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  1. Goodbye Sanjay!
  2. Should We Bring Back the Misery Index?
  3. I told you so.
  4. Deception at core of Obama plans
  5. Both parties love big government _ just different programs
  6. 2009 budget
  7. Obama lying again?
  8. Obama Channels Cheney
  9. Another Of the 'Elites' Is Shocked, Just Shocked
  10. Hanson: Bad/Bad
  11. Wanting Him To Fail
  12. Dow's Decline Is Fastest for a New President in Nearly a Century
  13. Charlie Rangel - Mind your own ***Damn Business
  14. Trickle Down Obamanomics.....
  15. Barack Obama 'too tired' to give proper welcome to Gordon Brown
  16. MSNBC Poll Has Obama Getting an "F"
  17. Obamas Numbers Tanking, Disapproval Strongly Up
  18. Pelosi Uses Military Planes As Personal Carriers
  19. Another Stimulus Package?????
  20. Page: Head's Should Roll!
  21. Stimulus dollars may end up helping illegal workers
  22. SOWELL: Subsidizing bad decisions
  23. 50 Days In - Here Is The Obama Record
  24. Rush - The Great Right Hope?
  25. Obama lied, admits pork, accepts imperfect bill
  26. Obama in charge....
  27. Signing statements: bad if done by bush, good if done by obama
  28. "Too Busy" That's A King
  29. Conservatives aren't strict constructionists after all
  30. No Comment
  31. Flashback: Carville Wanted Bush to Fail
  32. Our Prince and The Dragon, Wealth
  33. 2 arrested in FBI raid at Obama appointee's office
  34. Video: Bill Clinton doesnít understand human biology?
  35. An interesting event in Texas
  36. Seatbelts?
  37. Remembering The Alamo By Chuck Baldwin
  38. Five Conservative Values
  39. "Tax The Vets" Brilliant Idea
  40. Blago's Bronx Cousin? Our New "Urban Czar"
  41. Welcome To National Results: Chicago Style!
  42. Spend, Spend, Spend?
  43. anyone watching 20/20 tonight?
  44. Obama's Poll Numbers Are Falling to Earth
  45. Chief Justice Roberts To Read Obama's Birth Certificate?
  46. A message from Acorn
  47. Progressive Taxation
  48. will the recession end in 09
  49. We The People Stimulus package
  50. Got a Ron Paul sticker or "Don't Tread On Me" flag? You're a suspected terrorist!
  51. Charles Freemanís disloyalty allegations by Kevin MacDonald
  52. ya think?
  53. Dodd admits he lied about bonus loophole
  54. TOTUS speaks
  55. House introduces top income tax rate of 90%
  56. Barney the Frank finally gets one right
  57. Genes Determine Brainís Processing Speed
  58. Steyn: Texas Idiot and Whip-Smartest Administration
  59. The "Official" Obama Gaffes Thread
  60. Ron Paul on Congressís phony AIG outrage and bogus bonus tax
  61. While America Slept
  62. Embryonic stem cell research: Obama takes two steps forward, two steps back
  63. Video: Arnoldís got a fee-vah and the only prescription is more Barack Obama!
  64. "I can beat President Obama"
  65. All May Not Be Lost
  66. This Is NOT Going To Help Obama or the Democrats
  67. Some perspective...please.
  68. Another Diversion? Or What's Up With Conyers?
  69. Killer Steyn: The Outrage Kubuki
  70. Obama is a puppet
  71. Long Beach California set to vote on the registration of ammunition
  72. Obama is a liar or just plain stupid
  73. Kroft to Obama: Are you punch-drunk?
  74. Obama wants you to pledge loyalty to him and he is sending his Zombies to your front
  75. Obama DOJ Sides With RIAA
  76. Senate moves to triple Americorps
  77. "You were created by the magicians; return to your dust..."
  78. Geithner Asks Congress for Broad Power to Seize Firms
  79. Using Palin
  80. Chuck Norris - I may run for President... of Texas
  81. Congress moves to bail out print newspapers... and regulate more of what they print
  82. Laugh or cry ???
  83. Damn! Is the media FINALLY getting it..
  84. Legacies
  85. Didn't Take Long, Obama's 'News Conference'
  86. 10 Surprising Facts about American Health Care
  87. Era of spend and blame
  88. The GOP budget...
  89. The Numbers Are Falling....
  90. Senate kills Vitterís ACORN amendment
  91. Will A Weaker America Be A More "Just" America?
  92. President of the United States directs a private citizen to quit his job
  93. I Shouldn't have voted for McCain
  94. Single Largest Cigarette Tax Hike Goes Into Effect Wednesday
  95. Nationalized health care
  96. Obama's First Judicial Nominee - Far Left, Partisan And Well Connected
  97. National Policy Institute: Reclaiming Our History, Our Heritage, Our Culture
  98. Mexico's war must be our war
  99. Obama Starts With I, Me, My...
  100. Oh my: Dem strategists set to give Palin the Limbaugh treatment
  101. Rush to New York: Drop Dead
  102. What is America's true form of government?
  103. Now They Are Going For Salary Controls
  104. So, when can we expect the President of the US to order union heads to quit?
  105. A Rookie President
  106. Quick!!! While Heís Outta the Country, Letís Change it Back to ĎAmericaí!!!!!!!
  107. The Second American Revolution - We The People
  108. Obama's revenge against GM
  109. Video: Rush on Obamaís redistributionism
  110. Caught the Obama/Brown Conference This Morning
  111. Coattails? Couldn't Get Shorter...
  112. Obama recession
  113. Feds seek to toss Sen. Stevens conviction
  114. Most of you know i don't get into politics like some of you do
  115. Blago Indictment Coming Today?
  116. kissing the ring of our masters...
  117. Trying Times On the Foreign Front
  118. Pro-Obama Bias?
  119. House Approves Plan to Give FDA Regulatory Power Over Tobacco
  120. Who Would Have Thought? Congresspeople Acting Political?
  121. Gingrich Warns of 3rd Party Possibility in 2012
  122. Military strained by Obama trip
  123. The Chicago Way On Penn Ave.
  124. Want To Hear A Libertarian?
  125. The ASSCLOWN Embarrasses America again
  126. France's first lady backs off from Obama kiss
  127. Ain't it the truth!
  128. Obama's Ultimate Agenda
  129. Obama begins to repair US reputation abroad...
  130. Not Funny: Then Bush, Now Obama
  131. Libs Worried About Conservatives?????
  132. have you noticed
  133. video-Obama Speaks Of Need For A Global Regime
  134. Take the Limbaugh Challenge
  135. Estate Tax Amendment Both Unnecessary and Unaffordable
  136. Since Obama is increasing sin taxes, like cigarettes, how about this?
  137. Experiment in Socialism
  138. ACORN, HuffPo Organizing Efforts to Infiltrate Tax Day Tea Parties
  139. Dems Show Their Love For Castro
  140. Nonsmokers live longer and cost society more in medical expenses
  141. Citing Racism, Walgreens Pulls 'Chia Obama'
  142. Obama rejects Normandy trip to avoid offending Germany
  143. Turkish Flash T.V. MOCKS U.S President Obama
  144. Fox News and its connection to the Pittsburgh cop massacre
  145. Tits For Tots Is A-OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  146. KBR Busted In Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  147. Whitehouse: Obama didn't bow to Saudi King. He's just tall.
  148. Liberals Urge Lawsuits to Boost Voter Register Among Low-Income People
  149. Government Deception
  150. Tyranny?
  151. Rush Elaborates on NY Tax 'Tipping Point' Departure; Claims Auditors Wanted to Search
  152. Socialists are winning, like it or not!
  153. Welcome to Obama World
  154. Joe Biden: the serial liar
  155. Obama Using ACORN For Census
  156. Fleischer: 'Where is the Press' in Checking Biden's Claim?
  157. Government Workers Make More Than The Rest of Us
  158. Federal budget deficit sets March record $192.3B
  159. Obamas fly in chef 860 miles... just to make pizza
  160. Schumer: The time for traditional values and strong foreign policy has passed
  161. Federal Cigarette Tax Increase Means Nearly $2.3 Billion Reduction in Revenue for Sta
  162. Republican Senators say Obama will eliminate jobs
  163. I Smell a Rat
  164. I Apologize For My Nation
  165. Kurtz Acknowledges CNNís Lack of Tea Party Coverage -- On His CNN Show
  166. Chicago Politics
  167. The Bush Six To Be Indicted
  168. JUDGES: Franken Winner Of Senate Race
  169. Stephen Moore Challenges Matthews to Attend Tea Party
  170. The End of Private Health Insurance
  171. Does Anyone Remember This ?
  172. Obama's "Surprise" Vist To Iraq Was Staged
  173. Guthrie Decides Obama Gave a Great Speech - My Boss Told Me So
  174. Homeland Security Warns of Rise in Right-Wing Extremism
  175. ALAN COLMES: Tax Day ó A Day to Celebrate, Not Protest
  176. France NOT impressed with bambam
  177. Tea Parties - Anyone going?
  178. Dear Liberal Senator
  179. My Tea Party Experience
  180. UPDATED: NPI: Reclaiming Our History, Our Heritage, Our Culture
  181. ABC: Obama 'Unaware of Tea Parties'
  182. TEA Parties "despicable", "shameful" according to Democrat Illinois congressthing
  183. obama/biden hypocritical on taxes
  184. Perry says texas can leave the union if it wants...
  185. Why Does the Left Hate the Tea Parties and Those Who Attended Them
  186. Do you believe....
  187. Obama: Counting Our Sins, Even When Not Sins
  188. I'm changing Party Registration to democrat
  189. 1934 Cartoon Could Be Penned Today
  190. Should we attempt talks with CUBA?
  191. 9th Circus Court of Appeals: The 2nd amend is now incorporated
  192. More pirates approaching - should we use snipers again?
  193. Even Krugman Calls Obama Out
  194. Are you an "extremist"? - Thomas Sowell
  195. Founder of Minute Men to challenge McCain 2010!
  196. Why does Obama smile at dictators?
  197. Will "Torture" Hearings Include Democrats?
  198. AP IMPACT: Secret tally has 87,215 Iraqis dead
  199. Obama Earth Day Flights Burned More Than 9,000 Gallons Of Fuel
  200. Pelosi Says She Wasn't Briefed On Torture
  201. Gore, Gingrich face off on climate
  202. Missteps? New Crisis Created
  203. Obama Worship Goes Into Overdrive as 100-Day Mark Approaches
  204. First 100 Days: Obama's Federal Spending Spree
  205. Civility and Tolerance in the Age of Obama
  206. Forget That Tax Cut For 95% of Americans
  207. TIME - Leading The Cheers For Obama
  208. return slaves to their rightful owner
  209. Obama Team Reverses Union Transparency
  210. Public Remains Divided Over Use of "Torture"
  211. I found a bi-partisan thing both sides can get behind! :)
  212. Obama Talks To TelePrompter: "Speed Up"
  213. U.S. regulatory czar nominee wants Net 'Fairness Doctrine'
  214. After 100 Days These Are The Accomplishments????
  215. Worst-kept secret in the country: Arlen Specter is a Democrat
  216. Specter's departure a wake-up call for GOP
  217. Nine questions we each need to answer about torture
  218. The Rooted and the Rootless by Patrick J. Buchanan
  219. We need David Frost to interview "W"
  220. EPA fulfills Obamaís promise on coal - put them out of business
  221. 10 decisions for Obama's next 100 days
  222. Obama stretching the truth a little?
  223. Obama Trashes Fox and the Tea Parties
  224. Mortgage Bailout Expanded to Second Mortgages
  225. Tea Parties, Truth, and Capitalism
  226. Supreme Court Justice Souter To Retire
  227. Biden Stickes Foot In Mouth Again - Gibbs Tries To Spin
  228. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) Admits Obama Healthcare Plan Will Destroy Insurance Industry
  229. Senate Dems to decide Specters seniority by SECRET BALLOT
  230. Pelosi Tries To Cover Corruption In the "Age of Transparency"
  231. Obama's war on free speech
  232. Specter: GOP priorities contributed to Kemp death
  233. Lifesaving Memos
  234. Bring back the "Fairness Doctrine"... for everybody
  235. Obama Going After Tax Cheats?
  236. fair or over reachin?
  237. Not enough Muslims? More are on the way..
  238. would they just burn her at the stake already
  239. Chrysler Won't Repay Bailout Money
  240. White House puts UAW ahead of property rights
  241. How Long Before Obama Flipflops on Gay Marriage?
  242. 7 Pa. ACORN workers facing voter-form charges
  243. Political perks for the thieves in DC...
  244. Obama to cut slain officers program almost in half
  245. 539,000 Lost Jobs - Unemployment hits 8.9%
  246. Liberal States = Less Freedom
  247. When will the "BUSH LIED!!!" crowd start complaining about Pelosi's fibs?
  248. political identity crises
  249. Welfare for Terrorists?
  250. shocking... Not