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  1. Time to end this monkey business?
  2. Debate Two - Bland Cold Cuts and Stale Leftovers
  3. Why isn't Obama up by at least 15
  4. Ayers met Hugo in 2006
  5. Another Important Friend Of Obama
  6. They who own the media, make the rules
  7. Reporters close up on both campaigns
  8. Obama makes his plane stink! LOL
  9. One demographic still supports McCain.
  10. The Coming Counterrevolution To Hush The Alternative Media
  11. Barack Obama and Raila Odinga -- Did the Illinois senator violate the Logan Act in ca
  12. Health Care a 'right' - Obama
  13. Is ACORN Stealing The Election?
  14. Caplis Reports: The Obama Tapes
  15. Time to go to the woods for a while?
  16. I dont get the whole...
  17. video-1000 Sundays
  18. Take down the birdfeeder already! It says it all.
  19. The truth on Obama - Video
  20. Obama Ayers ads
  21. 'Rednecks for Obama' want to bridge yawning culture gap
  22. McCain is naming democrats
  23. Dem Strategists See Landslide In The Making
  24. McCain Didn’t Report Ties To Contra Group
  25. Obama camp downplays payments to ACORN
  26. Drudge report: Obama tried to keep troops in Iraq
  27. Federal judge rules against Ohio Democrat to verify voter registrations
  28. video - louis farrakhan Calls OBAMA the messiah!
  29. got the race card played on me today....
  30. Obama the dimwitted asshole
  31. Coulter Destroys Home Depot's Joe Biden's Debate Bullshit
  32. John McCain: Desperate and Dishonest
  33. Rush Limbaugh can't handle criticism of Palin? Too bad
  34. Rocker Ted Nugent: What I'd Do as President
  35. Grassroots "Kids for Obama Parade" (Organizing)
  36. Untold Chapter Of Troopergate
  37. Obama changes story on Ayers
  39. Pollster: Don’t believe the Dem hype
  40. Osama IS Osama
  41. Obama payments to ACORN
  42. Osama still has ties to terrorists
  43. the knife in Osama's back
  44. Labor Warns McCain About Crowds
  45. J. Lib Backpedals, Should Be In Olympic Cycling
  46. Huckabee on Economic Terrorism Possibilty
  47. Dateline: Dec '08 After Obama Win!
  48. McCain Can Kiss Ohio Goodbye
  49. Bill Ayers: Then and Now
  50. Palin booed at Flyer's game
  51. How can McCain run the country...
  52. Not So Bad; Bad; Very, Very Bad Obamanomics
  53. Republicans Are Angry, But Not Necessarily At Obama
  54. Looks Like Pelosi Has Declared Obama President
  55. This is the Democrat party..
  56. Republicans Tried To Prevent Fannie and Freddie Implosion
  57. SOWELL: The real Obama
  58. Crush the Obamedia narrative: Look who’s “gripped by insane rage”
  59. Iraq? Where?
  60. This is some very scary stuff!
  61. McCain Letter Demanded Action on Fannie and Freddie in 2006
  62. Right wing hypocrisy
  63. More Informed Obama Supporters
  64. The choice for John McCain
  65. A Pro McCain March in Manhattan
  66. Oops: “Barack Osama” on the ballot
  67. Too much pie?
  68. The Talk: Convince Your Family to Vote Obama
  69. In 1996 Dems Were Proud Of Ayers
  70. quite a kiss
  71. 10 dumb Sarah Palin quotes
  72. Dumb Obama Quotes
  73. House Dems Covering Up Another Sex Scandal
  74. The Democrat Party and those bad S-words.
  75. McCain's chances of winning = 2%
  76. Whoever winks the eye, causes trouble
  77. Sarah Palin - Hockey Mom, Conservative Icon, Playboy Playmate?
  78. Howard Stern Interviews Harlem voters..
  79. Obama to "spread wealth around"
  80. Feds and Rezko Piecing together Ayers, Giannoulias, Obama
  81. video=Obama supporters protest McCain endorsement
  82. Osama Finally Writes His Own Speech
  83. Acorn, Woods, Obama, Ayers
  84. 5000 New Registered Voters: First 2300 Are Fraudulent
  85. Barack Obama on Gun Control
  86. "Nice Try, Senator" - neverfindout.org
  87. The O Jesse Knows
  88. Be careful how you vote in 2008!!
  89. Sign wars
  90. "McCain-Palin Tradition" By Hank Williams Jr.
  91. Rise of the liberal Nazis
  92. End Affirmative Action! Sign NPI's Petition Today
  93. ACORN registers Mickey Mouse
  94. video-Ohio Plumber Says He Doesn't Want Obama's Socialism
  95. McCain's Debate Dilemma
  96. Obama's WealthSpread™: I Can't Believe It's Not Earned!
  97. Obama's birth stirs legal action in Washington
  98. McCain plays the race card
  99. Palin has history of ethics abuse
  100. Ex-FBI Agents Outraged at Obama-Ayers Ties
  101. More shouts of “kill him” directed at Obama during feisty Palin rally
  102. Repub couple charged $2300 for Obama contribution
  103. Angry man video McCain townhall meeting.
  104. Obama's first 100 days start early
  105. Meet Muhammad Hasan Chandoo & Wahid Hamid, Obama's friends
  106. John McCain
  107. State by State Election Fraud Investigations
  108. Michelle Obama Race Baiting Again
  109. About 200K Ohio Voters have Records Discrepencies
  110. Watching the debate
  111. Obama Campaign Issues Talking Points to the Media?
  112. Murtha: Western Pa. 'racist' but Obama should win
  113. Joe Biden: Jobs - A three letter word
  114. Why do we need Obama
  115. Senator Biden as VP.
  116. Barack Obama Magic 8-Ball
  117. Big Lies: Obama on Ayers, born-alive bill
  118. Conservatives have a fee-vah and the only prescription is more Joe the Plumber
  119. Now Libs Go After Joe The Plumber
  120. Why are so many spewing hate speech against ACORN?
  121. Was Hillary cheated?
  122. Keep your eyes on the prize
  123. Berg Lawsuit Against Obama
  124. Did Barack Obama just blow the 2008 election?
  125. Glenn Beck moves to FOX News
  126. Gallup has Obama up by 2 points
  127. McCain's Slip.."Senator Government" lol
  128. Joe The Plumber........American Shitbag
  129. Joe, you stupid f**king cockroach ..... man, you f**ked up big time, buddyboy.
  130. mccain's stand up at the alfred e smith dinner
  131. Obama Presses McCain in West Virginia; Threatens Former Republican Stronghold
  132. Obama Mocks Joe the Plumber, Crowd Laughs
  133. Jack Murtha Cancelling His Debate
  134. Another "and these people vote" moment...
  135. Al Franken Angrily Rushes Senator Coleman After Debate
  136. Hmmm, Obama's Campaign Treasurer Has TAX LIEN
  137. McCain will win!
  138. Searching for Obama's 95 Percent
  139. 24,000 Felons Will Receive Ballots for Election
  140. Hawaii ending universal child health care
  141. Boston ACORN Office Burglarized; Computers Stolen
  142. If Dems get Obama and a 60-seat Senate majority, what will we get?
  143. Intelligent Republicans abandon GOP ticket
  144. McCain support continues to evaporate
  145. The continuing racism of the GOP
  146. McCain's political hypocrisy
  147. Probably ain't all the truth, but it keeps turning up!
  148. Supreme Court Sides With Ohio Sec of State.....
  149. Obama is making fun of Plumbers
  150. Sarah Palin to do Saturday Night Live
  151. Obama's Abortion Extremism
  152. Glaring in it's absence: Illegal Immigration
  153. Blast from the past-Zogby Predicts Kerry Will Win
  154. Fascism Is Liberal
  155. "Family Values" Dem admits affairs
  156. Mideast leader: Obama a Muslim who studied in Islamic schools
  157. Pinch Yourself
  158. Obama's Real Problem With Ayers
  159. More McCain campaign hypocrisy
  160. my father-in-law is voting Obama
  161. Soros & Obama Ties: Gaffer Rules
  162. For Those Who Doubted Obama Wrote Praise For Ayers Book
  163. NOW we know what obama means by change
  164. Detroit Free Press endorses Obama
  165. John McCain Fights For Life In Florida As Barack Obama Takes Battle To Republican
  166. Tinklenberg Picks Up $450,000 In Wake Of Bachmann Remarks
  167. First Gallup, Now Reuters/Zogby?
  168. Can the United States Survive a Marxist President?
  169. Colin Powell to vote for Obama
  170. Military poll: no Osama !!!!
  171. Houston Chronicle endorses Obama
  172. This Canadian women is more "American" than most Americans
  173. David Broder talks about OCA's Dream
  174. McCain Camp Tells NYT: Lay Off Cindy, Find Obama's "Dealer"
  175. VIDEO-Obama Supporters Heckle at McCain Rally
  176. Uncle Sugar spreading the wealth
  177. NYT Reporter fishes on Facebook
  178. They start over after all is lost in Africa
  179. Obama: Powell will have a role in adminstration
  180. Democrat Professor Backs McCain Over Obama's Tax Plan
  181. Biden to Supporters: "Gird Your Loins", For the Next President "It's Like Cleaning Au
  182. Simple Minded John McCain?
  183. video-Obama Advocate Attacks White Woman (Sarah Palin stand in)
  184. Something to think about -- hard!
  185. Elementary school kids attend Obama rally
  186. Powell's son endorses McCain
  187. I'm Not Commenting On This
  188. Not Over Until It's Over
  189. You're not racist...
  190. Election Fraud, Ohio, & DOJ
  191. McCain rethinking Rev. Wright in campaign
  192. video-Barney Frank: Plenty of rich people that we can tax
  193. John Murtha Calls Western Pa. 'Redneck'
  194. America will weep
  195. I don't know what to say...
  196. 'Rednecks for Obama' defy conventional wisdom
  197. Palin's forgettable college career
  198. Spreading the wealth, tax the rich?
  199. U.S. Troops Support McCain 3-1
  200. Conservative Hollywood Celebs Feel Bullied
  201. Mark Foley endorses Obama
  202. ya.....the gop is corrupt.....
  203. Obama's "Lesbian,Gay,Bi & Transgendered" agenda for schools.
  204. Obama campaign selling election night coverage
  205. Ayers: Admitted Marxist/Anarchist in 2002
  206. Palin charges state for kids travel expenses
  207. Osamabama Is A Liar
  208. Barry Idolized This Racist Pile Of Shit For 20 Years
  209. PA Federal Court Orders Obama To Turn Over Citizenship Documents
  210. something to remember....
  211. Steal a McCain sign - Get A Free Pizza
  212. Dems Threaten Boycott of Maryland Hotel with McCain Sign
  213. Police prepare for unrest
  214. Dan Rather - If Palin said what Biden said, it’d be front-page news
  215. Anyone watching the View right now?!
  216. oil falling to below 70.....dollar climbing against the euro.....
  217. Obama: I'm not a socialist... but I am.
  218. "Diversity" Is Costing Us Dearly!
  219. New Poll - Even 44%-43%
  220. McCain Campaign Paid Republican Operative Accused Of Voter Fraud
  221. My last-ditch attempt...
  222. The Polls Are Wrong
  223. Al Qaeda endorses McCain...
  224. A Coming Event? EPA Knocking On Your Door?
  225. William Ayers' forgotten communist manifesto: Prairie Fire
  226. Study: McCain coverage mostly negative
  227. McCain's anti-veteran voting record
  228. CNN lies during Palin interview
  229. Palin Pick Turned Off Young Voters: Poll
  230. Palin Says Election Result Rests In God's Hands
  231. The increasingly erratic, super-gaffetastic Joe Biden
  232. Debate Three - A Disappointing Final Course
  233. Libs Once Again Want The Fairness Doctrine
  234. NBC and MSNBC Join ACORN In Assuring 'Election Protection'
  235. Obama spells 'persecution,' warns Focus on the Family
  236. Obama File 41- Obama Was a New Party Member-Documentary Evidence
  237. 605 Million and The Dick Wants More
  238. Is Osamabama Back On The Blow
  239. Mccain Volunteer Attacked And Mutilated
  240. Murtha's hold on House seat slips
  241. A Creative Approach To Income Redistribution
  242. Obama supporter attacks McCain supporter at Chili's
  243. New Palin Ad
  244. Is The Violence A Sign Of Things To Come
  245. "Talk to your grandparents about Obama"
  246. Poll
  247. video-1995 Obama Bizarre, Race Baiting Interview Found! Says whites don't want to hel
  248. Palin appointees mostly friends, supporters
  249. Michelle Escapes Barry's Forced Seclusion
  250. Hey Dems, Is This Your Guy?