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  1. obama wear
  2. Obama: Republicans oppose govt Health Care purely for political gain (???)
  3. Physician & Rep. Price Gives GOP Weekly Address-- Fact-Checks Obamacare Myths
  4. video-One Single Payer System
  5. Garofalo: Tea Party Protesters 'Functionally Retarded Adults'
  6. Your Tax Dollars to Sell 'ObamaCare'
  7. Obama Revives VA Death Book
  8. Marine Corps Vet Blasts Dem For "Brown Shirts" Remark
  9. Obama's Brick Wall: The American People
  10. even good ole joe thinks we can wait
  11. what do you think of this video
  12. Maine's Obamacare Fails
  13. GOP challengers would beat Harry Reid
  14. Obama Approval At All Time Low
  15. my first townhall
  16. HUMMER Dealer Starts Selling Guns to Make Ends Meet
  17. I'm on a tele-townhall meeting right now.
  18. Glenn Beck Exposes Obama's Radical "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones - 8/24/09
  19. Healthcare Bill Includes $10 Billion Earmarked For Union Retirees
  20. Obama Blames Bush For Record Defict - Not His Record Spending
  21. White House, CBO debt forecasts challenge Obama
  22. Tea parties - Town meetings = what next?
  23. convicts get stim checks
  24. In Their Own Words... Glenn Beck Exposes the Socialist Left's Best Hits On Capitalism
  25. Bombshell!... Bill O'Reilly Announces Obamacare is Unconstitutional (Video)
  26. what happened to free speech?
  27. WA - Marine Corps Vet talks-down WA Liberal Representative.
  28. Obama Shadow Government contains strange bedfellows
  29. Dem vandalizes Dem party HQ
  30. will dems use teddy's death to munipulate setiment in the healthcare debate?
  31. Rush Was Right - Again!!!!
  32. conversation with my dad
  33. Inspired by Saul Alinsky, FCC 'Diversity' Chief Calls for ‘Confrontational Movement’
  34. Rush, Beck Warn Obama Administration Trying to Bring Country to Its Knees
  35. Democrat House Health Care bill divulges IRS tax data
  36. Charity: Not in the Constitution (a must-read!)
  37. Important to know about
  38. i get it senator kennedy was paul the apostle
  39. ABC, NBC Won't Air Ad Critical of Obama's Health Care Plan
  40. Huffington Post Wants You To Snitch On Your Doctor
  41. Video: Dean says no tort reform because trial lawyers too intimidating
  42. Nancy Pelosi asks for $100K to fight 'smears'
  43. Dem Rep & Communist: "Opponents Want to Destroy President Who Looks Like Me... Fidel
  44. Amerika the once beautiful
  45. Undercover with Liberals! (RIP Crowder)
  46. Chances of health compromise take another blow
  47. Up to 1,000 rally in NYC for health care bill
  48. Sen. Enzi Delivers Weekly GOP Address: "The Dem's Health Bills Will Raid Medicare & C
  49. Obama - "Worst Of Both Worlds"
  50. Rasmussen: Vacation/Eulogy No Help For Obama
  51. Protests Taking On Lives of Their Own
  52. Harry Reid! This Is NOT The Way To Win Re-election
  53. Cop: it ain't America no more
  54. UK - Prisons Spend More on Food Then Hospitals
  55. The President's Political Rorshach Test
  56. Obama’s Website: Disagree With Health Care, You’re a “Domestic Terrorist”
  57. video-Obama Advisor Van Jones: Republicans "are assholes"
  58. Obama Weighing Health Care Strategy Shift
  59. Why on Earth do people want medical insurance to pay for every pill, every exam,etc.?
  60. Pledge To Be a Servant To Obama?
  61. Matthews Plays Race Card - Again
  62. Biden: Stimulus doing more `than we had hoped'
  63. Video: Rep. Pete Stark tells interviewer, “Get the f**k out of here or I’ll throw you
  64. Any you guys watching Beck tonight?
  65. Could It Be?
  66. So, just say what you think, but make it count.....
  67. Czarist Insanity In America
  68. Schultz: I never saw Bush=Hitler signs!
  69. Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama & do-it-yourself vetting
  70. john stossel on healthcare
  71. Experiencing Obama's Hope and Change First hand
  72. Finally a "cash for klunkers" program that might do some good!
  73. Liberals push Obama to make gov't-run health care
  74. Sing It... Van Jones Cut Hate-Filled Music Recordings, Too! (Video)
  75. Congressman Baron Hill - THis Is My Town Hall and I Make The Rules
  76. Pat Boone’s letter to elected representatives
  77. Van Jones: Only ‘Suburban White Kids’ Shoot Up Schools
  78. Why Organized Labor Supports Government Health Care
  79. Trailer - Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama
  80. Obama Just Thanked Big Labor
  81. Obama: Public option should be part of reform
  82. Krauhammer Drops Jeremiah Wright Bomb Says Van Jones' Lunacy "Is a Reflection of the
  83. The Great Liberal Narrative
  84. It's A Matter of Trust
  85. When Bush spoke to students, Democrats investigated, held hearings
  86. Maxine Waters Urges Obama to Pass Health Care Using the "Nuclear Option" - Video
  87. Obama: "America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership."
  88. Boy scouts now forbidden to bring penknives to camp
  89. Why Have Democrats Become Detached from Americans?
  90. Palin's WSJ Op Ed Nails Obamacare
  91. Would it be moral? Updated
  92. More accounts surfacing about govt-run health care in other countries
  93. Watch Obama?
  94. Another Nut Czar!
  95. Republican Congressman Joe Wilson yells "You Lie" to President Obama
  96. Obama crap meter
  97. Flashback: Democratic etiquette in the Bush era
  98. Obama Won’t Give Federal Insurance Benefits to Illegal Aliens, He’ll Make Them Legal
  99. Obama Healthcare Inconsistencies
  100. Federal judge rules police cannot detain citizen for openly carrying gun
  101. Second video emerges of ACORN helping set up prostitution house, this time in DC
  102. President obama, talking crap
  103. Obama’s Speech Prompts Ten Questions from Republicans
  104. White House stiffens against illegal immigrants
  105. Glenn Beck: Put the Country First
  106. Dems decry Wilson outburst - then close illegal's loophole in bill
  107. Alot Of Dimes Unaccounted For
  108. Baucus bill would destroy private health insurance
  109. Up to 2 million people at Tea Party in Washington DC
  110. They just won't get it
  111. Obamanites trash the Mall Jan. 20; Tea Partiers leave it clean Sept. 12
  112. Third video
  113. The Rush Limbaugh Proposition
  114. Found Nostradamus Predictions: ObamaCare, Czars, Joe Wilson and More!
  115. Fables for Adults (Thomas Sowell)
  116. Politico- so far obama is failing
  117. Which group of armed men should we fear?
  118. Arrest in L.I. church Hispanic hate crime case: Suspect is Hispanic
  119. Who deserves a Congressional rebuke?
  120. *Wilson Made Royal Mistake*
  121. Can You Afford 13% Of Your Income For Obamacare?
  122. Hypocrisy Alert: Dem Rep. Pete Stark Called Bush Liar On House Floor
  123. 45% Of Doctors Would Consider Quitting If Congress Passes Obamacare
  125. Carter Racism Claim
  126. Waters: Probe 'birthers and the teabaggers' at rallies for racist views
  127. Obama admin trading blood for oil: Higher mileage reqs will force even smaller cars
  128. ACORN changes its name, tries to silence critics via lawsuits
  129. Our greatest living statesman
  130. The Administration's "Socialism"
  131. Harry Reid: Health care bill won’t work for Nevada
  132. Obama Admin: Cap And Trade Could Cost Families $1,761 A Year
  134. Clunker Math
  135. Well at least it wasn't a lie!
  136. Video: Palm Springs Tea Party July 17, 2009
  137. TIME Attacks Glenn Beck
  138. Video-Obama ‘07 Revelation: Health Care Reform Requires Tax Hikes — Savings Just a Th
  139. How do the left and right differ?
  140. Losing the Moral High Ground
  141. MA Moves a Step Closer to Reversing Law to Appoint Successor to Kennedy
  142. Yes, Obamacare will fund abortions
  143. Pelosi Chokes Up Warning Against Political Violence
  144. Obama: Legalize illegals to get them health care
  145. Taxpayer Funded Serve.gov Filtering Activists to ACORN
  146. Americans United Against the Latino Terrorist & Domestic Enemy George Lopez
  147. Obama Snubs Fox News Again
  148. Michigan Leads in Jobless Rate, Again
  149. Obama Criticism Flow Chart
  150. Dems push expanded Community Reinvestment Act
  151. Supreme Court Asked To Stop 2nd Execution Try
  152. US jobs picture may worsen in coming months: Obama
  153. Another Obama Lie
  154. Voluntary Servitude by Deception
  155. Obama - Media Rewards "Rude" Behavior
  156. Obama open to newspaper bailout bill
  157. Contradictions of Socialism (I saw the future & ran away)
  158. FOX news and the Body Politic
  159. Liberal Media Hypocrisy Test
  160. What Do You Mean It's Not Racist?
  161. Boycott the Glenn Beck Boycott!
  162. and you wonder why I hate california/colleges in america
  163. California sucks, and I live here :)
  164. Yes Pres Obama It IS a Tax Increase
  165. Blaming Bush again seen as risky
  166. Tea Party Express: Countdown to Judgment Day
  167. Why aren't dealers' "Cash for Clunkers" rebates getting processed?
  168. Obama the impotent
  169. Our Judeo-Christian Nation
  170. Video: George Lopez vs. Barack Obama
  171. Reid Threatens 'Nuclear Option' to Pass Obamacare
  172. Budget chief contradicts Obama on Medicare costs
  173. NBC Poll: Obamacare Still Sagging
  174. new democratic cereal
  175. Obama demands work on climate change, despite no evidence that man can affect climate
  176. Insights from long ago - while reading a book I saw...
  177. Humana being investigated for telling truth about Obamacare
  178. Obama's UN Speech
  179. Income Redistribution
  180. The Left Is Right — Taxes Are a Moral Issue
  181. Ed Scultz - "Republicans Want You Dead"
  182. Administration Will Cut Border Patrol Deployed on U.S-Mexico Border
  183. Al Franken Reads the 4th Amendment to Justice Department Official
  184. Obama sworn in as ‘World President’
  185. Video: Did Obama send cardboard cutout to UN?
  186. Didn't buy Obama insurance, didn't pay fine? Penalty: Up to 1 year jail, $25,000 fine
  187. NBC 'Dateline' Producer to Anti-ACORN Group: 'Bite Me Jew Boy'
  188. How Much Regulations Are Too Much?
  189. Why Are 15 Million Americans Unemployed When 8.3 Million Illegals Have Jobs?
  190. Capitol Hill Switchboard Promoting Obamacare
  191. *Roman Polanski Arrested For Rape 13 Year Old*
  192. ACORN is just the first step...
  193. Bill Clinton - Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Now After Obama
  194. House Democrats considering insurance tax
  195. Mr. President, please stay off TV
  196. Obama plans world domination
  197. Wall Street money rains on Schumer
  198. Who Killed California?
  199. Linda McMahon Running For Dodd's Senate Seat
  200. We The People Stimulus Package
  201. Senate votes against gov health plan
  202. Health Care Mandate Sparks Constitutional Debate
  203. More of the Same
  204. Washington Post - Time for Obama to Act Like a President
  205. Michael Moore Issues Threat To Blue Dogs
  206. Kerry - "I Do Not Know What Cap and Trade Is"
  207. Obama - A New Stimulus Jolt
  208. E. Cleveland mayor caught in cross dressing scandal
  209. Supreme Court agrees to rule on Chicago handgun ban
  210. Fitting memento for 60th anniversary of Communist China
  211. Fitting memento for 60th anniversary of Communist China
  212. 2010 Great American Conservative Women
  213. Democratic Lawmaker Likens Health Care Crisis to a 'Holocaust'
  214. what do you think of this?
  215. Demoacrt speaks out on the floor about Republicans healthcare
  216. Safe School Czar allows molestation to go on
  217. Sarah Palin's book leaps to #1 spot in two days
  218. Michelle Obama: It's a 'sacrifice' to travel to Europe to pitch for the Olympics
  219. Massive Tax Increases in Obamacare Bill
  220. Agnapostate - The Good Communist
  221. FOX News Poll: National Debt Hurting The Country
  222. Economy loses 263,000 jobs in September; jobless rate at 9.8 percent
  223. Obama’s not-so-secret plan to raise taxes
  224. Anybody seen Pelosi's tear-jerking "concern" lately?
  225. Obama To Tax Seniors Medical Equipment To Try To Pay For Obamacare
  226. Capitalism vs. Socialism
  227. California Nightmaring, With Mass Immigration A Key Demon
  228. Health insurance bills could be hardship for many
  229. Top Ten Reasons Chicago didn't get the Olympics
  230. SBL - Obama's Accomplishments
  231. Is Minimum Wage Increase Responsible For Record Teen Unemployment?
  232. The health care taxman cometh
  233. Doctors protest Obama Health Care!!
  234. Guess Who Has the Highest Medical Claim Rejection Rate?
  235. Real Estate & Off Shore Banking
  236. Gibbs: Obama Has Only ‘Read a Decent Part’ of Obamacare
  237. A Helpful Obama Glossary
  238. The ‘No kids’ debate continues
  239. Pelosi - VAT Tax "On The Table"
  240. Backdoor insurance for illegals
  241. What Year Did Health Insurance
  242. What Is "Liberalism" ???
  243. Sunstein: Americans too racist for socialism
  244. Detroit Getting Stimulated On Stimulus Money
  245. 54% Favor Middle-Class Tax Cuts Over New Spending on Health Care
  246. Even The Brits Are Asking "Obama Won What?"
  247. Obamacare - Tax Increases Now, "Benefits" Years Later
  248. White House - Fox News Is Not A News Network
  249. Calif gov Schwarzenegger signs ammo-registration bill into law
  250. Rush Limbaugh: I love to ‘yank media’s chain’