qualified minority
  58. Probe for Obama's $100K Garden of Weeds & Garbage
  59. Some thoughts/questions about abortion
  60. The Liberty Bell Rang for Liberty and Equality; Does Obama?
  61. Video: Fox News hammers Democrats again for Fannie/Freddie mess
  62. Thank God McCain is an idiot...thank God Palin is so transparently incompetent
  63. Bill Clinton: McCain acted on 'good faith' in debate delay...
  64. Worst financial crisis since the Great Depression
  65. The Dems must be so proud...
  66. video-THE NEW CONGRESS: Barney Frank on Economic Justice
  67. Putting Politics First
  68. debate is on
  69. Obama’s “Community Organizer” Experience In Perspective
  70. Tuba Predictions For The Election
  71. Biden meets with Georgian president without press
  72. You Know 'The Plan' Is Bush/Democrat When...
  73. Conservative columnist calls for Palin exit
  74. mfm on Biden....
  75. Summing It Up
  76. To Barack Obama-- Work Is Politics & Politics Is Work
  77. Libertarians Lose Election Legal Battle
  78. Just the tiniest comment can betray you..
  79. Obama - I Have A Bracelet Too
  80. Barney Frank's Fannie Mae Love Connection
  81. Mrs. Wasilla Dumber Than Shit
  82. Post Debate Polling
  83. Obama: Promises you can't believe in
  84. Obama and the Debate: Proud of His Country?
  85. On ACORN & LaRaza In Econmic Bailout
  86. 'Ruthless' for Obama
  87. Economic problems solved...
  88. online polls??
  89. Obama Campaign Throws First Amendment Under the Bus
  90. A Video Portrait Of Barack Hussein Obama
  91. Republicans Can Be Cold, But Democrats Are Duplicitous
  92. Gallup Daily: Obama Moves to 50% to 42% Lead
  93. Obama Clearly Taking the Lead
  94. answer this question
  95. Game Plan for Palin Is Retooled Ahead of Debate
  96. McCain, Obama May Skip Bailout Vote
  97. Michelle Writes Dear Abby
  98. Foreign policy experience? Really?
  99. Strategy for forcing political change through orchestrated crisis
  100. Palin VS Obama on experience
  101. Sarah Palin: A joke that is backfiring on the GOP
  102. Joe Biden's own "Bridge to Nowhere" on CNN
  103. Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam
  104. Obama Betrays Lack Of Values, Discernment During Debate
  105. Big Brother Is Watching: The Obama Truth Squads
  106. The electoral map keeps getting more and more blue!
  107. Obama As The Nexus
  108. Poll - Which damaged America more?
  109. Debate One - Appetizing, But Ultimately Unfulfilling
  110. Osama the Nazi: control the press
  111. Subversives for Obama
  112. O's Dangerous Pals
  113. am i the only one that is...
  114. when the media is playing gotcha, and is biased
  115. House members rejected bailout because voters back home hated it
  116. video- A special message from Barack Obama's Teleprompter
  117. how partisan can we be?
  118. age discrimination
  119. Bob Herbert: When Madmen Reign
  120. their is one political party (The Screw America Over Party)
  121. video-Sing for Change Obama
  122. Liberal Media - The Fix Is In For Obama
  123. for the kool-aid drinkers of the special interest party
  124. Obama Failed to Get CBC To Vote For Bailout
  125. do you agree with everything your political party does?
  126. 10 things you need to know about Obama's Tax Plans
  127. Is Rezko Ready To Sing?
  128. do you go to
  129. a challenge to my democratic friends on the board
  130. John Obama
  131. Do you think it is possible?
  132. Speaking of Irrelevant
  133. Obama & McCain Join Bush Behind The American People
  134. Has anybody seen this?
  135. Congress Approval rating just 10% As Bush Goes From 'Lame To Dead Duck'
  136. From the peps who brought you invasion to remove WMD COMES THE GREAT ROBBERY OF 08!
  137. Pelosi Paid Husband With PAC Funds
  138. George Bush presides over (and engineers) the end of the American empire
  139. A Time for Leaders, Not Partisans
  140. PBS Political hack to moderate VP debate
  141. Senate puts lipstick on the $700B Pig
  142. the BBC and their take on the issues...
  143. McCain: ‘I Always Aspire To Be A Dictator’
  144. video-The One
  145. Wasalia gadfly gets worldwide attention
  146. Democrats Going After the Idiot Vote
  147. Senate Bailout Bill Loaded with Pork
  148. Do You Think Obama Will Really Give Middle Class Tax Cuts
  149. video-Cynthia McKinney: 5000 PEOPLE WERE EXECUTED!!!
  150. "Reporter" Fired For Wearing Obama T-Shirt
  151. Poll at Obambam station- Msnbc
  152. Palin: Lemonade From Lemons
  153. Obama Sued Citibank Under CRA to Force it to Make Bad Loans
  154. The Alaskan Rose and the Debate
  155. 4 Weathermen terrorists declare support for Obama
  156. Struggling to survive
  157. Palin
  158. Biden's 10 Factual Misstatements
  159. Barney Frank on O'Reilly
  160. Expectations
  161. why is their so much intellectual dishonesty in politics
  162. A Biden Administration Would be a National Tragedy
  163. House Passes Bailout Bill
  164. red pumps
  165. Polls you can trust
  166. ACORN Registering Dead People In IN
  167. FBI Investigates Obama Friend's
  168. Not for pinheads...
  169. The Bubble Burst and Fault
  170. A 'Different Kind of Politician'
  171. Are The Democratic Leaderships Words Intentionally Hurting The Country
  172. video-blast from the past!!
  173. video-Hillary praises Palin
  174. Palin says Couric "annoyed her"
  175. The Two Bluest States in the Union
  176. GOP senator claims McCain POW coverup
  177. Is Joe Hidin' Facial Work?
  178. In his own words!
  179. National Organization of (Liberal Man-Hating) Women
  180. Obama About to Be Hit on Questionable Associates
  181. Islam and Muslims
  182. Finally, McCain Campaign Takes Gloves Off
  183. John McCain: Suspected by Joe Steel Tax Cheat
  184. Worst case scenario
  185. Obama's Mama
  186. Voter Fraud Expected To Be Rampant
  187. What McCain/Palin Should Be Saying
  188. Clinton Helps McCain
  189. In The Obama Nation - More Or Less Racism?
  190. video-Obama Youth - Junior Fraternity Regiment
  191. Obama served on board with Ayers
  192. Obama, his Mentor Saul Alinsky, and the relationship between "community Organizer" an
  193. Obama allies warn GOP to back off attacks.
  194. Nearly 60% Would Get Rid Of Current Congress
  195. Hitler Youth, meet Obama Youth
  196. Sarah Palin's nod to extra-credit wows kids
  197. Palin: Racial Tinge? I Don't Think So
  198. Palin in town
  199. Is Barack Obama A Marxist Mole?
  200. Obama Disavows Ayers, Where?
  201. Why Should Obama/Ayers Make Us Concerned?
  202. Exclusive: Obama To Hit McCain On Keating Scandal
  203. Employees Will Testify In Palin Probe
  204. Nebraska Becomes Unlikely Battleground
  205. video-Another Obama Mentor Caught Ranting Against Whitey
  206. McCain's Brother Says N. Va. 'Communist Country'
  207. American Taxpayers deserve their $700 BILLION bailout tab!
  208. Obama Shares The Stage With Bill Ayers
  209. Newsweek: Palin Too Common To Be VP
  210. Communist Party of America supporting Obama
  211. McCain v Obama Economists POV
  212. McCain ad-Dangerous
  213. Cordial Combat - The Vice Presidential Debate
  214. Desperate liberal "journalist" tries to call Palin a racist
  215. What is an Elitist?
  216. Is Palin out of her league?
  217. 'Bride' and 'groom' to be restored to Calif. forms
  218. McCain exonerated on Keating 5, Obama guilty in Fannie melt down!
  219. video- Sarah Palin Leaves Protester Speechless in Florida!!
  220. LA’s NOW President Endorses Palin
  221. CBS Poll: Presidential Race Tightens
  222. False But Justified
  223. Obama is a fraud and a cheat
  224. Even The Liberals Will Regret Obama Win
  225. Poll, Has Anyone Ever Claimed Gambling Winnings On Their Taxes
  226. Homeless 'driven' To Vote Obama
  227. What If Ayers Were McCain's Friend
  228. 3 questions for George W. Bush
  229. New Poll Shows 3 point Obama Lead
  230. Dem Group Backing McCain
  231. Will The Gloves Come Off Tonight
  232. video-Chris Matthews: Building the Thrill
  233. CNN Makes Expanded Expose Off Kurtz Re: Ayers
  234. Obama's Ayers connection
  235. McCain's Liddy Problem
  236. Barack Obama: "That's Just How White Folks Will Do Ya"
  237. Anderson Cooper on Obama/Ayers relationship
  238. Hey McCain, talk about the economy!
  239. Sarah Palin, tax cheat
  240. 2nd Debate
  241. Obama just said it!
  242. who would you like to see as a moderator of the debates
  243. I have decided who im voting for/what party I will join
  244. mccains....300 billon
  245. obama and ayers spin
  246. video-George McGovern on the Employee Free Choice Act
  247. SNL bailout skit
  248. McCain/Palin closing in
  249. Let's pretend...
  250. Another classy Democrat!