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  1. Fairness Doctrine Vote Not Happening, House Majority Leader Says
  2. Obama Is Smart Enough
  3. Real Hope... Real Change
  4. Obama wants to pay reparations
  5. Where We Are Now In Iraq
  6. McCain Gains on Obama in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania
  7. Obama’s Answer to Drilling Debate: Inflate Your Tires
  8. Edwards ending college program
  9. Johnny Lib To Jump In Bed With Nancy If Elected
  10. Congres Ready To Go On Vacation - Nothing On Drilling Thus Far
  11. Presidential candidates agree to trash Constitution!
  12. Why McCain is Wrong on Iraq
  13. video-Leave Barack Alone!
  14. McCain Gaining?
  15. What's Up With This? Given: Obama Wins
  16. The Two Most Vicious Cartoons of the Campaign...So Far
  17. Obama plays race card
  18. Pelosi Tries To Pass The Buck
  19. Obama Is The Next Carter
  20. Obama wants $1000 "energy rebates" for all
  21. McCain will win in November - taking bets!
  22. Video: Dems won’t act even at $10 per gallon
  23. Obama Heckled in FL
  24. Obama's 'emergency' economic plan
  25. No 'Material Girl' Here
  26. Wal Mart Mobilizes Against Dems
  27. what is the difference between the green, libertarian, american independent & peace &
  28. Barack - The One
  29. What party are you registered with?
  30. Pelosi Calls Police To Clear House Chamber
  31. I found a picture of the candidates side by side
  32. Obama is Moses? New Video - LOL!!
  33. New Book: The Obama Nation Leftist Politics And The Cult Of Personality
  34. Hello, Vice President Kaine?
  35. A Flip, A Flop, Perhaps a Pirouette?
  36. McCain Hits Harder
  37. Too Slick? "The One"
  38. Obama Aide Concedes 'Dollar Bill' Remark Referred to His Race
  39. John McCain: Elitist
  40. Obama a frady cat? Backs away from debate challenge.
  41. Has The Iraq Government Accomplished More Then The US Congress?
  42. The Media Really Doesn't Get That They Are The Flock
  43. John McCain: Flip-flop or Sell-out?
  44. Kurtz: Obama's "Lost Years"
  45. Perhaps Obama Needs To Repeat & Clarify
  46. Mr. Murtha: Cold Blooded Murders?
  47. Clinton Embraces Return to Ambassador Role
  48. White House Briefed On Potential For Mars Life
  49. Rich Begin Feeling The Pain In Down Economy
  50. Fewest Treasury Traders Since 1960 Hit Taxpayers
  51. Obama’s Trip: No Bounce, No Flags, No Wounded Soldiers
  52. Obama Ad Calls For Return Of Windfall Profits Tax
  53. 8-4-08/Monday Rasmussen Poll Says McCain 1 Point Ahead of B.O. Nationally
  54. Barack Backfire - 53% View Recent Comments as Racist
  55. Why Are You Paying For This?
  56. GOP: Lift Drilling Ban or Risk Shutdown
  57. If Obama Loses It's The South's Fault: Racists
  58. Boyd Vs Alinsky: Let The Best Strategy Win
  59. McCain Not First to Compare Obama to Paris Hilton
  60. Drilling For Victory
  61. Another Obama Flip Flop
  62. Drill, Drill, Drill Is Working
  63. Where’s the Landslide?
  64. Pelosi: Republicans Doing the War Dance on Oil in Congress
  65. Mr. Obama, Welcome to the NFL!
  66. video-Confronting Rep. William Jefferson about ethics in Congress
  67. Falling oil prices: The downside
  68. There Must Be A Snowball In Hell
  69. Critical of McCain, Obama quiet on own energy vote
  70. An Open Letter To Obama In 'The Nation'
  71. TIME Defends Obama's Tire Inflation Energy Plan
  72. Implossion: Why Obama Can't Win From Huffington
  73. McCain Should Not Fear A 'Bush Clone' Label
  74. Mike Gravel Beyond Weird
  75. An Invite To House Democrats
  76. Obama Is 'Post Modernist' Reason Us Oldsters Don't Get Him?
  77. the best reason yet to vote mccain....
  78. Another Reason To Ban Knives
  79. Nancy's Cynical Summer - The Speaker's Energy Obstructionism
  80. Paris Responds
  81. US top court refuses to halt Mexican's execution
  82. It's Still Obama's To Lose
  83. Pelosi On The Ropes
  84. Obama Plays Ignorant Card
  85. Obama site: Jews must be 'burned'
  86. GOP to Pelosi: Open These Doors So We Can Vote
  87. Obama stalls in public polling
  88. Sean Hannity Challenges Barack Obama
  89. 48% polled tired of hearing about Obama
  90. Gallup: Congress as Much to Blame for Oil Prices as Gouging
  91. The Media Is Growing Concerned
  92. Obama Does Not Like Questions During Interviews
  93. Topless Biker Babes and Touchy Tire Gauges
  94. I still think this is one of the ...
  95. Pawlenty is not looking like a good choice to me
  96. New Conservative Info Site
  97. Obama shows more signs of hypocrisy
  98. Democrats Increasingly Frustrated with Edwards
  99. video--Son of a Beach
  100. Voter Drive In Milwaukee Runs Into Problems
  101. Ted Poe for President
  102. An Interesting Question
  103. Preemptive?
  104. Could Obama still lose the nomination?
  105. Obama's Abstract Patriotism
  106. Recycling Jimmy Carter
  107. Which Party Would This Be?
  108. What Goes Around Comes Around
  109. Uh, America Has Gone Downhill? It Used To Be Better?
  110. Al Gore, the Oilman Who Hates Oil
  111. Hurricane Hillary
  112. Gee, Will This Ad Be Labeled 'Racist'?
  113. Obama tells 7-year-old America not so great
  114. Al Gore As Head OF EPA?
  115. Federal Officers to Obama: We’re No Terrorists
  116. Cool!!!
  117. Post a video/song and tell us which politician it represents
  118. One Nation, Under a New Obama Salute
  119. What A Difference A Month Makes
  120. Pres Bush Isn't The Bad Guy
  121. ABC Snubbed As Mods For Debates
  122. Ooops On Exxon For Obama
  123. A Drilling Plan Full of Holes
  124. Racism and the Media
  125. VP Cheney WILL Speak At GOP Convention
  126. The Democrat Plan for Losing
  127. Democratic jitters as Obama heads home
  128. video-Michelle and Barack Obama INSULT America
  129. McCain Catches On: It's All About Obama
  130. 7 year Old Tells Michelle Obama to "Finish What We Started In Iraq"
  131. On Friday, Where We Are Today
  132. Group Plans Campaign Against G.O.P. Donors
  133. Atlantic Monthly To Publish Clinton Memos
  134. Watch the Ego, Obama
  135. Better for the Dems to lose?
  136. McCain the Antichrist?
  137. Cindy Sheehan On The Ballot!!!!!!!!!!!!
  138. GOP Warned: Swiftboaters Will Be Exposed As The Liars They Are
  139. Supremacists Hope For Boost From Obama Win
  140. Tenn. Democrat Beats Lawyer Who Linked Him To KKK
  141. Dick Cheney: RNC Convention-Bound
  142. Obama Supports Union Ploy to Drop Secret Ballots
  143. McCain Being McCained
  144. Obama Is the Anti-Christ?
  145. Obama close to VP choice
  146. Obama Executes Another Pirouette Regarding Georgia
  147. Obama's fake birth certificate forged from original of a woman
  148. Dem VP to speak on national security
  149. How Is John McCain's Affair Different from John Edwards'?
  150. Pelosi Changing Stance On Drilling?
  151. MSM: Headlined McCain, Meme Is Obama
  152. Backers want Clinton nominated at convention
  153. I Don't Care For Obama, BUT
  154. Mistake: McCain Would Back Georgia In Nato
  155. New documents show Obama cover-up on born-alive survivors bill
  156. Since RSR won't do it I will.
  157. Politics of the Race Card
  158. Obama's problem with white, male voters
  159. City readies warehouse for mass DNC arrests
  160. Required To Volunteer?
  161. Pelosi and Pickens Picking the Taxpayer's Pockets
  162. McCain picks up a key endorsement
  163. Pretty good bumper sticker
  164. Obama and Cocaine: This Is Your Brain
  165. Clinton Rallies Planned for Convention
  166. Cindy McCain's glass house
  167. McCain opposed 2004 "swift boat" campaign
  168. To aid Obama, Kerry takes on an old foe
  169. Corsi, Swift Boats, Obama, The Enquirer, and Smears
  170. Reasons not to vote for McCain
  171. Hillary Clinton's name to be placed in nomination
  172. The Obama Prayer
  173. Another Pirouette? Obama As Rudolf Nureyev
  174. Pelosi: Lieberman's Obama remarks 'irresponsible'
  175. Obama's Radical Roots And Rules
  176. "In the 21st century, nations don’t invade other nations."
  177. Barack Obama blinks in Hillary face-off
  178. Dangerous Times In Georgia Demand Serious Leadership
  179. video-Barack Obama: The Taxman Cometh
  180. Obama's Foreign Donors: The media averts its eyes
  181. McCain's foreign policy gaffes
  182. McCain Says "Gotta Keep Your Sense Of Humor" About Anti-Obama Book
  183. Study: Troops Deployed Abroad Gave Six Times More To Obama Than To McCain
  184. Democrats need support
  185. video-Traitor Howard Dean calls GOP the "White" party
  186. Let's talk about gaffes then
  187. McCain: Buying American is disgraceful.
  188. Kerry For Vice President?
  189. Rep.: Half of House Dems may vote Hillary at DNC
  190. Some Are "Gaffes", Some Are Lessons Mislearned
  191. Rev. Jeremiah Wright has 'October surprise' for Obama
  192. Unfortunate New Meaning for BDS
  193. Pelosi Flip Flops On Drilling But Only If Taxes Are Raised
  194. Is The NY Times Turning On Obama?
  195. “Diversity” in Howard Dean’s Democrat Party
  196. A Militia? A Force?
  197. It's above my paygrade
  198. A question for Republicans
  199. Wesley Clark Goes Under The Bus
  200. Saddleback: The Contrast
  201. "Experience" A Word NOT To Use
  202. Obama's Problem With Illinois Legislation
  203. Obama Meets With 'Swift Boats' Bankroller T. Boone Pickens
  204. if you couldnt vote for no-change obama or half-way mc-cain who would you vote for ?
  205. video-The Chronicles Of The Obamessiah, Volume I: The Adulteress
  206. Long Term Saddleback
  207. Why the backtracking?
  208. 2 Quizzes
  209. No More Hugs As Obama Tears Into McCain
  210. Despite Assurances, McCain Wasn’t In A ‘Cone Of Silence’
  211. Cue Hillary - Exit Stage Left?
  212. McCain reopens the national security gap
  213. Why Is The Election So Close?
  214. The argument against domestic oil exploration
  215. Pelosi Praises Obama As God's Gift to AmeriKKKa
  216. DNC Convention Credentials Feature Upside-Down Flag
  217. McCain's VP choice
  218. Lessons From The Depression
  219. Freedom of Speech?
  220. For Obama, Taxes Are About Fairness
  221. Hillary Still Working On Delegates
  222. Election year raises House earmarks
  223. Obama's VP Choice
  224. Calling Sandy Berger!
  225. Chicago: It's Different Here
  226. Lieberman as a Rep. VP.
  227. 200-plus years of campaign dirty tricks
  228. MSNBC Moves Further Left
  229. What Else Is Above Obama's Pay Grade?
  230. McCain 5 Point Lead
  231. Group Wants To Make 9-11 a Campaign Free Day
  232. 25 signs you might be a liberal
  233. Buyer's Remorse and The Democratic Convention
  234. Lieberman Was A Democratic VP Prick: AP
  235. Republicans who still don't accept McCain
  236. Biden is Democratic favorite for Obama's No. 2
  237. Lieberman to Speak at GOP Convention
  238. Inflated Expectations, and Ego, Hurting Obama
  239. Words Biden Would Like To Forget
  240. Pelosi's Spatula
  241. CNN Producer Pitched 'Video Strategy' to Obama Campaign, Got Job
  242. "Three Emails" Why I'll Vote For McCain
  243. Since you offered Obama, I challenge your patriotism.
  244. Hillary Clinton Creates 'whip team'
  245. Poll: McCain holds edge on patriotism
  246. Now Comes Election Projection
  247. Coming To Denver
  248. Giuliani and Romney Crash DNC
  249. McCain not sure how many houses he has
  250. Obama makes VP selection