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  11. 1 in 4 married couples sleep in separate beds
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  13. Sister had a heart attack
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  15. Why men don't want to commit to steady relationships
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  17. Do you have Mentally Ill people in your family?
  18. Step Families...It's no brady bunch house
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  20. Drugs, Addiction and Brutally Murdered Fairies
  21. Listen Emphatically - one key to Understanding
  22. Vigilante Justice
  23. Anyone Dread Family get-togethers over the Holidays
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  26. High School Graduation
  27. Half of men would dump woman who got fat
  28. Economy sends more kids to grandma's house
  29. Plump women are FINE
  30. Marriage....if you had it to do all over again would you?
  31. Where Is the Line Drawn with Cheating?
  32. Russian Mail Order Brides
  33. The weird way I met someone
  34. For the Sake of the Children?
  35. I was a Depressed Child.....how bout you?
  36. New Car
  37. My family sucks how about yours?
  38. Thoughts and prayers for my sister
  39. Will Date for Food: Women Who Seek Fancy Dinners
  40. Really bad parents.
  41. My Christmas spirit is waning.
  42. How to Overcome Your Ego in a Relationship - 3 Ways to Put Your Partner First
  43. Why is the US marriage rate falling sharply?
  44. family commercial
  45. Father of the Year
  46. Do I attend and suck it up or do I stand my ground?
  47. Philadelphia Man Finds Himself on Missing Children's Site
  48. Is Love Random?
  49. Men who cheat on their wives more likely to die of a heart attack
  50. Women have a duty to reproduce...
  51. Ted Bundy worked volunteer at a crisis hotline
  52. I am the luckiest Grammy in the world!!!
  53. Humans are not naturally monogamous
  54. Jeb Bush Speaks Out About Aging Father
  55. Sister Takes Out Obit On Her Live Brother
  56. My sister is back in emergency room
  57. Happy father's day.
  58. Boys being boys...
  59. My intolerant liberal realitives
  60. Almost lost sister again...but she is a fighter!!!
  61. The only thing that should trump our Freedoms is family
  62. My baby sister died today
  63. Need help with son re: homework and grades
  64. Is a 2 x 100K family the best choice?
  65. Two new Republicans
  66. Conflicted emotions
  67. Is The "Push" For Gay Marriage Like "The War On Poverty?"
  68. I made this my wife's theme song after she went to "pop some tags" a few days ago
  69. Irresponsible parenting?
  70. Telltale signs of attempted estate fraud
  71. Number One Marriage Mistake
  72. My son went shooting for the first time
  73. If a man did this he would be locked up for a felony
  74. Woman guilty of throwing husband's "member" in garbage disposal
  75. Have American Parents Got It All Backwards?
  76. Anyone else with disintegrated family?
  77. Jim's wife wants to go to the lake
  78. Big plans
  79. lazer tag
  80. Disney brings lesbian moms to TV
  81. Christie signed A3371
  82. If a man and woman are equal, doesn't that make one dispensible?
  83. Children of Johnson-Reddick applaud her death
  84. School Bus Driver Suspended
  85. My sons own web page.
  86. Remembrances of father-daughter bonding
  87. Lessons my wife has learned in New England
  88. Grandmother’s Powerful Testimony Condemns Common Core
  89. Man buys house next to ex-wife, erects giant middle finger statue
  90. Why the American Library Association Wants Porn in Libraries
  91. Common Core book claims white voters rejected Obama due to race
  92. Attend ‘Islam Workshop’ Or Be Branded Racist On Permanent Record
  93. Court Diversion
  94. Wrestling
  95. Just how safe is the custody of one's children for the average American?
  96. First Date!!
  97. Daughter's former teacher arrested - sex with a 13y/o student
  98. 16 ways i blew my marriage
  99. Real Man, with his daugther
  100. Please pray
  101. Marriage
  102. Parents to pay $500 fine if child breaks curfew
  103. Children doing better than parents?
  104. Damn Obamacare prescriptions!!
  105. My cousin's son died last weekend :(
  106. My Dad
  107. Being mean is the death knell of relationships
  108. Update on Gaffer
  109. 21 Gun Salute - for Gaffer
  110. R vs D brothers on Cs-span get a surprise call from MOM
  111. Asset Protection in Community Property States
  112. Norman Caddo Jr. (Gaffer) 02/25/1947-12/19/2014 The Service
  113. wrestling conference
  114. Not that anyone cares here, but...
  115. Shit my daughter says
  116. Organ donor
  117. Having a loving family = Unfair advantage
  118. Russian cartoon for your children. Masha and The Bear - How they met (Episode 1)
  119. "Mom, your thinking is becoming too conservative!"
  120. Is the Common Core killing kindergarten?
  121. Oh man - horrible :( dead bunny
  122. The Happiest Moments In Your Life
  123. Don't know whether to be grateful or angry
  124. To my lover and my best friend....
  125. Steve: The most vindictive divorcee I ever met
  126. Parental Q
  127. Why I don't like apologies (give nor receive)
  128. When I'm Gone...
  129. Caring for The Greatest, Muhammad Ali
  130. My daughter has a date on Saturday
  131. Memories of Christmases Past
  132. The power of forgiveness
  133. A Special Christmas
  134. Teacher arrested after kids found in trunk
  135. Cancer - Family - Rage - Sorrow
  136. Unsure of correct forum - Anyone up for a little Guy talk?
  137. Attachment within sexual relationships.
  138. Teach your kids to shoot, heres why.
  139. It's quinceañera time!
  140. Common Phrases that damage relationships
  141. The sexiest photo - perhaps of all time
  142. Accidental shootings kill a child every other day
  143. DNA Family heritage..self image
  144. My report card
  145. kids home from college
  146. Getting pregnant straightened her out
  147. Why do Communist Countries Approve Of Families?
  148. Is sexual privation a form of spousal abuse?
  149. 7 Ways to Screen Out Loser Women
  150. Family bonding experiences
  151. Have you ever danced on someone grave?
  152. The Ecology-Erotological conception (alternative way of future)
  153. What man on his right mind would obey orders to sleep on the couch or leave?
  154. The downside of Women asking for more sensative men
  155. Man tortured girlfriend’s son to death because he thought he was gay:
  156. Realizing your dreams
  157. Reasons Today’s Kids Are Bored At School, Feel Entitled, Have Little Patience
  158. American Airlines agent saves 2 teenage girls from human trafficking scheme
  159. I Like PoemIntro To Poetry Lessonhave Kids Write "I Like Poem"so Easy And Enjoyable!
  160. How the West fails Children
  161. OK... This Is... maaaaan... IDK... OPEN FOR OPINION...
  162. I'm going to have to show my son this music video on how to treat a cranky girlfriend
  163. Clean Up In Aisle 666
  164. Ancestry
  165. Good marriage advice: Go to bed angry
  166. articulating the issue of weak kids: week adults
  167. My kids
  168. Interesting...
  169. HOA tells veteran's widow American flag has to go. It doesn't fit neighborhood's ..
  170. COLA - Screwing Retirees, the Disabled and Veterans Since 2000
  171. Bad Things Happening Here...
  172. Liberals in the family
  173. A nervy or crazy thing my wife did in Cuba?
  174. Son wins lawsuit against parents after they dispose of his porn collection
  175. Bill Burr - Don't be afraid to sleep on that futon
  176. Got Vaccinated Today
  177. My oldest son, who never dated, is getting married
  178. Retirement destinations ?
  179. Is cashing in a marriage near retirement a thing?
  180. Can an American husband just disappear?
  181. The seeds of hatred between the Trump and Stark families .
  182. Why Gen-Z and Millennials Don’t Like to Say “You’re Welcome”
  183. Can you imagine a couple of centenarians on their original marriage
  184. Saying "Santa Claus Doesn't Exist" Is Lying to Kids
  185. California should abolish parenthood, in the name of equity
  186. Judicial Child Trafficking